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Price: Free
Developer: Magiclab
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate — a fantastic RPG strategy in which strong heroes are combined into one team for joint struggle against evil. Who, how not they save humanity from the shackles of darkness. And everything starts with what. Rain swept over the ground from unusual meteorites. When people struggled to the wreckage of cosmic bodies, they had a super ability. And besides this event, another one. Unprecedented evil from the distant depths of the cosmos woke up and hung over the earth’s inhabitants. How in time, humanity gained power to confront evil. Now all superheroes must be united to overthrow the impending catastrophe. To plunge on your head in these exciting events you need to download CrystalBorne: The heroes of the fate on your computer.

The plans of the player enters the collection of incredible fighters from all over the earth. Thanks to their epic skills, you can participate in big battles against evil forces. After each tactical battle, the player will have the opportunity to pump his hero on skills and equipment. With each new step-by-step strategic battle you can rise higher and higher, becoming incredibly strong. But besides himself, the player needs to take care of the city in which thousands of innocent souls live. To do this, you need to extract hundreds of different useful resources that will help update the city: improve its economy and increase the level of defense in the event of an attack. CrystalBorne: Heroes of Fate has a fascinating storyline, but it is not limited to only it. The player can compete with other players in Online, causing them to the arena. Thus, Yaros fighting with others, he has a chance to become a legendary champion. The game is impressive with excellent 3D effects and good drawing. In addition, only there is a huge number of game characters.


crystalborne: the heroes of fate on the computer

It so happened that the meteor rain was walking on earthly expanses and endowed humanity with an extraordinary force. Having received such a powerful force, you, as one of the superheroes, you will need to win the house for earthlings. A great war is coming against unknown dark forces. They came from nowhere, the oceans of space and found the planet Earth. Now their goal is to destroy all the living. If you do not want to assume something similar, you will have to rally all the earthly population into a single whole. Only now you need to be the shoulder to the shoulder and fight the hanging catastrophe. Drink hard to do not fall into the dirt face. And better collect an army from the epic warriors who are ready to sacrifice their life to save humanity. Do not forget about tactical battles that you will teach you how to fight the opponent. Depending on your promotion, it is important to periodically improve your own abilities and skills of your fighters who are ready to fight shoulder to shoulder. In addition, take care of personal armor. Perhaps you have to change your weapon.

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gameplay and features of the PC

The main task of heroes is to protect civilians of the Earth and resist the main influx of evil forces. Of course, to cope with the minions of Evil, you must first collect the Great Army. It should have the most elite warriors of light, who commanded whom, you can defeat the countless troops of darkness. Do not stop for what has been achieved and continue to challenge through strong rivals. Remember, good always wins! The main task of heroes is to protect the peaceful inhabitants of the Earth and withstand the main influx of evil forces. Of course, to cope with the minions of Evil, you must first collect the Great Army. It should have the most elite warriors of light, who commanded whom, you can defeat the countless troops of darkness. Do not stop for what has been achieved and continue to challenge through strong rivals. Remember, good always wins! This application resembles most popular role-playing games. There are Arena and some moments of the simulator.

In CrystalBorne: The heroes of fate for Windows implemented a fairly simple battle system. In the lower area there are special buttons that help to fight. There are several types of attacks in the game, each of which the user can apply on a certain opponent. You decide who to beat. Already with the second level it will be possible to fight in authors. Therefore, in the future you can relax, because your own army itself can be divided with your opponents. And the user can observe and enjoy how his fighters destroy bad monsters.

So, where does the gameplay begins in CrystalBorne: Heroes of Fate? And all with the fact that you have three soldiers on your battlefield. Of these, two main characters, which are called Hannah and Flaire. The more successful fights you go, the more you get additional characters. Each of them has unique abilities and skills. Someone wins the mind, and someone desperately fights the sword. When opening a new character, you will succeed already apply his abilities in the next battle. In total, about 20 characters are available in the game, each of which has unique attack combinations. Each skill and skill of such champions do not leave the forces of darkness not a single chance.

CrystalBorne: Heroes of Fate is an unusual project that continues to intrigue more and more gamers. It combines the genre of the simulator and the role-playing game into a single whole, thereby making the game process more fascinating. Attracts the external design of the game, which uses the best 3D special effects.

The main features of the game Crystalborn: the heroes of fate for PC:

  • Impressive 3D special effects and well-drawn graphics.
  • Large selection of equipment and flexible hero pumping system.
  • Large-scale storyline.
  • The user has the opportunity to explore a huge world and find a lot of adventure.
  • Do not forget about all sorts of workouts in real battle, after which each of the characters pumps its unique abilities.
  • Large assortment of armor and impressive weapons.

  • with each new level you have the opportunity to open a new character and fight against a new evil boss.

  • Very many different items, equipment and other attributes, which also affect the percentage of victory.

Management in the game

In order to fully enjoy the gameplay and feel all the ease and ease of management, we recommend that you download the game Crystalborn: Heroes of fate on your computer or laptop running Windows. a game on a PC through a special emulator is loaded. This software will allow each player to select individual options for control. Since initially the toy was created for smartphones, the control here is configured to the touch input. But with the help of an emulator, you can transfer all actions to control the playing process on the keyboard and mouse. The emulator offers many configurations to create the best and most convenient way to control the gameplay. An excellent desktop analogue of the touch input is a computer mouse or a laptop touchpad. Using the mouse pointer, you can select any necessary game action on the screen and press it with the left button.

how to install CrystalBorne: the heroes of the fate on the computer

How to install CrystalBorne: the heroes of the fate on the computer

Installing mobile applications on a computer and a laptop is carried out in several stages. First you need to install a special emulator, and on it to run games. At the moment there are several types of such programs, some of them are paid, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following. On our site you can find and download the Play Market emulator for PC. Here it is in open access, all his functionality is absolutely free. In addition, the tool has convenient and useful settings, with which you can install the most flexible control similar to the computer.

To install the emulator, you first need to download its installer, and then double-click to start the built-in installation wizard. This supplement will allow you to perform the installation procedure within a few minutes, and will also save you from the need to set the settings yourself. But if you want, you can take part in the installation process by changing the save directory and other configurations.

Method 1

There are several ways to install an application on a laptop or computer. We recommend using the most popular. Let’s start with the option for which you need to register with the Google Play service. This is done right in the emulator. After installing everything you need to do is log in with Gmail. Then you need to perform these simple steps in the menu of the program to emulate Play Market:

  1. First start the Play Market application.
  2. Locate the search bar in the main menu and enter the name of the CrystalBorne: Heroes of Fate strategy.
  3. A page with the results will open on request, on which you need to follow the link to the appropriate toy.

  4. Last Step — Click the Set button in the application description window.

crystalborne: the heroes of fate on the computer
crystalborne: the heroes of the fate on the computer
crystalborne: the heroes of fate on the computer

method 2

The boot process this method is even easier. To implement it, you will also need an emulator and an authorized account in Google Play, but you will not need to look for the application on the mobile portal. All you need is to download an archived catalog with the game, which is located for free on this site. And then you need to unpack the archive anywhere on the computer. After these operations, it is necessary to make only the following:

  1. Run the Play Market emulator and go to the main tab.
  2. Go to the folder with unpacked files from the archive, and then drag the CrystalBorne: Heroes of Fate strategy file in the APK format directly to the emulator window.


CrystalBorne: The heroes of fate are a definitely worthwhile game, which should be paid to special attention. The player has the opportunity to go on a great trip, where he has to fight with the forces of Darkness. The game will need to assemble your own team for widespread war. Now you are the captain of my squad, and you need to show all your strength on your own example. The game not only includes single mode. A player will be able to create a joint guild, in which he will find new friends and even rivals. The user can choose the playing location itself in which he would like to compete with other players. Want to be always the first? Download CrystalBorne: The heroes of the fate on their computer are already now!

Download CrystalBorne: Heroes of fate on the computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: Magiclab
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