Mafia online to a computer

Price: Free
Developer: Dottap
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Mafia online is a wonderful project, from the genre of cards and role-playing games, from the developer of Nikolai Kartosov. Everyone is very famous popular game in the mafia. Everyone gathered with their friends and received their card with a role and began to guess who Mafia, and who was a peaceful citizen. Now you can download Mafia online to your computer and play online with your friends or other users, even without the need to go somewhere. To plunge into the world of crime and secrets, you will only need to have a good Internet connection.

This game was created by developers for use only on mobile platforms, but in this article you can find out how to download it on Windows WINTOVS. It is possible to fully enjoy the atmospheric of the gameplay only on the big screen of the computer or laptop. A convenient control system by means of a computer mouse and keyboard will delight gamers, since the passage process will become much easier.


mafia online to computer

This game is played absolutely the same as you, real people. Despite the fact that this is a game on the network and you are one indoors at this moment, you still feel all the glow of passions, because playing with real people you can guess that they are lying on facial expressions or some gestures, and here you are not You see your rivals and therefore the game becomes even more exciting and rolled.

Naturally, there is an inner chat here, because in the game in the mafia is obligatory communication, otherwise it is completely unclear who plays what role and whom to expose. The developers in the near future promised to release a new update, where the chat function will be expanded and it will be possible to communicate through video links, it will significantly bring you to a chance to win and adds some reality to the events.

The game does not have so well-worked graphics, but here it is not particularly important, the main thing is that the gameplay is at the height. But the application is not devoid of excellent musical and visual special effects that allow you to imbued with a mysterious criminal atmosphere. To download Mafia Online for PC users will have to spend no more than 5 minutes of their time and use the easy installation instructions from this review. Catching and follow the gameplay is much more pleasant on the big monitor of the computer, so you will be pleased with the possibility of playing the desktop.

gameplay here is absolutely not difficult and all the rules are the same as in the real card game in the mafia. Playing on the network is much easier to confuse their rivals, and do not give them to guess your role in this round.

video review

gameplay and features of the PC

When you first start the game, you will not be wrong that they got into the world of mafia. Excellent musical accompaniment immediately inspires a detective mood on you and you want to start searching for mafia representatives as soon as possible or, on the contrary, destroy civilians to make mafia to the city.

The main advantage of this computer project over real cards is that the players are free to choose their own role in the events. In the card game, your destiny decides lot and luck, and here you can choose a peaceful resident or crime representative.

The main advantage of this computer project over real cards is that liberal players themselves choose their own role in the events. In the card game, your destiny decides lot and luck, and here you can choose a peaceful resident or crime representative.

As the games pass, the user will accrue special belief points. They will be enrolled to you when you will perfectly convince your rivals in our right. In each game session, you will face strong and weak players, and to understand how good they are in the strength of beliefs can be viewed their rating points and understand who should be trusted, and to whom treat with caution.

Mafia features online for Windows:

  • Ability to enjoy the atmospheric of the gameplay on the big screen of the computer or laptop.
  • Convenient control system using a computer mouse and keyboard. Users can operate controls at any time.

  • Regular updates from developers containing a lot of game content.
  • Built-in chat for communication with other participants. In the near future, video chat will be added.
  • simple graphics that does not distract from the essence of the game.
  • The presence of excellent sound and visual effects adding more atmospheric process.
  • a huge number of players. Often in network games have to play with a computer, as there are no real people in the network. Always there will always be online players.
  • Ability to convince opponents on specially created sessions.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Lightweight and familiar rules game.

Management in the game

All game manipulations on the computer are performed using the mouse buttons. So, to choose a name in the voting. It is enough to bring the mouse cursor on it and click once LKM. To write a message in the chat, you also need to bring the cursor to the dialog box and start typing your message using the letters on the keyboard, you can send LKM or ENTER. with other actions you can read in advanced control settings.

Going to WASD < / SPAN> in the emulator, you will be available to change the control settings installed by default. To reconfigure, you must click on any gaming action and enter your key to this action. When the management change is completed, save this process, otherwise it will not take effect.

how to install mafia online on & nbsp; computer

To download the Mafia Online game, the computer will require the presence of additional software on your device. Since this game was created for mobile platforms, you will have a program emulating android Wednesday. To date, the best utility with a similar set of functions is Play Market on a computer. The emulator will allow users to run any games and programs from the Google Play virtual catalog, as well as synchronize gaming progress to all available devices. Also in the program you can select your control system for each game. This program can be downloaded completely free from this resource.

Method 1

  1. By downloading the emulator program, the user needs to start the installation procedure. The installation wizard will suggest all actions, and you only need to accept license agreements and specify a disk space where all the necessary components of the software will be installed.
  2. When the installation is completed, run the emulator by clicking on its desktop shortcut. The user will be prompted to choose a language and pass authorization in the system. To do this, you need to enter your login and password from Google Mail and register a new account directly in the program.
  3. Upon completion of the installation, run the emulator by clicking on its desktop shortcut. The user will be prompted to choose a language and pass authorization in the system. To do this, you need to enter your login and password from Google Mail and register a new account directly in the program.

  4. Outside the emulation window, on the main page you can see new game application applications, as well as the most installed games and programs. To search for the desired toy, go to the «Center Application» tab. Here, you need to find and run the Google Play Store shortcut. An acquaintance of a mobile store will open before the user, only now it is available on the desktop. From above is the search, it needs to be driven by the full name of the Mafia Online game and start the search procedure. Among the proposed options, choose the most suitable and open it. Now you need to activate the installation button, it is under description and pictures of the game.
  5. after full load, you can click the «Open» button and proceed to passing the gameplay or go to the «My Applications» section and open the game in the same way that Google Play Stor launched. When you follow the launches, you need to run the game from this tab.

mafia online to computer
mafia online to computer
online mafia online
mafia online to computer

method 2

If the game was not found in the search by the internal directory, users are offered another quick option. You need to download the archive with the game APK file, the download link is at the bottom of this article. After downloading, unpack all the contents of the archive. You have three files on the output: an emulating program installer, installation instructions and. APK game file. This format is supported only by mobile devices, so to activate it on the PC, you need to resort to the emulator functionality again. Run the previously installed emulator and go to the tab with installed applications. At the bottom there is a panel with buttons, you need to activate the second left. She is responsible for importing APK files. The conductor will open before you and you need to specify the path to the file learned from the archive with the game. Everything, now you can only wait for a complete installation and you can safely open the game.


If you are a fan of a popular mafia card game, you should download your personal computer mafia on your personal computer and play with other users or friends over the network. You can plunge into the world of mysteries and crime without leaving home without going to a noisy company. Playing online, much easier to confuse his rivals and defeat them in the round. Try our best to convince other participants on the inner chat in our affiliation to the peaceful population to win. And also if you have fallen the role of mafiosa, while on the night, try to remove rivals who exactly to the tooth in the daytime of the game. Excellent gameplay, simple interface and pleasant visual effects, allow you to fully plunge into the mafia world of secrets, crimes and mysteries.

download mafia online on computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: Dottap
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