2048 to computer

Price: Free
Developer: s2apps.com
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

All of us have long been able to put such light combinations of numbers as 2 and 2, 4 and 4 and so on. But you tried to ever collect the number of 2018 from such small values. Download the 2048 puzzle on your computer and find out how many numeric values ​​need to be folded to make such great importance. Try very thoughtfully approach to solving this task, since not all the numbers will develop among themselves and will have to try hard to go through this complex puzzle.

The game is perfect for the younger generation. Which only begins to master the light mathematical examples. Since the game is completely absent 18+ content, this logical puzzle will be completely safe for children.

The project creators developed it exclusively under mobile platforms. But in this article you will learn how to upload it to the PC and enjoy the solution of tasks on the big screen.


2048 to computer

This game. Related to the genre of puzzles and developing applications allows you to spend time with the benefit of both adults and children. Adults can solve exciting tasks in their free time training their mathematical and logical abilities, and the kids will be able to explore numbers with interest and learn to fold them. The players will be the field on which you need to collect combinations of even numbers. The main goal of the entire puzzle is to fold the values ​​until the number of 2048 is scored. The complexity is that various tiles with numbers will be constantly descended from above and it is not always possible to find a couple of them.

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gameplay and features of the PC

This wonderful logic game was created by a young developer from Androbaby Studio. 2048 For PC, she was able to show the high level of his knowledge and skills on this field, as well as his ability to predict the wishes of users. This logic game to this day takes only high positions in the ranking of games such a genre. Millions of installations suggest that users with great pleasure spend their free time solving this interesting puzzle.

Despite the fact that there is no level set in the game, it can be held with great pleasure. All combinations of numbers that appear on the game field, & nbsp are changed at each new start, and have never been repeated. So, the tactics of their collection will be changed every time depending on which block will appear as follows. There are no time limiters in the game and no prompts. You have one attempt to solve a puzzle and as soon as the numbers did not work out into the desired combination, you will have to start first. The random generation of blocks will not allow a long time to bother for a long time, despite the fact that the gameplay here is very simple.

As soon as you decide to experience your logic in the first puzzle. Before you will be a field with cells. The fields in the game have a different size. For example, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and 8×8. Choose any based on your skills. Fields are available to choose from and can be used in free access without additional investments. When you choose the size suitable for you, know that it will not be changed throughout this puzzle. Therefore, think about it in advance on what field you want to play. The tile with numbers 2 and 4. Your goal is to fall on the checkery fee. Your goal is to collect them in combination with the older value and not to give them all the gaming space. Connect the tiles with the same numbers to get one with a big value. The player must be pressed on the keyboard arrow on time to determine the direction where you need to stand in the drop-down block.

As you collect blocks, it will look like a playing field leaned into one direction and all the numbers with the same values ​​have developed and remained on one edge. Try to do so that when you shift on one side of the tile, there was no those closed to connect with them. That is, do not fold combinations with an older value above small, otherwise you will not be able to dial the final number 2048.

With their successful results, you can share with friends in social networks. And the players have the opportunity to record the process of solving the puzzle to show other users all tricks strategy. You can add sound and animation to the recorded roller with the gameplay.

For users who love rivalry, the developers have created a special table of records, where they will be able to see the results of the most successful gamers and strive for breaking their records. The game 2048 for Windows is an excellent opportunity to develop your mathematical skills and train logic.

Features Puzzle on PC:

  • Convenient management system.

  • Simple interface in which even child will figure out.
  • Logic skills development.
  • Rating table of the best results of gamers from around the world.
  • Ability to solve puzzles on a large computer screen.
  • No Advertising.
  • completely in Russian.
  • Suitable for all age categories.
  • Infinity of the gameplay.
  • lack of time limits and the number of attempts.

Management in the game

Control here is very simple. All actions can be carried out using a touchpad of a laptop or a computer mouse. So, to move the block in the right direction, you can click on it LKM and specify the direction. You can also use the arrows on the keyboard, it is even easier than the mouse. Just select the desired direction and press the arrow pointing to the other side.

If such control settings do not suit them at any time you can change. To do this, right in the emulator window, open the WASD. here on all the necessary actions to borrow your desired keys and save these changes.

how to set 2048 on & nbsp; computer

To download a mobile project on a PC, you will need to be installed a special program that will emulate the Android Wednesday on Windows WINDOVS. Play Market on a computer is one of the best emulators programs today. There is an extensive catalog of games and applications from Google Pleia. This utility will allow you to use your favorite mobile applications on the big screen and select the control scheme using the mouse and keyboard.

Method 1

  1. You need to download the file from this resource the file emulator installer.
  2. then put it on a PC and run.
  3. The program offers to select the interface language and log in in the system. The authorization process will allow you to use all the available features of this program, including maintaining gaming progress and use it further on different devices. So, to enter the system, you need to enter your username and password from the mail Google. If you do not have this account data, you can register a new account directly in this program.
  4. The program offers to select the interface language and log in in the system. The authorization process will allow you to use all the available features of this program, including maintaining gaming progress and use it further on different devices. So, to enter the system, you need to enter your username and password from the mail Google. If you do not have this account data, you can register a new account directly in this program.
  5. Next, we enter the emulator and see a fairly simple and intuitive interface in front of yourself. On the main page will be displayed game news and the most installed applications.
  6. Here is the upstream of the search string. We drive into it the name of the puzzle «2048» and click on the search.
  7. among the options found by clicking on the desired and then click on the installation page. Fully downloaded application can be opened in the «My Applications» section.

2048 to computer
2048 to computer
2048 to computer

method 2

sometimes it happens that the game did not find a game. Then you need to download the archive at the bottom of this article with the APK game.

  1. Unzip all files from the folder.
  2. Next, run the previously installed emulator and drag the unpacked APK game file directly to the program window.
  3. Next, all the necessary components are loaded in automatic mode.
  4. You can also find instructions in this archive, where all the installation steps are described in more detail.


2048 is a very exciting puzzle genre game. The player will have to collect combinations of the same digits to make the number 2048. It will be difficult to do, as new tiles with numbers will be periodically added from above, and often it will be impossible to choose the digit suitable for connecting. Download 2048 to your computer and experience your logic skills and speed of mental reaction in this complex puzzle. Thanks to an excellent and simple gameplay and pleasant graphics, this game still keeps on top places of games like a genre. The game will greatly go to people of all age categories.

download 2048 on the computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: s2apps.com
Russian: is