Wildcraft to a computer

Price: Free
Developer: Turbo Rocket Games
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Wildcraft is an amazing dependent and non-standard application, issued by Turbo Rocket Games, focused on using on mobile platforms. The toy is an excellent simulator showing the fascinating life of charming animals. In fact, you can call the sandbox project where you will manage some kind of beast, the choice of which is very large. Users can easily increase the need for socialization, join the flocks, go hunting with buddies, as well as explore the fantastic world, I feel all the lightness of a similar life. During the passage of the gameplay, you can make a character more unique, giving it individual traits. It is necessary in order to highlight it among the same congor, looking for buddies who can help in a difficult life. The application was able to conquer millions of users around the world, so you can not worry due to the fact that the language barrier will arise. The most important project is focused on children and adolescents, but adult users. If you want to control it is simpler, and the graphics raised quality, it is worth thinking over to download Wildcraft to a computer. This will help increase the expansion, get rid of braking, as well as increase productivity. Due to this, the child can indulge in the game, once again not tightening his eyes, which contributes to its correct formation.


Wildcraft to computer

The Wildcraft application for PCs can be safely called a sandbox, where the further development of events depends on your actions. Take care of the game universe, engage in hunting, interact with other users, create a powerful unique pack, and relax, enjoying the process. A little disappointing that there is no certain plot here, so it remains to just wander on the unusual world. Here you will not perform tasks, participate in intricate history, as well as perform any messages. Despite the lack of a plot, it will be interesting to spend time, enjoying the appearance of the pet. All territories available in the product are characterized by brightness and unusual. It is very interesting to travel along them, studying and finding something new. They have a large size, as well as thick inhabited by animals. Here you can hunt well if you need to quench the need.

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gameplay and features of the PC

After you run the first launch, you will have to go through. During it, it will be possible to learn about the management, how to interact with other objects, as well as many other nuances of the game.

In order to increase interest in the toy, the developers have implemented several tasks where you can get significant awards. Not only the main tasks will meet, but also an entertaining interaction with other pets that can make life more rich and exciting.

The main task facing you is to track the character health parameters, because you can get a strong damage if a more powerful opponent attacked you. In addition, it is possible to creep, and if you do not quench the need for food on time, you can lose some of the health glasses.

The main task facing you is to track the character health parameters, because you can get a strong damage if a more powerful opponent attacked you. In addition, it is possible to creep, and if you do not quench the need for food on time, you can lose some of the health glasses.

Graphics settings can be changed under your requirements. If you have a powerful device or downloaded a toy on a laptop, you can set high quality, then even the smallest details will be noticeable. If you look into the settings, you will see that you can change the sound, and configure the camera mode.

Your first step in the downloaded game Wildcraft to the computer will be the adoption of the purge of the wolf. As other heroes will be opened, and the improvement system will be available. It will be possible to change the appearance, as well as pump skills using useful materials. We will have to stock resources to pump the hero in a timely manner. The main currency inside the game serve coins looking like leaves or oak fruits.

The creators took care to hunt here not just. Therefore, you will have to try to get prey. It will be constantly running away, twitch, and not to expect you in one place. To survive, you will have to produce tactics and strategies to not stay hungry. How to attack depends on the type of animal for which they play. The hare or protein will be more chance to escape, and the skins will begin to fasten the unpleasant smell.

To move the character forward, you need to hold the right button. To attack, you should click on «claws», next to the jump button. On time, the jump made helps to dodge the enemy, as well as quickly overtake prey.

If you got up on the path of confrontation, it is worth choosing the right direction. If you are not on the other side, you can miss a chance to win, and also get significant damage.

Animal extracted in a difficult battle, you need to eat. In order to do this, clamp the button located in the central part. So you can make the hero bite the other. If the victim is not to eat, health glasses will not be available, and the recovery will not be started.

In order to track the readings, you can look at a special scale. If you participate in the fight, then notice that the indicators will become two. They are indicators of your health, as well as opponent health glasses.

In addition to the single game mode, you can begin multiplayer battles. Thanks to him, you can join the clan to facilitate a difficult life. In the clan, you can deal with a joint hunt, share tips, and help in finding the necessary materials.

There are many tasks that allow you to score points. The most commonly encountered are tasks for a single or group of animals, where a big reward is given. Acquired glasses are spent on chests containing awards and gifts.

Certain features of the WildCraft application can be described as follows:

  • High-quality three-dimensional graphics, distinguished realism.

  • Animals are characterized by excellent animations, as well as high quality.
  • Changeable gameplay. It all depends only on the actions that you will perform.

  • Take care of an amazing game universe.
  • you can interact with other users.

  • can be joined in the clan to facilitate existence.
  • Simple and understandable management.
  • lack of age limitations.
  • Pleasant musical accompaniment.
  • There are additional materials.

  • can be drastically changed the appearance of the character, making it unique.
  • Full transfer to Russian. There should be no problems with understanding.

Play in Wildcraft for Windows to improve the quality of graphics, as well as avoid braking.

Management in the game

Control the game is very simple using the mouse and keyboard for this. The emulator selects optimal control settings that will be convenient to each user. But if you wish, you can change them at your discretion.

How to install Wildcraft on a computer

Manage the game is very simple using a mouse and keyboard for this. The emulator selects optimal control settings that will be convenient to each user. But if you wish, you can change them at your discretion.

How to install Wildcraft on a computer

Beautiful graphics of this game will look much better on the big screen. In addition, players often note that controlling the hero with the keyboard and the mouse is more convenient than using the touch screen. That is why we recommend installing it on PC. Unfortunately, it is impossible to complete the installation of the project directly, since the computer version of the application does not exist. But we advise reliable and quick way to do — run the game through the emulator. This program creates an analogue of the Android environment on Windows, on which mobile applications will be installed in the future.

Often gamers use this feature for testing games and software.

Method 1

  1. If you have no emulator yet, install it. For example, you can use the latest version of the Play Market program for PC. The utility has a Russified interface and works with most applications available in Google Play.
  2. as soon as the software file turns out to be on your computer, find it and double-click on it. It launches installer. You will be asked step by step to follow the instructions. Do what the autoinstaller asks. For example, you will need to accept the agreement, specify a directory for further download (or leave those parameters that go by default), mark the place where the program label will be. Then it remains to wait until the program completes the installation process. You may have to restart the computer.
  3. then open the program again. Enter her system using your Google account.
  4. now, thanks to the search engine, find the game you need.
  5. as soon as the project will be in front of you, you can start it. The process itself will take several minutes, after which the label of the game will appear in the main window of the emulator. Below in screenshots you can explore the entire installation process.

wildcraft to computer
wildcraft to computer
wildcraft to computer

method 2

  1. If you did not find the game in the search in the internal directory, download the game file from this portal. It will be packaged in the archive together with the emulation.
  2. Unpack the contents of the archive on the PC and start the preset emulator. This time you do not need to pass the authorization process.

  3. Now go to «My Applications» section and activate the button on the bottom panel, which is responsible for installing files in APK format.
  4. In the Explorer, specify a unpacked game file. Now just wait until the system automatically installs the necessary components.
  5. you can open the application on the same tab. It is worth noting that there will be a text document with instructions in the archive. You can use all the recommendations in this document.


Try to live in the appearance of the animal to understand how hard it is to live in the wild world. This will allow you to learn much more about the life of pets. Download Wildcraft to a computer to become even closer to the wild.

Download Wildcraft on a computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: Turbo Rocket Games
Russian: is