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Tune into hundreds of millions of songs at no cost with Spotify Download.org. Spotify Download is website which can generate a working spotify premium code, whether it’s a 3 month spotify free code, a 6 month code, or a 12 month spotify premium free code.  Spotify Download.org is an organization which is funded by our spotify advertisers and sponsors for every spotify premium code that is generated.  We only and always deliver valid working spotify premium free codes for our visitors.  In order to obtain your spotify free code, you must select either the 3 Months, 6 Months, or 12 Months tab and you will be redirected automatically to our secure page with our automated generated code for the month that you specified. The last few digits of your code will be revealed once you’ve completed the required forms from our advertisers.  It can take either 2 minutes, or 10 seconds, depending on what offer you choose.  We strongly recommend you use a cell phone for your offers as it is more instant and human verified.

What is the purpose of a spotify premium code and how do I get a spotify premium code for free?

Anyone who obtains a spotify premium code will have the opportunity to listen to over a hundred million different songs absolutely free.  You can easily select the value of your free spotify premium code by selecting the appropriate month of the spotify prepaid card. We have outlined the steps to get your free spotify codes above. Once you receive your free spotify premium code, all you have to do is write down the code and redeem your spotify free code in the dashboard.

Is the spotify premium code really free and secure?

Every single spotify code that is generated is funded by our source of spotify code resellers.  You may be asked to download an extension to support the spotify advertiser which helps us improve our website or you may be prompted in downloading a text file containing the spotify premium code.  All of our files, extensions are virus free and are digitally signed securely,

What is your private policy?

We at Spotify Download.org value your personal privacy. We do not require your email address but if you choose to subscribe we will only send out our newsletters if our site has issues and when the site has been restored to its original functionality.

What happens if the spotify premium code does not work?

If by any means your code is not working, please contact us using the contact page and we will guide you on how to resolve this issue.  It is though very rare if they do not work but there are times when the server is overloaded with visitors redeeming their codes. Please do not email us asking for a spotify premium code if you have not completed the offer that was required initially to obtain the last few digits of the generated code.  We need the full code in our email so we can act accordingly in helping you resolve any problems.

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