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Price: Free
Developer: Lion Studios
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

ID PLEASE — Club Simulation is a modern and interesting simulator, a game in the arcade genre. The action takes place in a big city, in one of the most popular clubs. The player acts as a bouncer at the entrance to the room. Now you decide who can really have fun under insane music, and who does not deserve spending time in the famous nightclub. But to move the damnity, literally all: homeless, hooligans, teenagers, schoolchildren, ordinary workers and even world-class stars. Your task is to carefully check the certificates. And if you want to have fun not yet hit 21 years, it means there are no feels for that night. Of course, sometimes you have to sweat behind this work. After all, street hooligans, gopniks, drunkards and even serious criminals will want to go through in any way. And each of these characters is dangerous in its own way. Someone does not pose a threat, and someone should be feared. Therefore, the player should be prepared, otherwise the street bouncers will kick himself. You always need to keep a solid position. Want to express yourself as a professional fighter? Then download the ID Please — Club Simulation on the computer now and start checking the certificates!

What is special in this game? First of all, it attracts many users with beautiful design. Designers really tried, depicting each element in the game realistic and beautiful. In addition, the gameplay does not promise to be difficult, but for sure will be fascinating. The management system in the application is also impressive with its ease. You will surprise various situations and a large number of characters with whom you will come across. And to find more reasons to download the game to your smartphone or personal computer, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with other items of the game.


ID Please - Club Simulation on computer

What is this feeling when parents do not let you go to the nightclub? Probably there is nothing worse than parental control. But even if there is no problems to escape from the house at night with friends to get together with friends, other difficulties arise. If you are not 21 years old, the guard does not miss. And if you will be this guy? Then you decide who to let and whom you can ignore. The application at the player has the opportunity to start a brilliant guard career who can control the entrance to the elite club of the city.

The guard is a profession that requires dexterity, concentration and special attention. But even if the player does not have such qualities, it will still receive pleasure from the gameplay. Have you ever passed the facingontrol in the nightclub? If so, you know how fascinating this procedure is going.

So, a new elite nightclub has opened, the crime cream of society. Of course, everyone will now want to get away. But you are entrusted to the role of Security, and you will decide the fate of those who wish to have fun. Every day a list of guests will be updated for the next night of fun. Accordingly, it will take carefully to make sure that the most people who are noted in the list pass into the room. The player, in turn, will need to sort guests on the list and reject unwanted visitors. In this game, you will feel the whole atmosphere of night joke, because you will face different characters. Each of them possesses his notice of humor and pested with original emotions. Perhaps someone will try to be worn, but should not be distracted by stupid conversations. We will have to catch fraudsters, each of which has an original image. Someone will resemble naive schoolchildren, and someone will be quite indecently dressed.

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gameplay and features of the PC

Want to cope with the first task? Then relent great attentiveness and develop your interest in the profession. Thus, it turns out to be correctly divided by the crowd: on the right and not desired guests. Note that the owners of the nightclub will regularly make adjustments to the service conditions. Accordingly, you need to be constantly vigilant in order not to lose your work. Do you want to conquer your employer’s trust and become a famous bouncer? Then we recommend downloading on your device ID Pliz — Club Simile and prove its professionalism.

Either the club will be conducted on the club. This means that the guard must be carefully viewed to the appearance of guests. For example, the secular event is not recommended to come in ripped jeans and one T-shirt. Therefore, the passage for such guests will definitely have to be blocked. Such factors affect the further development of your career. And, of course, at the level of wages. There will be such frames that wanted to pass with a bribe. And here the guard will have to make its own choice. Otherwise, it can also be fired if something similar is discovered.

Some craftsmen will want to get into the room under cover. Therefore, you need to expand your horizons to fully control the flow of incoming visitors. By the way, not everyone will ask the security guard about the resolution to pass. Those who are concerned about the fists before asking. Here is a difficult workman will get!

Game application ID Pliz — Siemilechean Club There are a number of advantages that the user will rank full:

  • In the game there is an original storyline.
  • very impressive gameplay.
  • Unusual design also fascinates users.
  • smooth animation of characters and other game objects.
  • app fully free.
  • more chips are added to the game.
  • Office does not provide any difficulties.
  • Beautiful application interface facilitates life to users.
  • Interesting sound effects and beautiful melodies.
  • for each level player gets proper reward.

Management in the game

If you download the game ID Pliz — Club is simulated on a computer, then all the necessary actions in the game process are performed using a computer mouse or a laptop touch panel. You will also have the ability to choose any convenient control, setting it yourself in the settings of the program to emulate the Play Market. To perform a gaming action Move the mouse over the screen and click the left mouse button at a suitable location.

How to install ID Please — Club Simulation on the computer

The launch of Android games has always been a challenge, especially if you do it on Windows devices. If you have never done anything like this before, there are two completely universal manuals. These instructions will help everyone who has no definite skills in such a business. Anyone will be able to download the desired android toy onto your computer or laptop. Follow all tips in the manual to launch a mobile project during minutes.

Method 1

The launch of Android games has always been a challenge, especially if you do it on Windows devices. If you have never done anything like this before, there are two completely universal manuals. These instructions will help everyone who has no definite skills in such a business. Anyone will be able to download the desired android toy onto your computer or laptop. Follow all tips in the manual to launch a mobile project during minutes.

Method 1

Before running the ID Please — Club Simulation for Windows, you must install and run special software to emulate the Android environment. On this site, users can download the PC Play Market emulation program for free. Thanks to the emulator, you can install all games and applications on your device presented in the Google Play Store assortment. The installation wizard is immediately integrated with the utility installer, so after downloading everything you need to do is accept a license agreement, as well as select a folder for storing future software files and any mobile projects that you download.

The remaining actions must be performed in the Play Market:

  1. Enter the name of the «ID PLEASE — CLUB SIMULATION» simulator in the search string of the main section of software.
  2. in the next section in which the query results are displayed, click the Application icon.
  3. In the game tab, find it off and activate the green setup button.

ID PLEASE - Club Simulation on a computer
ID PLEASE - Club Simulation on a computer

method 2

  1. To implement this method, first from this site download the android simulator file, compressed in the archive. File download is completely free. In addition to the application file, you will find the installation of the emulation utility and a brief guide to the installation.
  2. then users need to unpack all files into any directory on your device.
  3. Open the previously installed Play Market emulation program from the desktop
  4. Go to the «My Applications» section in the program and activate the option of downloading the APK files. This feature is at the bottom of the screen.

  5. in the explorer that opens automatically, you must specify the path to the extracted file, which contains the name of the «ID PLEASE — Club Simulation» simulator and APK format.

  6. After that, you remain waiting for the endings of a quick installation passing in automatic mode.


Pliz — Club Simileshen is a first-person simulator, which has a modern game plot, exciting gameplay and beautiful graphics. The main idea is to reveal the potentials of the profession guard of the nightclub. The player will be needed to follow the order. Personally decide who to let and whom to ignore. Because of the image and high cost of the establishment, many will want to take part in the night party. And here the night embarked on his duties. Please note that there are enough cunning, who will want to overcome and go to the forbidden zone for them.

So, constantly drunk teenagers will break up on a glorious guard. But you will handle this problem if you show extraordinary resistance and character hardness. Be sure to check the identity card, because a large number of minors will try to pass by you. But if you miss the too violent or drunk «guests», then get your first fine. Become a popular bouncer of the famous nightclub, downloading ID Please — Club Simulation on your computer.

download ID PLEASE — Club Simulation on a computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: Lion Studios
Russian: is