TWIST HIT on a computer

Price: Free
Developer: Saygames
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Twist Hit is a fascinating project in the genre of casual games from the developers from the Studio Saygames. This game resembles a Time Killer genre, where players have to save rare and unusual trees. Projects of such a genre have always been distinguished by their simplicity of management, cheerful idea and good worker of various details. Download Twist Hit to your computer and appreciate all the advantages of this project. Here you can have fun to spend your free time and enjoy beautiful graphics. Go to a fascinating adventure and save all extinction plants. You can even play this application without connecting to the Internet.

This gaming application was designed to use it on android devices, but in this review, the user will be able to familiarize himself with a pair of installation methods for its desktop. It is possible to fully assess all the characteristic features of the gameplay and you can enjoy the gameplay only when you start the project on a large desktop monitor or laptop, and besides, driving a gun is much easier than a laptop touchpad or a mouse and keyboard. This control system is much simpler than on smartphones and will make it easier to perform game tasks.


twist hit

The main goal in a twist hit for PC to save the population of extinct and unique trees. Success in this difficult business can only be resorted to the landing of new plant representatives. The players will have a special magic gun that will shoot with lines of different colors. To land, one new tree is needed to fully fill in the lines of one color a certain area. As these sections of the tree fill, they will replace the color and will need to continue to direct the gun on them so that the plant grew up. There may be a lot of such sites, but their minimum number is three.

gameplay seems very easy, but in the process of passing levels in front of you will be raised by various difficulties. For example, an obstacle will arise in the form of a block and the player will be more difficult to fill the rings of trees. Try to count the firing trajectory to get around the obstacle and get into the goal. If you miss at least once and get into the block, the level will be considered lost and you will have to start all over.

This gaming application will become a great pastime for users of any age. There are no restrictions and adult content so this toy is safe for young gamers. Adults will be able to have fun free time and distract from all concerns, and children will be able to practice the speed of the reaction and develop logic skills, as well as study colors.

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gameplay and features of the PC

Casual games from the Time Killer genre have always been famous for their easy control, simple interface and simple gameplay. This toy has not exceeded. Players will take part in short rounds lasting no more than 60 seconds. In general, the restrictions are not provided here, not in time, not by the number of attempts, but the gamers should still try to end them faster to earn good bonuses. Bonus glasses can still be earned by the number of shots. Therefore, try to make fun of the gun as much as possible and then earn even more awards. Be sure to remember the suddenly appearing blocks and obstacles. When you fully fill your batch with the desired color lines, one of the obstacles will be deleted, so at the end of the level you can shoot with lines without obstacles, without releasing the shot button. Each level will be much more complicated by the previous one. The obstacles will increase, both in size and in quantity. And they will spin, thereby interfering to enter the right goal.

For each traveled level, you will earn bonus points, the number of which can be seen upon completion of the task. Also in the game there is an in-game currency. Here it is represented in the form of crystals. This valuable currency can be made by viewing commercials. It can be spent on various skins for gun and improve its parameters.

In the game, many beautiful picturesque locations, on which you can meet the most amazing plants and trees. The developers made a very beautiful and bright schedule, which was not yet in the games of this genre. All cards are very detailed, objects are drawn to the finest things. In general, the picture is very clear and pleasant. Also in the game a huge number of levels with varying degrees of complexity. Rounds will be held on various locations, for example, in a cold and snow-covered tundra, in the desert, on the beach, in green gardens, etc.

Key features Twist HIT for Windows:

  • Ability to evaluate the gameplay and penetrate the game atmosphere of the project on the large desktop monitor.
  • Comfortable control system through a computer mouse and keyboard. In any period, the player has the ability to reconfigure all manipulations on any desired keys.
  • a huge number of interesting levels with different levels of difficulty.
  • bright and very colorful graphics. All objects are well detailed, the locations are qualitatively drawn to the smallest detail.

  • Fascinating gameplay.
  • Great variety of game locations.
  • Interesting and unusual idea.
  • Periodic content update.
  • Ability to practice the speed of the reaction.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • A variety of original and unique trees for planting.

  • you can play offline mode without connecting to the network.
  • suits the players of all ages.

The game is just perfect and very pleased with gamers. Some users can annoy advertising content, which sometimes pops up between levels. If he does not suit you, you can turn it off by paying real money or just disable the Internet. But for watching advertising, you can earn a valuable in-game currency and spend it on the development of gun.

Management in the game

Games Actions in this application can be performed with a mouse and keyboard. If you play a laptop, you can control the direction of your cannon using a touchpad. To make a shot on a PC, you need to hover the mouse cursor to the right button and click LKM. To implement a multiple shot, it is necessary to clamp an LKM. Can be directed by the gun can be right and left arrow on the keyboard on the keyboard or buttons A — left and d — right.

Also, users can go to the special item of the WASD. Also, users can go to the special point of the WASD. Here are the advanced settings, among which there is a control system. You just need to click on any game action from the list and bind your desired button. Many users note that the shooting in this game is much more convenient to the keyboard buttons than the mouse keys. After the process of reconfiguration control, be sure to save all changes made, otherwise they will not be activated.

How to install Twist HIT on & nbsp; computer

To download the mobile game Twist Hit on a computer, you will need to be installed additional software. On this resource there is an excellent program that can emulate Android and open for users the ability to install any games and applications from a digital mobile store on PC Play market. To date, the most productive and best software with such a functionality is Play Market on a computer. The program is able to synchronize progress in the game on all supporting the device project, and also allows each user to install individual control settings.

Method 1

  1. downloading the emulating software, you need to go through the installation procedure. You need to accept a license agreement and specify the folder on the hard disk to establish all the necessary components of the software. You can start the emulator right from the desktop double click LKM.

  2. In the emulant software window, go to the «Application Center» tab. Here at the top of the screen is a search string in which you need to drive a TWIST HIT toy name.
  3. Next, in the search you select the desired game from the list of found analogues and click «Set» on the Application page.

  4. After a quick installation procedure, you can start using the game in the «My Applications» section.

twist hit to computer
twist hit on computer
twist hit to computer

method 2

If in the search for the internal directory of the Timkiller program was not found, you can download the archive from this page. It contains an emulating software installer, textual installation and APK games. Remove all these files to your device and run the already installed emulating software. Go to a tab with installed applications and click on the button that activates the installation function of the FALS & NBSP; . APK. In the Explorer, specify the desired Appk Apk and wait for the download. You can run the toy in the section with installed applications.


Timekiller Twist Hit turned out to be really great toy. The developers tried perfectly and made all its components at the highest level. In the game, a very simple interface, with which even kids will sweep. Also very easy to control the gun using the cursor and the mouse buttons, as well as the arrows on the keyboard, will make it very easy to get around the obstacle and get exactly in target. Very beautiful and bright graphics with good details of objects and locations. Levels in the game are a lot and they are constantly replenished, so you can not worry that a favorite game will soon end. As the levels are passing, the levels are complicated and will have to be pretty try and practice their reaction to successfully pass them. You can earn a lot of different bonuses and spend them on the skins of your guns and other improvements. Download Twist Hit to the computer and appreciate all the advantages of this wonderful project.

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Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: Saygames
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