SCHOOL OF DRAGONS on a computer

Price: Free
Developer: JumpStart Games
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

School of Dragons is an excellent project in the genre of role and adventure games from developers from JumpStart Games. This game was created based on the very popular and loved by many animated films «How to Train Your Dragon». All fans will greatly please this masterpiece, because there are excellent and interesting gameplay, stunning and bright graphics and many favorite cartoon heroes. Download School of Dragons to a computer and appreciate all the advantages of this game application on a large monitor.

users who are not familiar with this cartoon masterpiece will also be very interested in gameplay. Players will have to make their own dragon and train it to various disciplines. You can also meet various viking heroes with their tamed dragons. Take your ward to different skills and the more strength and time you invest in your workout, the higher your rank at the Dragon School. In addition to the training process, you will participate in various exciting quests.

This toy has been created by the developer for use on mobile devices on the Android operating system. In this review, users will be able to learn a couple of ways, how to download it a fascinating application on a computer and enjoy all the fine-sided gameplay on the big screen. You can also choose a comfortable and appropriate control system.


School of Dragons to computer

School of Dragons is an interesting MMORPG game made in cartoon chart. She will delight all fans of games and cartoons about dragons. The plot here is based on the cartoon «How to Train Your Dragon», if you are not familiar with this masterpiece, then you should see it to understand what the game is about. Players will meet here their favorite heroes of Ikking, Pleumaku, Ghouta and a cute toothless. The gameplay is periodically intertwined with cartoon events in the form of short videos.

Players have to create their own character, give him a name and plunge into the world of amazing adventures. Study with your pet various locations, dive into the depths of the oceans and solve various mysterious quests. To easily take place many tasks you have to preach the dragon skills and your skills. The most first thing you should learn to fly on the dragon. This action is quite complicated, but it is most important. After all, you will have to fly on the dragon throughout the gameplay, to fight in the air with the invaders, try to ride from the arms arrows, shoot a dragon flame and much more.

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gameplay and features of the PC

When you first start the Dragon School for PC, the players will be asked to choose the appearance of the main character. The editor is not widely advanced, but nevertheless you can choose the floor of the character, change the color of the skin and eyes, pick up a suitable hairstyle and so on.

Next, you need to call your hero. Try to choose any original nickname so that it is distinguished among other players, as this is a multiplayer arcade. Most likely, you cannot call the hero with your own name, as it will already be occupied by other people.

Next, you need to call your hero. Try to choose any original nickname so that it is distinguished among other players, as this is a multiplayer arcade. Most likely, you cannot call the hero with your own name, as it will already be occupied by other people.

Managing its hero here is quite peculiar, but the players quickly get used to it and fully enjoy the gameplay. When you press the rotation button, the hero will start turning around its axis. But it’s all the little things, because the amazing game world of dragons and adventures awaits you.

Your path of the dragon coach you will start meeting with IKKing. This dragon will tell you about all the intricacies of the process and the main mechanics of the game. He will also offer to proceed with the first trial test. The player will have to fly on the dragon. It will be just an exciting action, the flight looks beautiful and interesting. It will look like a cartoon and flight control will be automatically.

At the initial stages, the gameplay almost does not require the user to make any action. You will need only move to points and activate actions. This is all done so that the players can quickly deal with all the features of management and gameplay. But some users seem to be that this learning process could be a little faster. But what, you have to suffer, and soon you will be available to the entire wide range of action in the game.

In the game you will periodically view rollers from the animated film. You should carefully refer to the actions and narration taking place in them, because at the end of the video, you will have to answer the question specified at the beginning of the roller. This is a very original part of the gameplay of this game, it will undoubtedly please the fans.

At the Dragon School you will have to take various mini-games. The first task you will have fishing. You will need to walk on it regularly, as there you can get food for your dragon. In this mini-game. You need to throw a fishing rod with baking water and wait until it starts to peck. As soon as Klevel starts, you need to carefully wind the fishing line so that the Special Scale arrow remains green.

Also in the game, you will constantly come across the locks. To open them, you need to introduce special codes. Opening the first castle, you will free your first dragon and be able to start it training and upbringing. To guess the code, you need to rotate the wheel until the desired symbol appears.

The main base of the gameplay in School of Dragons is the content of your pet. Players need to raise him, train various skills, feed and conscientiously take care of their dragon. The better you will take care of your pet, the higher your rating is among other players.

School of Dragons features for Windows:

  • Convenient control system using a computer mouse and keyboard.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Ability to enjoy atmospheric events on the big screen of a computer or laptop.
  • Huge variety of mini-quests.
  • Availability Character Editor.

  • Fascinating gameplay.
  • Bright cartoon graphics.
  • Pleasant music background.
  • Huge variety of locations.
  • Weave the game plot with cartoon events.

Management in the game

All game manipulations can be performed using a computer mouse and keyboard. In the section with advanced control settings in the emulator, you can familiarize yourself with the full list of game action. You can also change any position with the action and to bind your desired button. The main thing, save your process of reconfiguration, otherwise it will not come into force.

how to install School of Dragons on & nbsp; computer

To download the game of the Dragon School on the computer will be required to have an additional emulating program on your PC, since this game was developed only for android devices. On this site you can download the emulsive software called Play Market on PC. This utility. It is capable of emulating the Android Wednesday and allows you to run any games and applications from the Gugl Play virtual store on the desktop. The program is able to synchronize gaming progress on all devices, and also gives users the ability to choose control settings. You can simultane the game in several ways:

Method 1

  1. Download the server-emulator installer has been downloaded.
  2. Instrust it on PC.
  3. Run the program.
  4. Enter the Google account and register a new account directly in the system.
  5. Go to the «Application Center» tab.
  6. In the search field, enter the name of the game application.
  7. Select the desired option from all found in the directory.
  8. click «Set».
  9. Open the game in the «My Applications» section.

School of Dragons to computer
School of Dragons to Computer
School of Dragons to computer
School of Dragons to computer

method 2

  1. Download a special archive. Located at the bottom of this review.
  2. Remove the contents of the archive on the PC.
  3. Open the previously installed emulator.
  4. go to the section with installed applications.
  5. Activate the button that is responsible for installing the APK.
  6. In Explorer, specify the path to the file extracted from the archive.

  7. Wait for the end of the automatic installation.

  8. Open the game in the «My Applications» section.


If you are fans of everything connected with dragons, then you should download School of Dragons to a computer. This game is designed based on the cartoon «How to Train Your Dragon». Here you will find a lot of adventure Mi-games, training of dragons, editing the character and much more. The game will greatly please fans of a popular cartoon, and users are not familiar with this cartoon masterpiece just please a variety of gameplay. Here is a perfectly developed cartoon chart, a pleasant musical background and a huge variety of gaming actions.

download School of Dragons to the computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: JumpStart Games
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