Tacticool on a computer

Price: Free
Developer: PanzerDog
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

tacticool is an excellent project in the genre of dynamic action from developers from the Panzerdog studio. The application will love gamers that love online shooters. Games such a genre are considered very popular among players. The idea of ​​shootout in the virtual world is very exciting interest and allows you to penetrate the atmosphere of hostilities. A separate course of «shooter», as a genre, has become multiplayer action shooters. Projects of this Sustra are now the most popular among the gamers of the whole world. If you want to enjoy such an interesting gameplay, then you should download Tacticool to a computer. In this review, a brief guide to install the project on the desktop will be presented.

Action-shooters are famous not only by their gameplay features, but also a variety of topics. Historical shooters are very popular, where all actions are spinning around the confrontation of nations in different periods of history. And also actively enjoy the demand shooters devoted to the fight against terrorism, where players can become forces opposing terrorists or go to the opposite direction. Tactikul has absorbed the best quality of projects and presents the player with the opportunity to try himself as an ordinary soldier who fights with various enemies, getting various bonuses and rewards for it.



The project has no burning plot about the hostilities of the military events. Here you will find yourself in the thick of the events where various gamers are fighting with each other, work out a variety of battle tactics, think over the resulting murder methods and are trying to work to work in a team with other users, as the game is a classic team shooter. The project carries exclusively entertainment, there is no plot and the gameplay comes down only to the destruction of the enemy team. Despite the simplicity of the project, players from around the world are actively downloading. This confirms a huge number of races and ratings to Google Mis.

Since the developers from Panzerdog, Tacticool was the only project, they tried to make it a stunning application with all their might. After all, on the expanses of the mobile store it is simply impossible to push through the huge number of similar shooters. The creators of the project were introduced into their brainchild many different chips and features and soon the players began to actively notice and enjoy the application. For some couple of weeks after release, the game took the leading positions of various tops of the playing market. At the moment, the game has set over 500 thousand users.

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gameplay and features of the PC

At the beginning of the game you have to choose your fighter, give him weapons and armor and go to the epicenter of the online battle. Before starting the battle, players can decide on location. The game presents about five unique game cards. Each of the locations is a unique world with its own features, you can interact with them, and not only soullessly run along the paths until the game session expires, which lasts about 4 minutes. Exploring the location can be hidden behind the wall, shoot between cracks in buildings and much more. All buildings and other different elements on the map are subject to the laws of physics, that is, they can collapse from the shot of powerful weapons and so on. In the game world you will have a different combat vehicle, which will be able to manage. You can ride a car with a machine gun on the cabin, on a tank, train and other things. Transportation can be applied not only for shooting and moving, as well as to destroy enemies by hitting them. The presence of such interactions with game locations greatly improves the impression of the game application.

All your battles have time limit. The team of gamers is given only four minutes, for which they should have time to destroy as many enemy units as possible. A team that will win victory will be rewarded with a bunch of useful bonuses and awards. Among the awards can occur the game currency and experience points that are responsible for pumping the fighter. With each increase in the level of the character, new opportunities will be opened, weapons and even new characters.

In tacticulus for PC, a huge arsenal of a variety of guns is presented. In total, you can find more than 50 types of weapons. All these combat accessories are divided into certain classes:

  • pistols. Are considered secondary weapons.

  • guns-machine guns. Capable quickly shoot and weigh little.
  • assault rifles. They are considered one of the mandatory elements of armament of any fighter.
  • sniper rifles. Own a large range of defeat.
  • shotgun. Excellent gun for a close battle.

  • Rankers. A chaos and ruin make during the battle.
  • specialist. Various ammunition, for example, mines, grenades, bombs, smoke checkers, and so on.

After you have decided on weapons, you have to choose your operatives. Characters here are divided into several categories — ordinary, unusual, rare and epic. Each of the heroes have their own unique set of skills and features. In addition to the main indicators of health and speed, the characters have another skill. It may be powerful armor from bullets, acceleration, operational reloading of weapons and much more. Rare and epic fighters have more suits that distinguish them from others. If you can choose an instrument and buy it for the currency, the weapons of operatives have to be collected from the part of the puzzle. These details can be won on the battlefield, in the Fortune wheel and for performing some missions.

The game did not cost without donat system. Almost all that is in the game you need to spend in-game currency, which is sometimes hard earned. Money you need to buy weapons, pumping player and weapons and much more. Developers regularly postpone reports about promotions and advantageous offers, where you can buy a good set of things for the low cost. True, it is possible to do it only for real money.

Tacticool features for Windows:

  • Immersion in the game world of a dynamic shooter on a large monitor.
  • The ability to control your convenient buttons that can be configured in the emulator.
  • gameplay fascination.
  • multiplayer mode.
  • Team battles.
  • Donate’s presence, which will significantly improve the state of affairs.

  • Availability of five detailed driven cards where you can interact with objects and objects.
  • Regular update output.
  • Fascinating gameplay.
  • Easy interface.
  • Availability of Russian language.
  • well-worked and beautiful graphics.
  • suitable musical background.

  • a wide variety of weapons, which is divided into classes. In total, about 50 units can be found in the project.
  • Daily tasks that will allow to dilute the gameplay.
  • well-developed pumping system.
  • Availability of a system of bonuses and remuneration.
  • Fascinating gameplay.
  • Easy interface.
  • Availability of Russian language.
  • well-worked and beautiful graphics.
  • suitable musical background.

  • a wide variety of weapons, which is divided into classes. In total, about 50 units can be found in the project.
  • Daily tasks that will allow to dilute the gameplay.
  • well-developed pumping system.
  • Availability of a system of bonuses and remuneration.

  • Ability to develop various battle tactics.

Management in the game

This project does not have lots of gaming actions, especially if we take into account that the shots will carry out automatically when you hover into the desired goal. To start the fire, you just need to hover the mouse cursor to the desired object or enemy and the weapon will start shooting itself. You can move your fighter by pressing the LKM on the on-screen joystick, as well as the arrows on the keyboard or the WASD. There will be two virtual joysticks on the screen, where the first is responsible for moving the player, and the other for turns.

On the game screen will be located a few more buttons with different actions that can be activated by one click LKM. Among them you will find the reloading of weapons, the activation of the special skill of the hero, roll and interact with the subject. When the players get to the vehicle, an additional button appears to sit in it. You can ride the same way as walking.

how to install tacticool on & nbsp; computer

To download the game Tacticulus on a computer Take advantage of the following options:

Method 1

  1. Download the Play Market emulating software on PC & NBSP; from this resource.
  2. Start the program installer.
  3. Open the program and log in.
  4. In the search string, enter the name of the game project.
  5. Select the desired option.

  6. Start the game setting.
  7. Run the project in the «My Applications» section.

tacticool to computer
tacticool to computer

method 2

  1. Download from this site archive.
  2. Remove all files on PC.
  3. Open the emulator.
  4. Activate the file download option. APK.
  5. Select the desired file.

  6. Open the game in the «My Applications» section.


If you are a fan of multiplayer shooters, then you should surely try this project. In tacticulus, excellent graphics, light gameplay and simple interface. You have to become a professional fighter and lead the team to be destroyed by enemy units. In the game, a huge selection of weapons and various items making the process much more interesting. You must keep our best to keep our team to victory exterminating as much as possible rivals for the allotted match time. Download Tacticool to your computer and appreciate all the advantages of this original online shooter.

download tacticool on computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: PanzerDog
Russian: is