HONKAI IMPACT 3RD on a computer

Price: Free
Developer: Mihoyo Limited
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Honkai Impact 3RD is an exciting game in the genre of action, which has conquered a multi-million-dollar gaming public worldwide. There is absolutely whatever you need to make a real gamer. An exciting story, colorful graphics and most importantly, the real struggle of good with evil. The developers literally blew up the world with a new generation of evacuated history, which is already available on mobile and computers. In this game, it takes absolutely all starting from exciting graphics, high-quality animation and separate gameplay chips, ending with the story history. Become a member of the legend already now and download Honkai Impact 3RD to the computer.

It is noteworthy that the games in the style of anime, and especially RPG became very popular in our generation. Yes, and the graphics did not give up. The view from the third party only adds epicness to battles, so that the game lovers will definitely enjoy. From now on, you become the Creator of His History and Feats. Participate in colorful battles, Great PVP battles, fight clans or play with friends.


honkai impact 3rd to computer

Honkai Impact 3RD for Windows, this is a colorful game in animate style from a third party. The story story will move us a little back in the history of this world. Excerpts of information remained quite small. It is only known that the world absorbed an unknown catastrophe, which actually bowed humanity to his knees. As it became clear, those forces that wanted the world do not stop there, and someone must stop it. And it is this «someone» you will become. You are a hero and you create your destiny now and the fate of a whole world. The whole story will be going around around you at every step. Are you sure that we cope with this? Then act, arrow and start the fight against evil. You are expected to travel on colorful worlds, unforgettable levels and game locations, bright battles, but all this is nothing if you do not have a team.

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gameplay and features of the PC

As inherent Anime games in the style of RPG action, here you will fight by applying combo strikes on the enemy. At the same time, the player is waiting for a pretty wild picture. Colorful graphics, interesting animation of battle and characters, as well as dynamic and memorable music.

The screen itself will be divided on the control field, health scale and skill scale. As you already understood, the management of a third party will be intuitive, so it is not difficult to control the hero and quite interesting. Next, pay attention to the health scale. Always follow her condition and replenish Hill, if there is a need for this. No health much do not buy.

Then we will talk about the combat system and pumping the character. As it became clear, the shock combo attacks will provide you with maximum damage on the enemy. In this player, they will help superpackers. Each skill is unique and at a certain point can turn the course of a whole battle, so always keep your trump card at the ready. This is especially necessary in collisions with world bosses. Yes, there are bosses in the game and a huge number of other opponents. However, not only on the attack the game was built. Like any RPG, your character can not only take on the blow during the battle, but also shy away from him. At the same time, the character performs amazing acrobatic tricks, so that the picture will seem even more alive, and the battle, more dynamic. Remember, you can never predict what the battle end. Always keep track of attacking forces, and try to calculate the maneuver to reflect the attack or apply a crushing damage. Early, if you understand that the battle is lost or the enemy surpasses you in force, you can always escape. Start with a small and gradually you will study the intricacies of game mechanics and you will know the value of skills and their applications.

What is still attractive in the world of Honkay Impact? Surely many will affect the world and filling it with items. You will find a variety of equipment everywhere. As expected, an important component of the RPG genre is the level of these items and the number of stars. Please note that rare items are quite valuable in the game, so pump out your equipment and ammunition. And another advice. Do not rush to upgrade absolutely everything. Many subjects as far as they are good, alas, do not deserve such fate only for one reason — you quickly grow up.

The game contains customization and stylistics. Valkyrie is considered the best players, and the enemies that attack them are always ready to inflict crushing damage. So we carry not only original beautiful clothes, but also combat armor. Simply put, in a quiet time, we carry ordinary things and have fun, and during the battle it is better to wear armor, since it will be much more sensible from it. In the game there is a shopping element, so you can wear not only simple, but also combat clothes. To buy it, you can use coupons or real money.

The gameplay component shares characters for three game class. When you download the game Honkai Impact 3rd on your computer, learn that each game class has its own strong and of course, weaknesses. These game features you need to know. Combining the pumping and drum skills, you can achieve maximum combinations for damage on the enemy during battle.

Features of the game Honkay Impact 3rd for PC:

  • Advanced Character Qualification System.

  • Stunning customization opportunities.
  • Unusually dynamic, bright and lively quest line.
  • Modern approach.
  • Daily quests and full-scale game events.

Management in the game

Regarding the management process, then in the above-mentioned game product it will be easy and classic, as for most of the representatives of this genre. To check, you must run the game. Playing on the smartphone you need to bury on the screen at the right moment. This will allow you to perform completely all in-game manipulations. But when you download and instill an application on your computer or laptop using an emulator, you can manage all the actions of the game with a mouse or buttons. The emulator automatically sets all the configuration of the buttons, but you can change them at any time. By default, you will be prompted to press buttons on the screen using the mouse or touch panel of your laptop. But it will be much easier to play if you transfer all these actions on the keyboard.

how to install honkai impact 3rd on the computer

For this, the gamers will need a special program that creates a virtual Android device on a PC. It is for him that the user will be able to install the game, since Android applications and Windows operating system are incompatible. You must choose the Play Market emulator, as it is the most popular one of its kind. This program supports most of the Android games and apps, has a very user-friendly interface and regularly updated by developers to correct errors and add new features. It is not by chance that more than 100 million users from all over the world use this application. It is also important to note that the software supports most of the Android hardware functions, including: for example, automatic screen rotation, creating and saving screenshots, transmission of control on PC and adaptation of installed games.

Method 1

To install the game to your computer using an emulator, the user must do the following:

  1. Install and run emulator.

  2. Open the software and log in to Google Play using your input data.
  3. Click on the search string and enter the name of the game.
  4. Start Search and Wait for Results.
  5. Click «Set».
  6. Read the user agreement and click «Accept.
  7. wait for the end and run the project.

honkai impact 3rd to computer
honkai impact 3rd to computer
honkai impact 3rd to computer

method 2

  1. Download from this portal archive with all files and documents required to download a mobile game to your computer.
  2. Unzip all files in a separate location on the device and run the emulator installation program. Please note that there is an archive file with the project name and an unusual APK format. This format is supported only in the Android operating system, so you will not be able to do without installing the emulator.

  3. After completing the installation, start the software from the desktop.
  4. the main page opens, and you need to go to the «My Applications» tab. Here at the bottom of the screen you need to call the download option .apk. A conductor will open in which you want to specify the path to the game file from the archive.

  5. After this action, all the necessary game components will be installed automatically.
  6. Then the game icon will appear on the same tab. You can click it and start passing.

More among archive contents there is a text document called «Instruction». The launch of this file provides a more detailed description of the installation procedure for mobile game applications to a computer or laptop using an emulator.


Honkai Impact 3 is a stunning game that will dip you in an unforgettable story, the participant and the creator of which you will be. Being the captain of his ship «Hypherion» you can take part in colorful and dynamic battles. In addition, the characters can live ordinary life and wear different elegant costumes, which will especially like those who love customization. In the gaming shop there is a whole section dedicated to things and appearance of characters. Learn your abilities, join the game community and solve the most terrible mystery of the fallen world. Honkai Impact 3, this is the game only for the most bold heroes! Remember that the fate of the world depends on you and only you are capable of correcting the situation and raise humanity from your knees. Perform dangerous missions and go on travel. You are waiting for exciting gaming events, quests and battles with other characters in the world of Hokai Impact. The bright amine action of the RPG is waiting for the heroes to start creating their destiny. Download Honkai Impact 3RD on a computer on our website.

download honkai impact 3rd to computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: Mihoyo Limited
Russian: is