Stack Ball on a computer

Price: Free
Developer: AI Games FZ
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Stack Ball is a fascinating project in the Arcade genre from developers from the AI ​​Games FZ studio. The toy is perfect for the fun murder of his free time. The game resembles a time killer. As in all such projects of this genre, the most simple and intuitive interface and the gameplay itself worked here. The game is a classic arcade where the gamers have to drive a ball on moving and destructive platforms. Jumping on these sites, you will destroy them and earn play glasses. The arcade of this type requires the players to maximize the process and fast reaction, otherwise you can quickly lose if you distract at least a moment. Download Stack Ball to your computer and appreciate all the features and advantages of this project on the big screen. In this review, you will learn about all the intricacies of the installation of a mobile application on the desktop, the basics of gameplay, management and other features of the game.


Stack Ball on a computer

Stack Ball for Windows is an infinite number of game levels. As in all arcades, the levels of passage will become more complicated by the previous ones. Therefore, get ready for the fact that it will not be easy here. Players must lower the ball with a high tower to the Niza himself. This can be achieved by gradually destroying platforms that make up the entire tower. Just jump on them to get to the ground. The main complexity of the game is various obstacles on the way. For example, the color of the Tower Platforms will be blue, and black obstacles, you need to jump only in blue to get to the cherished goal, bypassing black obstacles.

Also there is also a pass plan for high-speed lovers. Players can destroy about 10-15 platforms for one jump if you activate the acceleration bonus. Then your ball will rush with a mad speed and all on fire, overcoming everything in its path. But to use this option, you need to calculate all the subtleties in detail and try not to drive the ball on the black obstacles in the process of such a quick flight. If you do in black tiles, the ball will break and you will have to start again.

As you can see, the process is very simple and has no difficult rules, so even the most young gamers will be able to figure it out. All passage will not depend on pumping or a powerful gun, as in many modern projects. The most important thing for victory is just your skills, perfection, fast response and other abilities. You can play almost infinitely, since there are too many levels here. Thanks to this, you can enjoy your favorite application and do not worry that he will go through it soon. Because of its simplicity, the project is perfect for kids from 3 years old, it will be useful for some skills here.

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gameplay and features of the PC

Regarding the gameplay itself, everything is very simple here. Players need to break blocks, jumping on them from above and thereby piercing their way down. For overcoming the height, you will get play glasses, and for them there are already various achievements and rewards. After starting the project, you can immediately start passing the level. You will be the towers built from different tiles of one color. Tints of platforms can be absolutely any since red, ending with blue and so on. In addition to monochrome tiles, you will see the places where they are black. Here, unwanted areas, which should be avoided. On top of the tower will be your ball, which needs to be lower. The ball is constantly in a state of jump, and the platform itself rotates around its axis, aligning you always a new area for jumping. Thus, you need to gradually drop down the breaking each of the tile tiles and make sure that it is accidentally pleased to the black platform that the tower can be substituted with you while you jump from above. Therefore, it is worth in advance to calculate the perfect moment for the jump, so as not to please the obstacle.

To start the descent process, you need to click on the ball. Sometimes during the flight process, the ball may become a flame, it happens when he was able to overcome a large number of platforms. When the ball has become fiery, do not let go of the button and break the platforms further on rapid speed, it will bring a lot of game points and no obstacles will be a hindrance for him. But in the case when the ball is usual, it is worth it to gently move it, as the obstacles will break it. You will calmly jump over each platform down and wait for the ideal time for the next descent.

As mentioned above, you can wait for some time to successfully descend the ball. But in the game there are some restrictions on this. Players will not be able to sit on one platform forever, because after a few seconds the ball will begin to reduce its speed and it will be more difficult for him to overcome other platforms and will have to accelerate a long time.

After passing the levels, you will dial a certain number of points that will be entered into a personal rating table. This will allow you to arrange competitions with friends who have more points. These results from the table will show as far as the cleft and fast each of you.

Key features and advantages of project Ball for PC:

  • Simple and fascinating gameplay in the Time Killer genre.
  • Pleasant colorful design and musical accompaniment.
  • Simple computer mouse control. With the help of the mouse, you can achieve more results, as it allows you to quickly react while playing than touching the sensor.

  • The possibility of playing on the big screen will allow a greater degree to control the gameplay and reduces the risk of impaired vision, rather than when playing on a small smartphone screen.
  • free distribution, which is present by advertising. After the completion of the level will be shown a small commercial. If they are distracted from the process, you can simply turn off the Internet.
  • Ability to play in offlan mode.
  • availability of a system with achievements that allow you to compete with friends.
  • Huge base base with varying degrees of complexity. The difficulty of passing will gradually grow as passing.
  • Simple and intuitive game interface that will dismiss in all the intricacies to any geimer.
  • Suitable for all age categories.
  • Availability of Russian language.

  • Regular updates from developers.

  • perfectly develops attention and reaction.

Management in the game

Since the project refers to the arcade genre, it is expected that the management will be completely simple. Players need to control the movement of the ball over multicolored platforms. You only need to press the left button on the ball. So he moved to the step below. It is also possible to change the standard control settings. To do this, open the main page of the emulator and call the WASD, Since the project refers to the Genre of Arcad, it is expected that the Office will be completely simple. Players need to control the movement of the ball over multicolored platforms. You only need to press the left button on the ball. So he moved to the step below. It is also possible to change the standard control settings. To do this, open the main page of the emulator and call the WASD, Classes on the icon, with the image of the keyboard. After that, all available gaming actions will open. Bring your button to each of them and save. After a light procedure for reconfiguration, you can enjoy the most convenient and comfortable control for you.

How to install Stack Ball on a computer

To download the game Stock Ball on your computer, you can use the two simplest and most common ways to download:

Method 1

  1. download from this resource an emulating software called Play Market on a PC. Next, run it to the installation file and perform a pair of easy installation manipulations. After that, you can run the software double click on the label from the desktop.

  2. Before entering the emulator, you will need to enter your data from Google Account to log in.
  3. Finding ourselves in the «Application Center» section, use the search field at the top of the screen and enter the name «Stack Ball» arcade.
  4. Now you have to choose from all selected analogues the desired app and open it.
  5. Under the description of the gameplay, click on the installation button. Upon completion of the installation, click Open.

Stack Ball on a computer
Stack Ball on a computer

method 2

  1. Load the archive from this page and unpack it on your device. After that, run the emulator whose installer, also in the archive.
  2. Open the «My Applications» section and activate the download option apk files.
  3. Next, specify the desired file from the archive and will automatically install the mobile game on the desktop. You can start a fully downloaded project from the same tab.
  4. you can also use instructions with clear instructions on installation from the archive.


The Stack Ball game will be an excellent option for a pleasant pastime. It helps to have fun. Kill time and practice your reaction and attention. The game belongs to the subgenuary Time Killer, which offers players of simple gameplay, interface and management. Users await a lot of fascinating levels with different degrees of complexity. Drive the jumping ball to be launched on platforms down. On the way, you will meet some obstacles that you need to go around so as not to lose. In general, this simple and very interesting gameplay will delight users of any age with their post and fascination. The relaxed schedule will not distract you from the essence of the process, and a pleasant musical background will make sure to tune in to the desired way. The project is even pleasing the possibility of the game without connecting to the Internet. The game greatly develops the reaction and attention, which will allow the kids to take their skills. Download Stack Ball on your computer and appreciate all the features and advantages of this wonderful arcade project on the big screen.

Download Stack Ball on the computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: AI Games FZ
Russian: is