Tales of Wind on a computer

Price: Free
Developer: Neocraft Limited
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Tales of Wind is a great project in the genre of role-playing games from developers from Neocraft Limited studio. The game will love all the fans of games in the subject of fantasy. This project has a perfectly developed and bright graphics performed in the cartoon style, as well as very exciting and unique gameplay, which is able to immerse the gamer for long hours of passage. The gamers will have to save their city from enemies here, fight various dark beings and magical forces who overcome the magic country. You are waiting for the lot of exciting travel travels to the fantastic world, which can be explored alone or with friends, as there is a multiplayer mode in the project. Download Tales of Wind to your computer and appreciate all the possibilities and advantages of this wonderful project on the big screen.

The game appeared on the expanses Google Misa relatively recently. And during this time she managed to gather a large army of fans. The game downloads a huge number of users, and its average estimate in the mobile store, at the moment it is 4.5, which is quite good for the new project. The developers of the game have already taken care of the addition of the Russian language in it, which allowed Russian gamers to enjoy the excellent application. Go to the wonderful world of Tales of Wind and become the pioneer of these fabulous and uniquely beautiful locations.

Gameplay offers huge opportunities associated with the pumping of your hero. Players will be able to choose for him skin, improve and send in battle. The main characters of the game are very well worked out and animated.


tales of wind to computer

Tales of Wind for Windows refers to the genre of MMORPG. as a rule, in such projects, all gameplay is aimed at pumping his hero. Similar games have the main goal for passing the collection of experience points for various improvements and development. This can be achieved by participating in tasks, various quests, passing a storyline and in the fights with other users or bots. Many MMORPG offer only the automatic mission for the fight with rivals. Most gamers suits it, because pluses in the form of many improvements, equipment, guns and steep graphs are able to overshadow the battle themselves. But alas, such a defodion suits not all players. If you feel about those who are most interesting epic battles than everything else, then this project will definitely like you. The developers of Tales of Wind were able to squeeze out of simple and slightly monotonous gameplay something new and interesting. The main advantage of the game is the detailed drawing of the main characters. They look very funny, as a small size, but they are real fighters and knights, because they are constantly rushing in battle. Each hero is significantly different with a set of unique skills and characteristics.

The toy will greatly please fans anime, because locations and all heroes are decorated here in this style. In addition to high-quality and unusual rice, you will be waiting for the mass of fascinating tasks related to battles in single or with other real gamers. The game turned out to be very interesting, a lot of people were waiting for her way out. To the release of the application, it attracted a lot of attention, and, as it turned out, not in vain, because the game really came out. Every day the number of races of this project is only growing. One of the most attractive advantages is the workplace of characters that are able to express emotions in the game process. This is capable immediately immerse in the atmosphere of real cartoon fantasy.

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gameplay and features of the PC

The first thing about what you immediately pay attention to, being in the game it is amazing graphics. It worked very well, up to the point that each of the locations is viewed to the smallest details. Few projects of such a genre can boast such a feature. In addition, the quest component is very impressive. The game has many tasks that are diverse and vary greatly with the usual all quests. Some tasks are quite complicated, but at the same time very interesting. Also, some tasks can be repeated, but this is a rare phenomenon and their passage will still be fascinating.

Each character has its own unique battle tactics. They can perform various tricks, which will affect the outcome of the battle. All heroes will be useful in the battle, at the expense of their special skills, so long to break her head over whom you do not have to choose. They also differ in external data and characteristics, so you can make a choice based on this and go to fulfill the first missions.

As soon as you select the class of your character, you will open the appearance editor. Here you can choose some features of the face and give the name to your hero. If you do not want to edit the character, you can use the function of the automatic random selection of appearance. After that, players must choose the server and you can start passing and studying the fascinating world of the game.

It is very fascinating to play singing in a scene company. Here you can pass exciting tests and evaluate all the features of the gameplay. After passing some quests, the players will be shown a plot roller with an explanation of the events and future goals of passage. These rollers can be skipped, but you can learn a lot of new and interesting. Such explanatory moments diversify the gameplay, so you should not skip them not to lose the thread of events.

The main part of the gameplay you will devote to the rolling of the hero’s skills. This can be done with special magic runes and amulets. Some of these artifacts are able to increase your movement speed, while others will increase the rate indicator and so on. Best by pumping. Of course, the strength is, because the outcome of the battles will depend on it. Also pumping your character in the performance of special missions associated with improving skills. For example, there will be a task in which your hero must pass a difficult path, at the end of which he will be able to free his secret force hiding for a long time inside. If you successfully complete such a task, then the hero will receive an additional skill.

PC features:

  • Convenient control using a mouse and keys.
  • Excellent bright graphic in the style of anime.
  • Availability of Russian language.
  • Pleasant musical accompaniment.
  • Wide character improvement opportunities.
  • Rich variety of main characters.
  • free distribution.
  • game on a large monitor, allows you to pay attention to all small parts and does not bother with vision, since when playing on a small smartphone screen.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Availability of multiple game modes.
  • Regular updates from developers.

Management in the game

Control in Tales of Vinda for PC is very simple. To move the hero, the keyboard arrow or the WASD are installed here. Availability of multiple game modes.

  • Regular updates from developers.
  • Management in the game

    Control in Tales of Vinda for PC is very simple. To move the hero, the keyboard arrow or the WASD are installed here. You can use the mouse buttons for interactions and battle mode. Just look at the cursor to the desired actions and click the LKM. To change control settings. The default emulator, you can open the WASD and bind your desired buttons to all actions. The main thing, after making changes to maintain this process.

    How to install Tales of Wind on a computer

    Download the game Tiles of Wind on the computer can be two fastest and most common ways. In both cases, you will need a special emulating software called Play Market on a computer. This emulator program you can download absolutely free from this resource. The main thing is that you need to make sure that you have an excellent Internet connection on your PC, 4 GB of free space, 2 GB of RAM and administrator rights. So, use the following ways to download the mobile project to the computer:

    Method 1

    1. Download the play emulator and start it.
    2. After performing easy installation manipulations, go to the desktop and run the soft mouse with a double click.
    3. Next, you will need to enter your data from Google Mail to enter the program.
    4. in the «Application Center» section in the upper corner is a search field. Where to enter the name of the role game «Tales of Wind» and activate the search option.

    5. among similar options, select the desired one. On the project page, click on the installation under the description of the game.

    6. After the full download, click Open.

    tales of wind to computer
    tales of wind to computer
    tales of wind to computer
    tales of wind to computer

    method 2

    1. Download from this page archive and unpack all files from it to your device.
    2. After that, run the already installed flash marquer emulator, go to the «My Applications» section and activate the option of downloading file files. apk.
    3. Specify the desired file with the game that was in the archive.
    4. After quick installation in automatic mode, you can open the game from the same partition.


    Tales of Wind is a wonderful project in the MMORPG genre made in the subject of fantasy. The game has many pleasant features and gameplay features. If you are fans of a similar genre of games and animal animal films, then you will accurately impress this wonderful application. The developers have tried perfectly over the workshop of the detailed bright cartoon 3 D graphics, musical accompaniment and fascinating gameplay. You will be available to passing a single story company, as well as multiplayer battles. The bulk of the gameplay will be explored the magic world, pump your character and fight with dark forces. download tales of wind to a computer And appreciate all the features and advantages of this wonderful project on the big screen. Fascinating gameplay will drag all gamers for long and pleasant hours of passage.

    download tales of wind to computer

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    Price: Free
    Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10