TASTY BLUE to computer

Price: Free
Developer: Dingo Games
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Tasty Blue is a great project in the genre of Action and Arcade, from developers from Dingo Games Studio. Players will act as a vast creature absorbing smaller organisms. You will manage the gigantic fish that eats everything in its path. The project is very famous for its colorful design and simplicity of gameplay. For those who do not like to fulfill a huge number of game manipulations, this project is perfect for a pleasant pastime. Download Tasty Blue to your computer and hang out in the underwater world.

As you have to manage the fish you will need to constantly move, as it is laid in their physiology. And most importantly, that all living beings need, this is the food. You will swim through water space and look for yourself in the food of small inhabitants. As the fish is saturated, it will grow and become stronger. If at first she could absorb plankton and small fish, then in a short time, the victims will be able to become whole submarines, as well as dangerous and huge predators, such as sharks. At first, you yourself should bypass them, because they are also looking for lunch.

This toy was focused on users with Android devices. But it is much easier to control the gameplay using for this mouse cursor and key. Also to fully immerse yourself in the entertaining game world, you can only on a large monitor. In this review, several methods of installing games from Google Misew games are described on the desktop.


Tasty Blue to computer

The game has the principle of survival and search for a better place under the sun. All as in real life — eat or be eaten. You have to go a long way of becoming a small fish in a huge and dangerous lord of the seas. Creatures living in the ocean merciless to anyone who will meet on their way, so you should not climb them before. You need to get stupid before such a serious meeting. And for this there is a lot to hunt and there is that your little pet become the winner in a fight with any predator or poacher.

Successfully grown their fish will help deterioration, fast reaction and courage. Users must make a maximum effort, act as quickly as possible in order to satisfy the stomach as much as possible and at the same time do not in the mouth of another predator. Throughout the gameplay, you will explore sea depths and sometimes coastal areas.

As the fish grows, various types of new fish and other items will be available, which will fit into food. But it is not necessary to get involved in the process and think that you can afford everything here. In the darkest depths hide truly huge and terrible monsters who swallow you per second. If you see such an opponent, then float from all fins from it, and better hide between some rocks. Test Blue for PC will give users a fascinating world completely impregnated with cheerful adventures.

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gameplay and features of the PC

At first games you will swim in a large reservoir and search for various petty foods. So far, the main food for you will be fry, a little later, when you achieve the level of higher, additional missions will be available. They will help you not only become stronger and more, but also improves other characteristics of your pet. In a short time, taking enough strength, you can absorb various boats and kayaks, and then, in general, airplanes and huge ships. As already mentioned, the predators of a larger size will hunt you than you, but besides them there will be more poachers and military wishing to get such large prey. But they will also not be a problem for you if you feed your fish in time and pump her strength. On your way you will meet various marine inhabitants of unprecedented beauty, starfish, octopus and much more. All of these your predator will be able to enjoy. The game has excellent colorful graphics and pleasant music, thanks to which the process becomes more exciting.

Downloading Blue Test game to a computer, you will be available to choose from three creatures for which you can start the way of conquering the ocean. You can swim with a cute dolphick, a huge predatory shark or peaceful goldfish. The appendix shows a lot of locations, for example, you can swim the tropical islands or swim into the ice waters of the Arctic. So choose a suitable location and fish and go to pass interesting missions.

Project Features on PC

  • Ability to evaluate gameplay capabilities and graphic component of the project on the big screen.
  • Comfortable management of all the actions of a pet using a mouse and keyboard.
  • Availability of a system of bonuses and remuneration.
  • the ability to take part in special missions. They become available upon completion of the main tasks.

  • Excellent accelerated pumping system. Fish should constantly eat and then its level and parameters will increase.
  • the ability to choose one of three ocean representatives.
  • Availability of many obstacles in the form of military poachers and larger predators than you.
  • Ability to online game. You can unite with friends and go to exciting adventures in the reservoir.
  • lack of advertising content.
  • Suitable in any age category of users.
  • is in free distribution.
  • Excellent graphics. All locations are very colorful and bright.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Pleasant music background.
  • Fascinating gameplay.

  • Regular updates from developers.

Management in the game

In Tasty Blue For Windows, all manipulations with the fish you will be performed using one mouse alone. It is very convenient that the appendix has one feature about the mouse control. Each time you will approach you a suitable mining mouse cursor will automatically move on it, this will allow you not to attack a stronger opponent and not lose level. If you want, you can change some game settings, including control. In a special section of an emulator called WASD, You can lend any buttons. For example, you can switch the movement of moving fish on the keyboard arrow or the combination of buttons WASD. Main, do not forget to keep all these changes.

how to install Tasty Blue on & nbsp; computer

Download a toy for a computer is very simple. You only have to highlight 6 GB of free space and 4 GB of RAM and then can easily download a special emulating software that will open you access to all mobile applications. Download Play Market on your computer and run the program installer. You will need to perform several light actions that the installation wizard will tell you.

Method 1

  1. After completing the process, open the emulator by clicking on it on the desktop.
  2. Download toy for a computer is very simple. You only have to highlight 6 GB of free space and 4 GB of RAM and then can easily download a special emulating software that will open you access to all mobile applications. Download Play Market on your computer and run the program installer. You will need to perform several light actions that the installation wizard will tell you.

    Method 1

    1. After completing the process, open the emulator by clicking on it on the desktop.
    2. software will require authorization from you. To do this, you need to either make a new account in Google or drive data from the already existing one. It will be very cool if you enter account data that you use on mobile devices. Thus, you can link the devices and use gaming progress on any convenient.
    3. On the Main page of the program you need to start the search process. To do this, enter the Tasty Blue in the search field and start searching. Among the set of selected options, you need to choose the most suitable. It is worth a good approach to the question of choice, since some games and programs have many copies that have completely different filling. You need to develop precisely from Dingo Games and on the avatar of the game will be depicted goldfish trying to absorb the planet.

    4. After switching to the page of the desired project, run it. The button activating this action is under the description of the gameplay.

    5. You can run a fascinating arcade in the «My Applications» emulator section.

    Tasty Blue to computer
    Tasty Blue on your computer
    Tasty Blue to computer
    Tasty Blue on your computer

    method 2

    You can also use alternative download. To do this, download the archive from this page, unpack all its contents and launch the previously installed emulator. This time you will not need registration. Open the My Applications tab and click on the Installation option. APK. Specify the extracted game file and wait for completion. You can also use the elementary instruction from the archive. With her, you definitely understand in all intricacies of installation.


    Tasty Blue is a very good app among arcade games, the essence of which is the absorption of a large being smaller. The project is very different from the analogues with its interesting and comic approach. You have to manage a fish that broke out from the shackles of the aquarium and sailed into the ocean to become the largest fish there from existing ones. To do this, you need to eat a lot. Not only small fish can be used on the feed, during pumping you can eat entire liners and aircraft. In the game you can choose different levels of difficulty. In the lightest, you can quickly pump and absorb a completely umo incomprehensible objects of a huge amount, and in more complex steps you have to hide a lot and avoid very strong fish that you want to enjoy. All this action is accompanied by very beautiful cartoon graphics and perky musical accompaniment. Easy interface will allow even the most young gamers to understand all the features and subtleties of the gameplay and control. Download Tasty Blue to your computer and enjoy a pleasant and cheerful pastime in the game.

    Download Tasty Blue on computer

    Price: Free
    Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    Developer: Dingo Games
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