Battle for Throne to Computer

Price: Free
Developer: Nexters
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Battle for the throne is a great project in a strategy genre from the best developers from the Nexters Studio. The game allows players to experience their managerial skills and commander by military detachments. On the expanses of the playing market, there are already a lot of strategy games and it is almost impossible to break among them. Therefore, the developers of this project decided to add a popular genre of RPG to the usual strategic component of the gameplay. It is this interesting mixture of genres allowed the project to break into the top and take high places among the titans of the genre. In addition to the combination of genres. The creators of the game, added amazing graphics and easy interface. These features are very pleased with users, and this confirmation is a large number of positive ratings in a virtual store and a huge number of downloads. you can download the battle for the throne to the computer and make sure all the advantages of this exciting project.

Unfortunately, the project’s creators have developed it only under mobile devices, but from this article you can learn how to install it on the PC. Many users note that fully evaluate all the features of the gameplay and enjoy a pleasant control only on a large screen and using a computer mouse and keyboard.


Battle for throne on a computer

This game will allow users to try on the role of a novice ruler, which is going to own a small territory, build a huge and powerful empire. Alone, you cannot cope with such a task, so throughout the gameplay, wise advisers will be given to you. They will tell you about the basic intricacies of the gameplay. Also your main assistants will be your warriors. Sometimes, for faster development of the empire, you will have to resort to the help of huge terrible trolls. Players can enter into unions with other users, it will also make it possible to achieve the main goals of the game efficiently.

As you can see, the best opportunities in the game. But to figure out in all the intricacies of mechanics will be completely simple. Thanks to this variety of gameplay, the game attracted many fans of various genres, not just RTS. This is confirmed by the number of download downloads, which has passed 10 million.

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gameplay and features of the PC

In this game you will have to be built from a small medieval village a huge powerful empire with a large army that can overcome even the strongest enemies. This path of becoming will be very long and difficult, as they develop their empire and other rulers together with you. Only from you depends, whether to enter the union with them or crush your powerful army.

Almost all gameplay, players will develop and dispose of their possessions. You have to get it necessary to build resources and objects, hire units in your army and train them so that they become stronger and crushed all enemies. All paths of development of your empire flow from each other. Improve something one thing, you will not get without pumping another and so on. For example, if you decide to develop a military component, you cannot fully improve technology and agriculture and so on. Pumping alone of the population of your territory will lead to the level of defense. Therefore, try to develop all the spheres at the same time and then achieve the best results.

For construction, we need resources. Players will be able to get in this game:

  • gold. The most valuable currency on which almost all improvements can be purchased.
  • food. The main resource for maintaining the army and hiring new units.
  • stones.
  • stones. This currency can open access to the pumping of heroes.
  • sand. Resource that is useful to increase the highest levels of buildings.

All listed resources can be mined. Gold and sand can be extracted in mines, food on a mill, stones are given with other rewards after battles in the arena. In the game you can meet special crystals. This is a universal special currency that can only be bought for real means. Using crystals, you can improve and pump absolutely everything in this application.

At the initial stages of passage, the player will gradually build new buildings, produce useful resources and hire new warriors. But very soon a new part of the gameplay opens. You will be available for military trips to the Enemies and participation in the arena. Your advisers will suggest all the subtleties of combat business and give various tasks. Performing such quests, you will be able to pour your empire faster, as you can get a lot of useful awards and resources for their passage.

The story company has a great job in the game, it will love gamers that do not like a network game. But still, it is online battles that are the main component of the entire gameplay of this application. Passing the storyline, players will receive certain awards, but they will be an order of magnitude less than in network battles. If you want to scold your empire as soon as possible, you will have to participate in online battles and select the best resources from weaker emperors.

Battle features for throne for Windows:

  • Ability to enjoy a fascinating gameplay on the big screen of a computer or laptop.
  • Convenient control system using a computer mouse and keyboard. At any time, the user will be able to change the settings for their preferences.

  • Mixing gaming genres of RPG and strategy, made the game much more exciting than its analogues.
  • Availability of multiple game modes.
  • Presence of the Donat system, without which you can do and do, if you do not want to invest real money.
  • Ability to apply various battle tactics.
  • Bright and colorful graphics.
  • Great musical accompaniment.
  • Unlimited opportunities for the construction and placement of their buildings.
  • thoughtful and flexible system of clans and unions.
  • Periodic updates from developers.

Management in the game

Games of the Strategy genre usually do not require diverse manipulations in terms of management. On the smartphone, all actions were tapped on the touchscreen, and the user can use the mouse on the computer.

To change a similar control system, you can go to the emulator section called WASD. Here you can lend all your favorite keys to certain actions and enjoy the convenience of control. Do not forget to save your changes made, otherwise they will not come into force and you will again have to manage the settings set by default.

how to set the battle for the throne on & nbsp; computer

Here you can bind all your favorite keys to certain actions and enjoy the convenience of control. Do not forget to save your changes made, otherwise they will not come into force and you will again have to manage the settings set by default.

how to set the battle for the throne on & nbsp; computer

If you still decided to download the game Throne Rush on the computer, you will need to download a special emulating software from this site. Thanks to him, you can select a convenient control system, synchronize game progress on several devices, and most importantly, use mobile game on the desktop. The best program at the moment is p Lay Market for Windows. It is able to emulate a mobile store of games and applications on PC, from which you can install any game and software projects on the PC. There are several installation methods.

Method 1

  1. download the emulator from this resource and put it on your device.
  2. Pass easy authorization in the system using the Google.
  3. In the internal search, find this strategy and click the Set button.
  4. and after completing the installation, click «Open».

Battle for the throne on a computer
Battle for throne on a computer
Battle for throne on a computer
Battle for throne on a computer

method 2

  1. download the archive at the bottom of this page with APK game file.
  2. Unpack all the contents of the archive to your PC.
  3. Open the previously installed emulator and drag the file with the game to the main window.
  4. Next, the program in automatic mode will set all the components.
  5. You can start the game in the «My Applications» section.


If you have long been looking for a high-quality strategy, but you are already tired of the one-eyed gameplay of this genre, download the battle for the throne to the computer will become an excellent option. In addition to the usual strategy, there are RPG, What makes the gameplay very fascinating. Excellent graphics and sound will make even the most avid gamers. Build a huge and powerful empire from a small medieval village and subdeterday all rivals.

download the battle for the throne on the computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: Nexters
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