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Price: Free
Developer: Outfit7 Limited
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Talking Tom: Heroes’ chase is a fascinating project in the genre of action from the popular Outfit7 Limited developer. The popular series of games about the cat’s cat and his friends is already familiar with a huge multi-million-dollar user audience from around the world. The games of this franchise always look very colorfully and qualitatively drawn, have a fascinating and diverse gameplay and another mass of positive qualities inherent in interesting projects. In this newest game you will have to collect the team from your favorite pets and go to an exciting adventure in the city. This time the gameplay is made in the Ranner style. You have to run on great distances, collect various items on the way, repair the buildings and pump your characters. All fans of interesting games about the cat’s cat and his friends are necessary to download Talking Tom: pursuit of heroes on a computer and evaluate all the gameplay chips of this exciting project on the big screen.

Many are already familiar with the game by Tamagotchi type, where users need to take care of their virtual pets named Vol. Soon the developers decided to move a little from such a gameplay and start producing more entertainment projects. In them, the volume and his comrades participate in various adventures in different locations. This time, the creators of Outfit7 Limited released a project about Tom and his friends, where they need to run around the city and freeing it from the torn enamers, passing their friends. You are waiting for a lot of exciting adventures, the possibility of playing for each favorite hero of this series and fun pastime.

The project has not long ago went to the wisdom of Google Misa, but in a short time collected a huge army of fans. Such success always overtakes the projects of Outfit7 Limited. This developers makes very high-quality gaming content that will be interesting to both adults and children. The game does not contain any prohibited scenes, it has a very simple rules. Intuitive interface and elementary management, which will allow any player to immediately delve into all subtleties.


Talking Tom: chasing the heroes on computer

as always in the projects of this franchise, a very exciting plot. In the talking volume: the chase of the heroes for Windows tells us that the town of Favorite Pets was flooded with evil raccons who kidnapped all the friends of Tom and annoy the town of robbery. The task of the main character is to save the peaceful population from such enemies. Racoses sow chaos throughout the city, they rob shops, select money from passersby and much more. Now brave to be collected all his will and power and give feedback to malicious thoroughrs.

Passing exciting early levels, you will earn various awards and basic in-game currency — gold. This currency may you serve in pumping the abilities of heroes. Passing the track, the runner can meet a variety of diverse traps and obstacles that vicious raccoons. Players need to be easily concerned about the process in order to accidentally not please one of these sublegate traps. Applying special skills, the characters can destroy various barriers and barricades, as well as shoot down enemies, returning their gold. In this project, the Voting of Tom will have a superpost, which turns it from a regular pet in a real superhero. He even has a heroic costume. Applying these super supports, you can easily deal with all the enemies.

As mentioned above the game process is decorated as Ranner. Heroes will run around the endless highway and put their personal records. Naturally, for the complication of the process, the path contains various obstacles. With each stage of passing overcoming the distance will become more complicated.

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gameplay and features of the PC

as in all projects in the genre Ranner gameplay is very light. Players need to be simply running along the highway and shy away from the obstacles and traps arising. In addition, the hero still needs to get rid of evil raccots and shoot them down. Every successful collision with the villain brings you points. The number of points dialed for the stage will display on the right side of the game window.

In addition to ordinary barriers and traps, you can come across completely closed walls on the way. That is, they are impossible to rest on the right or left. It is not necessary to worry that the level will be played when you get to such an obstacle. As mentioned already, Tom has superposable and he will not be difficult to break through such a wall and continue his way to salvation of cats Angela.

The gameplay of this game is slightly different from classic ranners. Usually, in such projects you collect coins and other rewards on the way, to then invest them in the further development of the hero or the purchase of all sorts of boosters for passing. Here you will earn gold and spend it on the restoration of the town destroyed by raccoons. For example, you can collect 150 gold coins and fight the boss of raccoons and in the award urban flowers will be put in order.

Some places on urban location can only be restored for a special in-game currency — diamonds. This valuable currency is quite difficult to produce than ordinary gold coins. Therefore, you will have to trough to try to collect and restore the former beauty of the town of Pets. Also, the special currency can be found in the chests, buy for real money and assemble at the level.

On the path of the race you can meet the bosses of raccoons that ride giant aircraft. Your hero can change the outfit and defeat the boss. Some volume costumes can be purchased for gold coins, and some get free for watching a promotional video.

Sometimes there are situations. When you passed a largely remote distance during the level and accidentally pleased an obstacle or trap. You have two options. To continue passing and collect more bonuses and coins. The first option is to view the commercial, and the second in the resurrection of the hero using a special card. These methods will allow you to continue the level and get more awards. But still you will not run endlessly, since the track and location begin to complicate in the process of passing. The main complexity will be that the cat will begin to run much faster, and the obstacles will become much more.

After you improve the whole town, you will have access to the passage of the game after another pet. Free from the captivity of all the heroes of the game and enjoy adventures with each of them.

The main advantages and features of the Talking Tom Hero Dash project for PC are:

  • The convenience of the game in a large resolution allows you to notice all the small parts and it is easier to pass the steps.
  • Synchronization with social networks, which allows you to compare your records with friends or other users.
  • free distribution.
  • Simplified PC management.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • The main advantages and features of the Talking Tom Hero Dash project for PC are:
    • The convenience of the game in a large resolution allows you to notice all the small parts and it is easier to pass the steps.
    • Synchronization with social networks, which allows you to compare your records with friends or other users.
    • free distribution.
    • Simplified PC management.
    • Simple and intuitive interface.
    • colorful and very bright locations. The graphics are drawn in detail and performed at a high level. As always, everything is drawn in the cartoon style.
    • Merry music.
    • meeting of all the favorite characters franchise about Tom and his friends.
    • Availability of super superconductors.
    • Fascinating plot about criminal raccots.
    • Availability of donata system.
    • game is made in Russian.
    • the possibility of customization of their heroes-pets.
    • Fascinating gameplay in the ranner genre.

    • Many diverse locations.
    • The project is suitable for all age categories of gamers.

    • Regular updates from developers with a mass of new game content.

    Management in the game

    as in all classic games in the ranner genre here is the simplest management. The task of the game is to overcome certain distances with obstacles. Your character will automatically run, and you only need to reject it a little from the main line of running. That is, if on the center of the route there will be any obstacle. You need to take the hero or right or left. These actions you can perform on the a — Left and d — Right or on the keyboard arrows. Also in the settings of the emulator, you can change this scheme to any desired one. You can focus on the game menu using the mouse, the same way you can activate various bonuses. Just look at the cursor to the desired position and click on it LKM.

    How to Install Talking Tom: Chase Heroes on Computer

    To download the game Talking Tom Hero Dash to your computer, users can use one of the two fastest and easy way to download a mobile game for desktop:

    Method 1

    1. download from this resource the emulating software called Play Market on your computer. Run on your PC installer of the program and after the installation is completed, start the emulator from the desktop.

    2. Before entering, you will need to log in with Google Account.

    3. Going to the Functional Software, open the «Application Center» section. In this tab, enter the search field, located on top of the name of the Ranner «Talking Tom: Chase Heroes.»
    4. As a result of the search, select the desired game from the list of alternative projects.

    5. On the project page, click Installation Button and after it is completed, activate the Open button to start the gameplay.

    Talking Tom: chase heroes on a computer
    Talking Tom: pursuit of heroes on a computer
    Talking Tom: chase of heroes on a computer

    method 2

    1. Download the archive from this page and unpack all files from it to a separate folder on the device.
    2. Run the already installed emulator and open the «My Applications» section.
    3. Here activate the file download option. APK And specify a file from the archive.
    4. After that, open the «My Applications» section and run the game click on the label.


    Open the «My Applications» section and run the game click on the label.

  • summarize

    All fans of high-quality and interesting ranners, as well as fans franchise about the cute cat Tom and his friends worth downloading a speaking Tom: chase heroes on a computer. This game is made in a beautiful cartoon chart, has a lot of gameplay chips, simple control and intuitive interface. The project will delight users of any age and gender. Save your city from evil raccoons and free your comrades from captivity.

    Download Talking Tom: Chase of the heroes on the computer

    Price: Free
    Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    Developer: Outfit7 Limited
    Russian: is