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Price: Free
Developer: Matchingham Games
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Braindom: Intelligent games, cunning puzzles — an incredible product that allows you to develop a person of any age. If you like to decide the logical tasks at leisure, you want to pump brains, it is worth paying attention to the project in question. There will be a lot of puzzles at your disposal, where you need to strain the reel to find the right answer. Challenge yourself and others, deciding to take advantage of a similar offer. Matchingham Games has attached a lot of strength and skills to appear this brainchild. They thoroughly analyzed competitors’ errors to avoid them. Thanks to the efforts of developers, the toy turned out to be charming and exciting. You need to carefully weigh your strength, make sure your capabilities, as well as connect all logical abilities. Only after that it is necessary to make an action. In this case, the probability of the correct response is much higher. You will not succeed if you think standard. You need the use of non-standard logic, the use of a beautiful style, as well as to facilitate the situation, a system of bonuses is represented. At your disposal will be more than a hundred levels, so you do not have to miss. Especially pleased that the steps are distinguished by a variety. If you want to get closer to get acquainted with the collection of amazing puzzles, we recommend Download Braindom on a computer. This will help to significantly increase productivity, will expand the workspace to get convenient access to small details. Make solicing tasks as comfortable as possible!

Remember that the application was initially produced only for mobile phones. Because of this, some difficulties may arise with installation on a computer. Do not be afraid, nothing complicated during the process does not have to do. You need to download a special emulator from our site, and then install on a computer as a regular program. There is nothing complicated in this, we will not sharpen attention. After installing the emulator, you will see the imitation of the operating system of your phone. This is done in order for the applications to work steadily in the environment for which they were intended. Enter Google account to access its services. If you do not have it, you need to register. After that, boldly go to the playing market to enter the name of the game in the search. When the result appears, press the «Install» key, do not forget to agree to all permissions. Enjoy a pleasant pastime.


braindom to computer

Do you like to solve logical tasks? Want to maintain brain activity at the proper level, but there are no interesting tasks? Worried that they began to use less logical abilities? To solve all your problems at once, the application was invented by the PC to the PC. It is created specifically for pouring thinking, as well as to increase the level of IQ. Breeda is not just a classic, all the frenzy puzzle, and a whole collection of fascinating tasks selected from different topics. Questions are so versatile that you will constantly receive new information from different spheres of life. You will have to work with numbers, solve riddles, invent non-standard solutions, as well as much more. Thanks to this variety, it is easy to use the smelting and logical thinking, so as not to give the brain to dry. In addition to logic, you can develop creative thinking, which will have a positive effect on everyday life. You can try everything, so do not miss such a chance. The application is completely free of charge, which only heats the interest.

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gameplay and features of the PC

The game process is made up of hundreds of stages that differ in each other. Each level looks like a logical task where it is necessary to find the right solution, interacting with the items on the workspace. The developers have added several types of tasks, so it will not be boring. You will search for a variety of items, perform tasks for checking IQ, solve test tasks, as well as many humorous and simple tasks.

The creators added a lot of entertaining mysteries, interesting questions, mini-games, as well as many other things to the gameplay. To solve all the assignments provided, you need to use the smelting, logic, as well as non-standard thinking. Sometimes tasks are found, where the right answer is quickly located from the first time. Over some puzzles will have to work hard to find the right path. Some tasks are so creative that it will be necessary to use creative thinking to deal with them. You have to move matches, change in places part of the picture, look for differences between photos, as well as answer interesting questions or check the deduction. Be careful not to miss anything.

Many users note that the product in question has many advantages over competitors. Consider in more detail what made the players download the game to the Branch on the computer:

  • Colorful excellent graphics. The developers tried to fame, so I want to look at the image forever;
  • more than a hundred entertaining levels forcing your brain to boil from voltage. You have to make a lot of effort to solve all tasks;
  • develops non-standard thinking;
  • gives a lot of new information in different spheres of life, which is undoubtedly useful;
  • If difficulties occur, a prompt system is always available. Players do not use such a chance, because it is decided to solve it yourself much more interesting;
  • Pleasant atmosphere, created by uneasy tasks, as well as pleasant sound decoration.

Management in the game

Braindom for Windows provides great advantages to users than a mobile version. To choose the correct answer, you just need to use the mouse or keyboard. It is much more convenient than poke through the small buttons using the sensor.

how to install braindom on the computer

To install the Play Market emulator. This is a free mobile game platform for running Android applications on a Windows PC. The utility supports all applications from Google Play, provides gaming performance and minimizes the risk of account blocking. In addition, the software boasts convenient control settings, multitasking and better performance.

List of system requirements & NBSP; Play Market for PC is as follows:

  • os windows 7 or newer;
  • dual-core CPU with a clock frequency of 2.4 GHz;
  • Required RAM volume — 4 GB;
  • on the railway is necessary from 5 GB of free memory;
  • you need a mouse and keyboard.

Method 1

  1. Download and install the program to your computer. It supports many languages, including Russian. Follow the installer’s instructions to complete the procedures correctly.
  2. Next, enter your Google account in the emulator settings. It will be your access to Play Market, built into the program.
  3. Mouse and keyboard needed.
  4. Method 1

    1. Download and install the program to your computer. It supports many languages, including Russian. Follow the installer’s instructions to complete the procedures correctly.
    2. Next, enter your Google account in the emulator settings. It will be your access to Play Market, built into the program.

    3. After installing the program, a program startup window will appear with the search field. Enter the name of the game and find the one you need.

    4. Click «Set» and wait for the process to complete.
    5. Run the project from the main tab of the program. To do this, just click on the label.

    braindom to computer
    braindom to computer
    braindom to computer

    method 2

    1. Download the directory of the archived files containing the emulator installer and the game file.
    2. After unpacking the directory on your PC you will receive three files: the game in «.apk», the installer of the emulator and instruction. Since the game is presented in a mobile format, without reuse the emulator can not do.

    3. Install the emulator and run it from your desktop.
    4. Then on the main tab of the software you need to call the Apk import option. The button responsible for this action has an image of a gear.
    5. After that, the conductor will open in which you will need to specify the path to the APK file toy extracted from the archive.
    6. After these operations, all the necessary gaming components are automatically loaded into the emulator.

    7. Ready to start the project label appears on the My Applications tab.

    In the archive catalog, you will also find a text document called «Instructions». Opening it, you can get the most detailed information about installing mobile games and applications on computers and laptops through the emulator.


    Brand is a wonderful puzzle, if you want to pump logical abilities. With it, you will not give the brains to dry. It will become your constant friend for a pleasant pastime, and you will be stuck in it for a long time. If you want to independently experience all the delights of toys, we recommend Download Braindom on a computer. With this collection, you will feel like a real genium.

    Download braindom on computer

    Price: Free
    Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    Developer: Matchingham Games
    Russian: is