Price: Free
Developer: BLAYZE GAMES, L.L.C.
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Forward Assault is a new first-person shooter with multiplayer modes, bright graphics and a fascinating gameplay. The user himself decides whose side to take: terrorists or special forces. It is necessary to go into battle, armed in advance and resist strong rivals. The plans of terrorists include the installation of a bomb that in the future it was possible to blow it up. The special forces, in turn, should neutralize the bomb and eliminate the detachment of opponents. If you have a sharp desire to shoot, you should download Forward Assault on a computer.


Forward Assault to computer

The app of the rapid pace is gaining popularity both on Google Play and on the App Store. Now each user can choose the side for which he wanted to play. In this case, there is a variant of terrorists who will hunt special forces, and the other party is law enforcement agencies involved in the elimination of terrorist groups. The detachment of special purpose should not only eliminate the criminals, but also to find the laid bomb on time and knock the timer. Otherwise, the explosion will destroy all those present, falling under the radius of the bomb.

Of course, the user to decide for whom to play. The same goes on which device to play. A very practical option is to play Assount for PC forward. Although the application was primarily adapted to mobile devices, on the big screen of your monitor, it will be much more convenient to see the impending danger in time and prevent personnel loss. Yes, and the classic option is still more convenient than shooting and manage a character walking on the touch screen. To defeat the enemy, it is important to quickly navigate in the location and make a shot first. It is the speed and the accuracy in this game decides who will get victory — terrorists or special forces.

Depending on the choice of detachment, the relevant missions will be. In one situation, you will have to carefully select a place for a bomb to then activate the timer. Next, you need to shoot from the special forces and not to give them the opportunity to even close to explosives. In another case, the user acts on the side of the special forces who seek to meet the terrorists as soon as possible and neutralize the bomb. Please note that the terrorist side will be cruel to your comrades, waiting for the most different angles and producing as much as possible cartridges from the Kalashnikov machine. Due to the cruelty of combat in the game there is a age threshold of the entrance. The game is enough scenes of violence and a lot of blood. The bullets hide the edges of the walls and easily pierce human flesh, leaving terrible wounds. Now you personally have to experience all this horror shootout!

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gameplay and features of the PC

Before downloading Forward Assault for Windows, you should familiarize yourself with some features of this project. The application is rapidly gaining popularity, so it can be compared with other leaders of shooters and action.

Before downloading Forward Assault for Windows, you should familiarize yourself with some features of this project. The application is rapidly gaining popularity, so it can be compared with other leaders of shooters and action.

In the game, the user is issued a certain limit of funds. The player needs to make a protective outfit, armament and additional reserves (for example, a first-aid kit) at the expense of the internal currency. Do not temporab immediately acquire everything. Decide in advance that you really need for a successful game. For it is always easy to spend money, but then apply the purchased is difficult. Depending on the goals set, repel upon purchase of certain items.

There is a multiplayer mode in the game, so the player fights in a team with other players. Teamwork implies a clear distribution of tasks. That is, each participant in the combat group performs its part of the combat task. Accordingly, each fighter chooses a weapon that is suitable for achieving one goal. For example, a player set aside to track down his opponents at a distance and to protect his fighters. In this case, it is worth staying on a sniper rifle. Sometimes you have to arrange an ambush, and there is an surprise here. Therefore, it is logical to acquire smoke and light grenades. Each weapon has its own purpose. So wisely feel about choosing tools of death. Developers introduced a large range of modern weapons: automata, pistols, grenades, machine guns, etc. Special attention is paid to armor capable of protecting the body of the fighter from premature death.

Once on the playing field, do not make hasty actions. First, get acquainted with the environment. Slowly study every details to quickly detect a squeezing enemy. On the way to the database of the enemy, drawers with bonuses will come across. It can be a protective equipment or some weapon. In some cases, there may be even a monetary reward. The last version of the bonus is much more pleasant to get. For the more gold you have, the more opportunities in terms of personal choice of purchases.

If the player has acquired the things you need enough, it’s time to do the appearance of the appearance. It is understood by a large number of skins, emphasizing the originality of your fighter.

In this bloody battle, the hero is not the one who goes into battle with a highly raised head, but the one who managed despite the mass shelling to survive at any cost. Therefore, at the time of the Yellow Attack, look for a place for shelter. It doesn’t matter, the terrorist you or a special forces, it is important to always be able to leave the attack on time and timely attack the enemy at a more suitable moment.

the battle will not be eternal, so the time for thinking of your solutions is not so much. Each mission is accompanied by a time scale located in the upper corner of the screen. Some users believe that the mandatory requirement to be connected to the network is considered an explicit minus of the project. But how else to interact with other players, if not only on the Internet? The game with bots can not always be such a fascinating, like a lively and unpredictable person. As a perspective in this game, there is a large assortment of weapons, protective equipment and a bunch of various additional items. You have a stunning opportunity to arrange your character, pushing out from personal taste. Now anyone who wants the user can work out shooting skills in different colorful locations and with enhanced preparations to get into the leading table.

Management in the game

Initially, the project was developed for mobile platforms, but with the advent of Android emulators, the situation has changed for the better. For example, a player can easily download and install the game Forward Assayt on its personal computer and connect to a more comfortable control mouse with a keyboard. Thus, you can evaluate the realism of combat processes and enjoy the bright design of the game.

How to install Forward Assault on a computer

There are two methods with which you can quickly and easily download each toy or Android application to the Windows device. But to implement this action it is necessary to pre-establish a special utility.

How to install Forward Assault on a computer

There are two methods with which you can quickly and easily download each toy or Android application to the Windows device. But to implement this action it is necessary to pre-establish a special utility.

On our portal is offered to download the Play Market emulator program on PC. This software is the most efficient and multifunctional among all alternative platforms. Thanks to him, you can start and start playing the project on your computer now.

Installing the emulator is so simple as possible because it has a built-in installation wizard. After the download is complete, you just need to activate the utility shortcut, after which the interface window will open, in which you need to take a license agreement. The automatic installation wizard will automatically set all the necessary default parameters. But if necessary, users will have the opportunity to replace them, for example, change the directory in which the files are saved, etc.

Note that your computer must comply with the following requirements for normal software:

  • AMD ATHLON GE300 processor with a clock frequency of 3.2 GHz or better.
  • NVIDIA GeForce 230 video card.
  • from 4 GB RAM.
  • at least 5 GB on disk.
  • you need a network connection if you want access to the game process process.

Method 1

Start stands with the description of the simplest and fast procedure that requires authorization in the emulator via Gmail. In order to enter the system of the emulator and access all functions, you need to pass authorization. This action is performed directly in the window of the emulator itself at the first login. After starting, a special window will open, where you just need to enter your username and password from your account. After that you can run the game installation process. To do this, do the following manipulations:

  1. Open the Play Market Main Page.

  2. Enter the name of the project that you need in the search string. The search bar is located in the upper right corner of the user interface.

  3. In the search results you need to find the application you are looking for.
  4. in a new window that opens after selecting the game, you can view the project description and click the «Set» button.

forward assault to computer
Forward Assault on a computer
forward assault to computer

method 2

In this way, you need to do a little other manipulation, for example, will disappear to undergo authorization or registration. You can immediately start downloading the folder with the game from our portal. After that, all files from the archive need to unpack any program for unpacking. For greater convenience, it is worth unpacking the archive into a separate folder on its device. The next step will be the installation of the emulator and the following actions in it:

  1. Open the main page of the program.
  2. transfer the game file from the unpacked archive to the active interface window. This file will be called «Forward Assault» and have «.apk» format.
  3. Wait for the completion of the automatic installation and run the game from the same emulator tab.


Would you like a command combat against fanatical terrorists? Then you should download Forward Assault on your computer. Here you can be on the side of both special forces, and proclaim yourself with a famous terrorist.

Download Forward Assault on a computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: BLAYZE GAMES, L.L.C.
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