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Price: Free
Developer: Tapblaze
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Good Pizza is an entertaining product, where you have to try on the role of a real culinary professional. You will all demonstrate your great skill, enjoying happiness in the eyes of customers. If you have long wanted to know the basics of culinary art, the toy was simply designed specifically for you. With her help, even the most corruption will be able to learn how to cook favorite Italian delicacy. Try pumping your skills to open your own restaurant. If you decide on the global pumping of your skills, we advise you to download a good pizza, great pizza on the computer, because it is free access. With it, it will turn out to turn dreams into reality. Do not forget to constantly upgrade the institution, trying not only to pump skills, but also to profit.

you have to constantly pump out, try to understand all culinary subtleties, buy fresh products, as well as much more. Do not forget to regularly acquire products, because you never know what will be the demand today. The more active and whether you will, the more glasses and money will be able to earn. One of the complex moments is to use a plurality of items at the same time. It is necessary to carefully remember what lies on the test to not be mistaken with the amount. If you are mistaken in the filling, the client will not be satisfied. Do not forget to look into the recipe book, trying to remember the ingredients lying on the test. First, the recipes will be simple, but gradually the number of ingredients will grow.

Developers wanted to make the gameplay more realistic and informative. They interviewed many outstanding chefs, brought the formula for the perfect dish, as well as many other interesting moments. You have to familiarize yourself with all the features and intricacies of the game yourself. Download it will work free from our site.


good pizza, great pizza on computer

If we talk about the storyline, it is very simple and thoughtful. You will manage a small restaurant, speaking at the same time as a chef and waiter. You have to constantly engage in cooking unusual dishes, distinguished by peculiar recipes. Strive to constantly improve the establishment, the skills of your ward, as well as engage in other useful things. If you want to make the institution more successful, it is worth considering your mission carefully. You will chase a lot of difficulties, barriers, trying to overcome all the difficulties standing on your way. Come in the game every day if you want to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. We advise you to download the game Good Pizza Great Pizza to the computer, if you want to demonstrate all your skills.

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gameplay and features of the PC

If you want to download Good Pizza Great Pizza for a PC, you will simply be delighted. You need to constantly work, prepare various pizza, feed them to consumers, trying to please everyone. Carefully follow orders, trying not to make mistakes. At the beginning of your path it will be difficult to earn the necessary glasses, but gradually you will receive the necessary skills. Pay attention than the harder request, the more coins it will bring. If you see that the patience of visitors is coming to an end, it is worth feeding them with candy. If you put too high prices, then no one will buy them. Try to observe the balance in everything if you want to get the maximum pleasure of what is happening.

The main task is to deal with all requests, trying to make everyone happy. The more money will be able to earn, the better it will be for the establishment. You will receive visitors for special counters where you will carefully memorize everything they want from the desired dish. As soon as you remember the necessary information, it is worth moving to the performance of work. You will be taken to a special table where you will roll the dough, and then spread the stated products on it. For convenience, there will be places where you need to put one or another ingredient. Try not to overdo it with them, because it will make it work at a loss. Everyone needs to look for a golden middle. If you put too few products, then customers will leave negative feedback. As soon as the order is ready, give it to the client, and then take money.

The main goal is to sell products for a certain amount. It is necessary to track this by a special scale that helps carefully control what is happening in the kitchen. Carefully monitor costs and income, trying to achieve the maximum positive break. Try with every convenient opportunity to upgrade tools, products and the environment, seeking to give all the necessary comfort. If you don’t do this, then the guests will come far less, which will adversely affect the level.

To date, the application has gathered a huge audience, which is explained by his quality and fascination. You have to constantly monitor the amount of money received, to understand all the intricacies of the gameplay, follow the consumer indicators, trying to make everyone joyful and satisfied. This is a rather complicated and painstaking job, so it can cope with it sometimes not easy. Only you influence the result, try to make maximum effort.

Developers decided to interest good pizza, excellent pizza for Windows add a lot of available products and equipment. All this will be required to compile complex recipes that require a lot of time and costs. You will find yourself in the role of a professional capable of conquer the stomach of everyone. You need to make a lot of effort, trying to pump your possessions:

  • Beautiful quality graphics. Thanks to this approach, watching the image nicely even for several hours;
  • Many coming guests having various wishes and patience;
  • carefully selected musical design, allowing to achieve full immersion in a pleasant atmosphere;
  • carefully thought out game plot. It is simple enough, but fascinating;
  • Interesting, filled with meaning dialog inserts;
  • Many interesting recipes;
  • Many available equipment required for the kitchen.

Management in the game

You will spend all manipulations with a mouse. It is much more convenient when placing products on the dough than the sensor. Despite such an advantage, many users prefer to control actions using the keyboard. Just look into the control section in the emulator to configure all the keys at your discretion.

how to install a good pizza, excellent pizza on the computer

You will need a special program that will act as a virtual device with Android OS. It is recommended to use the software called Play Market on the PC. You can download it completely free from our resource. Start from installing and studying the program. When you are ready, follow the instructions below to upload a project to run on your computer. Do not worry, the procedure is simple.

Method 1

You will need a special program that will act as a virtual device with Android OS. It is recommended to use the software called Play Market on the PC. You can download it completely free from our resource. Start from installing and studying the program. When you are ready, follow the instructions below to upload a project to run on your computer. Do not worry, the procedure is simple.

Method 1

Before proceeding directly to the installation, you must first install the Software. When you are ready, do the following:

  1. Run the emulator on your computer.
  2. to continue it is necessary to log in in the online store itself. If you do not have a valid account, register a new one.
  3. you will see a window similar to the main menu of the usual Android smartphone. It needs to find a field for entering a search query.

  4. Taking advantage of the search service, you can get to the Google Play game page.
  5. Open the Project descriptions tab. To download the game to your computer, simply click the appropriate button on the site. After the download is complete, the application will be installed automatically.

  6. Now you can start testing the gameplay. To enter the application, use a shortcut that the program will create in the main menu of the virtual mobile platform. If it is not there, try to activate the application through the «Installed Software» tab in Google Play.

good pizza, great pizza on a computer
good pizza, excellent pizza on a computer
good pizza, excellent pizza on a computer

method 2

You need the game file itself. It is packed in an archive that is in public access on our resource. Load it, unpack it, and then make sure that the specified installer is enabled in the contents. When everything is ready, do the following:

  1. Run the preset emulator.

  2. Locate the workbar in the Main Software Menu. Use the Open function to find and select installer. Click the «Overview» button with backlight to simplify work.
  3. Run along the path «Explorer» to the game installer. Highlight it with a mouse pointer, confirm the operation with the «OK» key. This will launch the process of automatic installation of the application.

  4. If at the end of the installation in the program menu, the label was not created, try to open the application by another way. Click the «Installed software» tab, then click on the game name.


Project in question is an excellent culinary simulator, where everyone will be able to show their abilities. It is necessary to carefully memorize everything that will be shown without making mistakes. We advise you to download good pizza, excellent pizza on a computer if you wish to learn delicious cooking.

download good pizza, excellent pizza on computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: Tapblaze
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