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Price: Free
Developer: Lion Studios
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Save The Girl is a stunning application where the developers have introduced an exciting plot that can conquer anyone who will download it to the computer. Developers introduced several genres into the gameplay, so you can notice elements from casual, arcade and simply linear standard tasks. Actions are spinning around the young girl pursued by the maniac. The will of fate it turns out to be in an abandoned house where nothing remains to her, except to think about how to escape. It was locked, so there are very few ways for escape. The main task is to help the girl get rid of the maniac’s paw. To save the prisoner, it is necessary to explore all the available rooms to find various items capable of destroying traps. Each new door involves a new task, distinguished by interest and fascination. When complete the passage of the level, you can open the door to another room. The creators have tried over the complexity of the puzzles, so to solve each of them it is necessary to use all existing logical abilities. Thanks to intuitively understandable management, it will be easy to decide that it requires a toy at the moment. If you are a fan of a mixture of similar genres, then we recommend downloading a girlfriend to a computer. Go to the fascinating universe, where you need to get rid of the maniac, free the excellent lady, and also solve a huge bunch of exciting puzzles.


Save the girl to computer

Passage will begin with the fact that a small preceding story will be told. After her passing, the whole responsibility for the main character falls on your shoulders, so it is necessary to deliver it from a terrible place safe and preservation. At first glance, the gameplay seems simple, so many think that there is nothing to decide here, and the puzzles will be performed at times. But the most logical options will be incorrect, so it will be necessary to use not just logical thinking, but also to be able to think out. Try to think completely differently to look at the problem at a different angle.

Due to such a concept, a fascinating puzzle will be the best pastime for you for the coming days. If you like the idea, it is worth downloading the game Save The Girl on a computer from our site. It will help to relax after a hard work day, as well as get unreal pleasure, is enjoyable for himself. The most stubborn and smart will be able to solve all the assignments presented to save the captive from the maniac. Each new level is a new stage in the development of events, forcing the use of logical abilities at the maximum level. Use all the speed of the reaction and the smelting to quickly find the right solution, but do not let the quality of the solution of the task. If you do something wrong, expose the life of the danger prisoners.

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gameplay and features of the PC

You yourself do not notice how toy will drag you so much that I wanted to leave it to do the usual things. You can hide from all the problems pursuing you in real life, just enjoying the solution of interesting tasks. Save The Girl for PC will give an opportunity to get to knowing it closer with a shy cute girl. She is not lucky in life, so she is constantly in some troubles. It grabbed a maniac, so it is necessary to free her from his hands, forcing it through many terrible tests. Do our best so that it does not suffer. Otherwise, you will have to start all over first, experiencing new and new horrors. Do our best to keep her life. The toy has a huge number of advantages, get acquainted with it closer:

  • High-quality two-dimensional graphics, where parts have their own special charm;
  • bright, colorful animations accompanying each action;
  • Event options are very realistic, so you do not have to miss;
  • intuitive management;
  • entertaining game plot;
  • Beautiful musical accompaniment;
  • Many different interesting tasks.

Each new level will require the correct answer from you to various tasks. You must select one of the available options to correctly answer the question. As soon as the correct answer is given, you can move forward to get closer to the salvation of the heroine. If you give an invalid answer, then the heroine will be tortured. Do not feel fate, forcing the poor girl to suffer. Solve a huge number of tasks of varying difficulty to reach the desired finals. Love quests? Then this application will be the best option for pastime. Here you can meet the branches of various quizzes, fascinating tasks, quests, as well as much more, which will help to relax, but at the same time the brain is involved. Get a new hobby, dealing with interesting tasks. Do our best to save the girl from maniac.

For pure chance, along with it were locked and you. It is necessary to free it from here as soon as possible. At first it will seem that this is the best solution: you are two of us in a private house, but it is far from that. The further process will show that you are deeply mistaken. From this house you need to get out even rather than from the maniac. At every step, there will be many difficulties that can complicate significantly and make a more dangerous life.

Management in the game

Manipulate actions in the project Save the girl for Windows as easy and simple. Everything is shown on an intuitive interface. Just click on the desired option, which seemed correctly. Do not forget to turn on your brains so that you do not have to sit over a puzzle for several days, choosing incorrect actions.

how to install a girlfriend to the computer

To run this toy on a PC, you need a special utility. Use Play Market emulator, whose installer can be downloaded for free from this portal. Soft will allow you to create an additional guest OS android directly to Windows.

Method 1

  1. To play this application on your computer, you will need an additional tool. On our portal is available free Play Market emulator.
  2. downloading the utility to your device, install it. The procedure is similar to the installation of any similar PC software. In addition, the automatic installation wizard is sewn in the emulator installer. Thus, any user can complete the installation in just a few minutes. All you need to do is take a license agreement and specify a directory in which the files will be saved on the device.

  3. When the program is fully installed, run it by clicking the icon on the desktop.
  4. in the interface window that opens, you must log in to the system. This can be done via Google Mail. Just enter your account data, and you can enter the emulator.
  5. Next, you get to the main screen of the program. At the top of the screen there is a search form in which you want to enter the name of the toy.

  6. Users must select a suitable project from the list and right-click the appropriate icon.
  7. On the game page, activate the Set button and wait for the process to complete.

In the interface window that opens, you must log in in the system. This can be done via Google Mail. Just enter your account data, and you can enter the emulator.

  • Next, you get to the main screen of the program. At the top of the screen there is a search form in which you want to enter the name of the toy.

  • Users must select a suitable project from the list and right-click the appropriate icon.
  • On the game page, activate the Set button and wait for the process to complete.
  • Save the girl to computer
    Save the girl to the computer
    Save the girl to the computer

    method 2

    1. If the first method of installing a mobile application does not help, use the second option. Here you will also need the Play Market program, which you can download in the archive from our portal. In addition to the emulator installer, the archive has a game file in APK format and quick installation guide.

    2. After you have extracted all files from the archive, install the emulator and run it.
    3. then move the game file to the program window and wait for the automatic installation.
    4. After this action, you can pass the exciting gameplay on the big screen of your computer.

    Note that your computer must fully comply with some system parameters for the normal operation of the emulator. You need an AMD Athlon GE300 processor with a clock frequency of 3.2 GHz or better, a video card with internal memory 2 GB and more than 4 GB of RAM for proper performance and smooth gameplay. In addition, at least 5 GB of disk space should be available in the repository of your device. You may need a stable Internet connection.


    The application is a fascinating puzzle, with impatiently expected by all users. Do you like a mixture of similar genres? You can safely download Save the girl to the computer. It is required to perform simple actions to get the desired result. If you do everything right, the gameplay will be easy, short and fascinating.

    download Save the girl on the computer

    Price: Free
    Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    Developer: Lion Studios
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