SCRIBBLE RIDER on a computer

Price: Free
Developer: Voodoo
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

scribble rider! — An entertaining application made in a mixture of genres of action and racing. You will compete with players from around the world, so be prepared for new acquaintances. Players are available multiplayer and single modes, where you need to compete at speed, dexterity, trick. You have to choose a cute typewriter to draw different shapes instead of wheels. All actions depend only on you. Watch what happens on the road to invent something new and incredible. You will draw ordinary figures, intricate wheels, all kinds of stars, mugs and more. Some of the wheels have extraordinary properties where you need to use the features that have opened at the maximum. The developers made rounds short to add dynamics into the gameplay, add beautiful locations, and also added a lot of incredible rivals. If you want to quickly touch this masterpiece, it is worth downloading a scribble rider to a computer.

To launch the application on the phone, you need the phone to have a powerful system. If your device does not boast similar, it is worth installing the application to the computer. To do this, you should use a special emulator. It imitates the android OS, which allows the project to work stably. Install it simply, so there will be no problems.


scribble rider to computer

Gaming process Screbble Rider for PC is similar to classic time-killers. Thanks to this, control looks very simple, high-quality beautiful graphics are used, and also pays great attention to physics. The application is so carefully thought out that users experience a real delight. Many competitors do not have such concepts, so players joined the toy with pleasure. You do not need to draw the wheels only at the start, because they will have to change constantly due to the road surface.

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gameplay and features of the PC

Voodoo company constantly produces incredible products where you need to show your skills. They are distinguished by ease and fascination, which brings positive emotions when passing. At the first level, all actions are performed simply, but then the complexity gradually increases. We will gradually begin to manifest different obstacles that you need to overcome. You will meet with lying police, water pools, as well as much more. To overcome all this, you need to apply physics skills, attentiveness and good concentration. To move around the smooth road, you need to use simple wheels to achieve maximum speed. If you are moving around the water, you need to use the blades. As soon as you start moving around vertical obstacles, learn how to draw different hooks. With their help you will scratch on the wall.

If you do not want to use the Internet, you will fight with bots. Do not think that it will be easier, because they are constantly being improved. Artificial intelligence is carefully thought out, so you will quickly sort out all kinds of wheels to overcome obstacles. Remember that all actions are carried out in real time to be more fun.

If you do not want to use the Internet, you will fight with bots. Do not think that it will be easier, because they are constantly being improved. Artificial intelligence is carefully thought out, so you will quickly sort out all kinds of wheels to overcome obstacles. Remember that all actions are carried out in real time to be more fun.

As soon as complete the round, get a certain amount of currency. It is represented by gold coins necessary for pumping equipment. With the help of different appears, the appearance of pilots and transport will change. Only you decide how your ward looks at this moment. After some time, access to new sections will open, where you will upgrade individual parts of the machine.

If you speak more about locations, then they are available to you immediately. Thanks to this, you do not have to spend a lot of money on the opening of new cards. They are chosen in random order, so you should not hope to choose from. Do not forget that each map has their own traps. You have to deal with all types of wheels not to make mistakes.

If we talk about control, it should be noted that it is made simple and convenient. Forward the character moves independently, so do not need to strain. The toy resembles a classic Ranner, which greatly facilitates the task of novice. You have to draw standard or unusual wheels to overcome different routes. If you have such an opportunity, then draw complex geometric shapes.

Developers did not add any restrictions, so you will enjoy the game process forever. You will not notice how much time in the gameplay. Be prepared that you will spend a lot of time on different trails filled with different obstacles. Never know where traps will be. You will have to make a lot of effort to win. Do not forget to enjoy additional bonuses to earn more points.

If you want to play the downloaded game Scribble Rider on a computer without distracting advertising, it is worth entering the emulator settings to limit Internet access.

Despite the fact that the application has many competitors, Voodoo supplemented with many entertaining features. Thanks to this, get a lot of positive emotions when you study the features of the gameplay. Remember that a reward receives anyone who participates in competitions. When you accumulate a sufficient amount of currency, get access to different guides. This allows you to diversify the game.

Consider Read more Product Features:

  • Many diverse colorful locations. They differ in size, appearance, traps, as well as other scenery;
  • An interesting reward system. You will receive a currency for watching commercials, winning competitions, as well as defeat. It differs only of remuneration;
  • There are no restrictions on the number of stages traveled;

  • Pleasant musical design, with head immersed in the atmosphere;
  • high-quality three-dimensional graphics;
  • Carefully thoughtful physics. It is necessary to take advantage of many physical laws to overcome various obstacles scattered throughout the following path.

Wear all your creative abilities, drawing unusual wheels.

Management in the game

The Scribble Rider for Windows is implemented simply and understandable control. All actions will be performed using a computer mouse, so even the newcomers will not have difficulty.

Many users note that it is much more convenient to control the hero with a mouse and keyboard than to use the sensor.

how to install a scribble rider on the computer

If you like this project, you will definitely try to download it to your computer. There is nothing complicated in this, the detailed description of the process can be found below in the article. Please note that you can download all the files you need to download free from this portal. The program required to download the application to the computer is called Play Market for Windows. The essence of the proposed method is to create the Android virtual operating system on a Windows PC disk. It is on such an emulated platform that you can set a mobile game project and run it at any time. To date, this is the only method of opening Android projects in the Windows system, so do not be afraid and use it. In addition, a large audience of gamers has already been addicted to the emulator, so you join and you. Below are two instructions for downloading the game to a computer through the program.

Method 1

This option is the least complex in the action plan. Just prepare software to work, install it, having previously studied system requirements. After that, do the following:

  1. Run the installed emulator and pass authorization with the current Google account.
  2. In the main menu of the program you will see the search engine. Enter the original name of the toy, then press «ENTER» on the keyboard.

  3. Soft will automatically redirect you to the original game Page play Market.

  4. After that you can download the game to the computer by clicking the Installation button.

  5. Wait for the download to complete, and then open the game from your PC.

scribble rider to computer
scribble rider to computer
scribble rider to computer

If you carefully followed the proposed instructions, at this stage you will not have any difficulties. Otherwise, it will be necessary to reinstall, this time alternative scenario, which will be described in detail below.

method 2

For this option, you will need a game file itself, which can be downloaded for free from this portal. The file will be as part of the archive, which has the same name as the application. Link to download is located at the bottom of the review. It is worth noting that the project file has the resolution of «.apk». This means that independently without third-party help work in the windows system it will not. Therefore, you will again need to resort to the use of software for emulation. Its installer will also be in the archive. By downloading the catalog, unpack it on the PC and install the emulator, if you have not done this earlier, then perform a number of uncomplicated manipulations:

  1. Run the emulator.
  2. The main menu of the program has a function that activates the download of mobile files, use it.
  3. via the «Overview» key, and also by the «Explorer» launch the path to the unpacked archive. Select the game application file among other files, then click on the «OK» key.

  4. Wait for the successful completion of the installation process, and then open the game from your computer.

Remember, before each new launch game will need an activation of the emulator. Without it, the game will not open.


The application under consideration is a good mixture of different genres. You will be amazed by the available opportunities when you first run the project. The application is equipped with high-quality graphics, pleasant control, as well as a wonderful gameplay. If you like this concept, we recommend downloading the scribble rider to the computer. Do not miss your chance to join a wonderful product.

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Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: Voodoo
Russian: is