Long backgammon on a computer

Price: Free
Developer: AASTUDIO
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Long backgammon — entertaining game application, reflecting the essence of the oldest and most interesting game in the universe. Here you have to apply all existing logical and strategic abilities to make combinations leading to victory. In order to start dive with the unreal atmosphere, it is worth loading the project in question on the device. Your opponent is a computer intelligence capable of much. The main advantage is that there are no complex rules necessary for study. Only two players will be able to take part in the game, each of which is given chips. You will have to set fifteen pieces on the working surface so that they are left of you. Throw a couple of cubes to determine the number of available moves. The purpose of the game is the removal of chips on one first, to subsequently carry them out through the entire area, withdrawing before the enemy. The project is incorporated by the fact that you can build chips to the tastefully, blocking the opponent to lad out chips. We recommend download long backgammon on a computer to improve performance, improve the quality of graphics, and also make the process more comfortable. If you download the project to your device, you will not regret the minutes held here. You can recommend the application to friends to have fun at the company.


Long backgammon on a computer

If you have long wanted to try to play backgammon, but there were no equipment, no worthy opponent, it is worth trying to pay attention to long backgammon for PC. This project will be able to fully solve all the problems. If you find a rival capable of overcome, but there is too much distance between you, you can try to play online. Thanks to this, you can call it to the duel, even if you are divided by hundreds of kilometers. If there is no one to draw up the company, you always have the right to refer to computer intelligence capable of much. In order to be interested in players of any level, the developers were added inside the three difficulty modes. This allows you to choose that option that best suits the existing skills and skills. It will help enjoy comfortable pastime, as well as relax, doing a favorite thing.

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gameplay and features of the PC

Do not know how to take yourself? It became boring to engage in habitual affairs? If you respond to such questions positively, then it is definitely worth changing something in your own activity. It is best to find toys that develop logical abilities, memory and intelligence as a whole. All these qualities combines the project in themselves, which speaks of his invaluable benefits for players. Due to the fact that the product is provided free of charge, anyone can get acquainted with it. Now you can pump intelligence and engage in an interesting business at the same time. And you can do it absolutely anywhere.

If you talk about gaming rules, everything is quite simple here. A couple of players take part in the round of fifteen chips on the left side. By the rules, you can move only clockwise. Where checkers are first, name is «head». Playing cubes, called «Zama», are provided in the number of two pieces. The advantage of the toy is that there are no killed checkers. In order to decide who will walk first, is determined by throwing bones. The winner is announced by the one who knocked the greatest number of points. If they are the same, then the procedure should be repeated again.

During the passage of the process, the number of moves will be determined by the fact that both cubes will be shown. The number of points that fell on them will show how the cells need to move the first and second checker, guided by different cubes. According to the rules, it is allowed to move only one chip on a summable value obtained from both bones. Guided by the rules, you can not move both figures on that amount of balls that fell on the bones. If when the throw was obtained, the values ​​3 and 5 were obtained, the actions on the movement of the first figure per 1 cell, the second to 3, and the third were incorrect. If both cubes turned out the same values, you can manage four checkers, moving them to the specified total number of steps. If 4 and 4 fell 4 and 4, you can move all four checkers to 2, or the first to move to 5, and the second on 3. It is necessary to proceed from the picture that you observe on more.

When all 6 figures are located next to the enemy, you can lock its shape. Thanks to this, many users have learned to experience even greater fun. This is an advantage and distinguishes long backgammon for Windows from ordinary. Thanks to such a construction, you can easily build a barrier to limit the further movement of the enemy by the field.

as in any toy, there is a number of restrictions, mandatory for study. Get acquainted with him closer:

  • is forbidden to occupy the position already occupied by the opponent.
  • is prohibited to completely block the move of the enemy. At least one checker should be able to move.

  • before its own barrage it is necessary to keep at least one chip.

pleases that the application has a flexible system settings. There are three complexity of the game mode, allowing you to choose a rival corresponding to your level. Thanks to this, you can get more pleasure, diversify the process, as well as to show more interest. Miscellaneous design is available on your choice, allowing you to make a classic, indian, arabic or other style. You can also dramatically change the toy by making it two-dimensional or three-dimensional. You can configure everything here to satisfy the most desirable requirements. Download the game Long backgammon on the computer can be easily and fast from our site by using references located below in the review.


  • you can interact with real users.
  • Simple and concise appearance.
  • you can make friends from all over the planet.
  • there are three difficulty modes.
  • Full translation into Russian.
  • you can take part in exciting tournaments.
  • you can get bonuses by performing registration.

Management in the game

You can control all actions using a computer mouse or a touchpad touch panel if you installed the application to the computer. Just hover the mouse over the desired buttons on the screen and click on them with the left button to interact. It is also important to note that thanks to the emulator, users will be able to choose individual control settings.

How to set long backgammon on the computer

Any game looks much better on the big screen. Why look at the ongoing game events through a small screen of smartphones and tablets, when can you download the game to your PC and enjoy it in a large extension? Any game looks much better on the big screen. Why look at the ongoing game events through a small screen of smartphones and tablets, when can you download the game to your PC and enjoy it in a large extension? It does not matter that the application was created for mobile gadgets, because they have long developed a way to bypass this restriction. All that is required is an emulator. This is a special software that can create an analogue of the Android environment in Windows on which the application APK installation file opens without problems. If you have no emulator yet, install it from our portal. We recommend Download Play Market for PC. It is completely free and has a lot of settings.

Method 1

  1. software is loaded in a standard way. You just need to confirm the agreement and select a place to download. You do not have to wait long to complete the installation process. A few minutes — and software is already on your PC. Click on it to check if the program works.
  2. If everything is done correctly, you will have the imitation of the smartphone desktop, only on the computer screen. Here you will find a Play Store shortcut. If you already have a Google account, enter your data in the corresponding windows when you authorize in the emulator system. Otherwise, you will need to create a new account. To do this, create a username, password and enter an email address. After confirming the registration, enter all these parameters in the emulator window.

  3. Finding the game in the program is best carried out by the appropriate line, which is located next to the magnifying glass icon.

  4. After finding the game you will be asked to install it. However, you can not hurry and just add the application to your favorites to return later. You can also find out the developer data, see screenshots, explore the description and characteristics of the system. It will be worthwhile to read reviews of other players before making a decision to download the game on PC.

  5. If the decision is made, simply click «Set» next to the game description.

long backgammon on your computer
long backgammon on your computer
Long backgammon on your computer

method 2

If you did not find the desired project in the search, you can use the second installation method.

  1. On this page you can download the archive containing APK file application.
  2. After unzipping the entire contents of the archive on your device you need to run the previously installed emulator.

  3. in the «My Applications» section on the bottom panel you need to activate the button that is responsible for installing the .apk files.
  4. In Explorer, specify the file extracted from the archive, and wait for the installation.

You can also use the archive installation instructions. It describes the entire installation process in more detail.


The project in question is recommended to download to everyone who loves products like this format. If you want to challenge the real people in the tournament in the backsdays, then download long backgammon on your computer right now. You can make it easily and quickly using the links placed at the bottom of the page. Show what is capable, showing strategic thinking!

download long backgamps on the computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: AASTUDIO
Russian: is