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Price: Free
Developer: X Games Tube
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

beetles.io is an excellent and fun project in the arcade genre from the developers from the studio X Games Tube. This multiplayer arcade will delight gamers of all age categories. In it, you can have fun and relax after a hard day. It is able to tighten the user from the first seconds of acquaintance with the gameplay. The project allows not only to have fun, but at the same time he trains the reaction, memory and logical skills. Players have to think over various tactics, to calculate the moves and focus on different details. Download beetles.io to a computer and appreciate all the advantages of this funny toy.

This game was created for android platforms, but in this review you can learn several methods for installing it on the desktop. A convenient control system with a computer mouse and keyboard will delight any gamer, and will also allow him to easily pass the game. And on the big screen, it is much more convenient to notice various important details and do not spoil the vision from the game on the small screen of the smartphone.


beetles.io to computer

Since this project refers to the arcade genre, here you will not meet the swirling story history, complex tasks and missions, but you will simply have fun in an endless battle with real rivals. This game will become an excellent pastime that will allow you to distract from all worries or take a child.

Developers regularly release updates, so many new and interesting content appears in the game. This factor is considered one of the main, which allows the game to be provided on the leading positions in the Top of Google Misew. At the moment, the number of positive comments and high estimates has reached a mark of about a thousand, and the number of installations, in general, exceeded one million.

When you download the game Bitles.Io on the computer, you can continuously participate in rounds with other rivals and enjoy all the advantages of the game without any restrictions. Also, users may not worry about Internet connection, as you can play here in online and offline. You will need the Internet when loading the game and when battle with real participants.

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gameplay and features of the PC

At the first entrance to Bitles.Io for PC, players will get acquainted with their character. It will be a funny bug in Krapinka, which will sit on a green leaves in the middle of a reservoir. You can define the colors of your beetle to distinguish it later from other players. The choice here is yellow, black, red, pink, orange and many others.

Once, you chose the color you can start battles. In this arcade, very simple rules and management. As soon as you find yourself on the Arena field, you should dial overclocking for a bug and cut into an enemy insect from running out to push it from a lily sheet.

Everything seemingly simple, but other participants will do the same thing that significantly complicates the game process. As soon as you can throw away from your opponent’s sheet, you will increase the strength and bug will grow up in size. If you lose the opponent from the field of such a leased beetle, then you grow even more. But it is worth knowing one important detail about large insects, they become huge and powerful, but at the same time they begin to move more slowly and become more nervous. Such insects are very difficult to push off the arena, but they themselves will not be able to throw anyone from the leaf. After all, they will not even be accelerated enough to attack. And if it is incorrectly calculated an angle of rotation and the speed of such a large bug, then it is possible, in general, to miss and fall into the water itself, which will be considered a loss.

As the rounds passing, the meaning of the game will not change, but here is the Arena itself and the number of participants will change. For example, during the battle, cracks or holes may appear in the leaf, in which you can inadvertently fall when overclocking. Petals may also appear the generators of the peculiar bridge on which enemies will be. If the player was able to destroy all rivals on the battlefield, then in the end he becomes the winner, and his crown is formed above his head.

Features beetles.io for Windows:

  • Ability to enjoy the atmosphere of the game on the big screen of the computer or laptop.
  • Convenient control system using a computer mouse and keyboard. At any moment, gamers can reconfigure it.
  • Colorful and bright graphics.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Very fascinating gameplay.
  • the ability to create your own character.
  • Game Trains Memory, Reaction Speed ​​and Develops Logic Skills.

  • Suitable for all age categories of gamers.
  • The ability to independently thinking tactics of the game.

Management in the game

All manipulations in the game can be performed using a computer mouse and keyboard. So, to move your creature over the battlefield, you can use the arrows on the keyboard or the keyboard key WASD. other interactions with the environment can be done with the help of LCM pressing.

If players such a control system does not suit it, you can change it to yours. To do this, go to the WASD Emulator and bind your desired buttons to all available actions. The main thing, save your changes. Otherwise, they will not come into force and you will have to manage the hero, settings installed by default.

how to install beetles.io on & nbsp; computer

To download a mobile application on a PC, an additional program can emulate the Android Wednesday and use on desktops of the game and applications from the virtual catalog Google Play. At the moment, the best utility with such functions is considered to be Play Market on a computer. On this resource you can download this emulator free. In addition to basic functions, the program is able to synchronize gaming progress on all available devices, and also allows players to select individual control settings in any game.

Method 1

  1. Download the emulator program installer.
  2. Run the installation procedure.

  3. Open the emulator.
  4. Complete authorization in the system using the data from the Google account or register a new account.
  5. go to the «Application Center» section.
  6. Enter the name of the arcade to the search string located on the right in the upper corner.
  7. Select the desired application.

  8. Under the description of the game, click the Install button.
  9. Wait for the download and click «Open».

beetles.io to computer
beetles.io to computer
beetles.io to computer

method 2

  1. download from this page archive.
  2. Remove all this from the archive to the computer.
  3. beetles.io to computer
    beetles.io to computer
    beetles.io to computer

    method 2

    1. download from this page archive.
    2. Remove all this from the archive to the computer.
    3. Instrument emulator.
    4. Open the program.

    5. Go to «My Applications» section.
    6. Press the button that is responsible for installing the format files. APK.
    7. In the Explorer, specify the desired game file.
    8. Run the arcade in the «My Applications» tab.


    beetles.io is an excellent application that allows players interesting and with benefit to spend your free time and relax from a hard day at work or school. Playing this fascinating arcade will be able to be both adults and the most young gamers. The game makes the players think of various tactics, allows you to train the speed of the reaction, as well as memory and thinking. There is very simple control and an interface with which even the most inexperienced user can understand.

    Players can fight with real gamers from around the world, as well as invite their friends to the duel, but remember that only the one who can break all enemies will win and remain the only bug on the field. Arcade is striking with its beautiful graphics and a very interesting gameplay, it is capable of tightening you from the first seconds to long battles for a place on a leaflet. Throw out other beetles with a leaflet and get stronger and more. To defeat all the remaining rivals. Download beetles.IO to your computer and make sure that this arcade is fascinating.

    download beetles.io on the computer

    Price: Free
    Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    Developer: X Games Tube
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