BTS WORLD to computer

Price: Free
Developer: Netmarble
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

BTS WORLD is a fascinating project in the genre of casual games from developers from the Netmarble studio. This application was very original, and it would very please the fans, and especially the fans of the South Korean Boys-Bend BTS. The players are waiting for a very exciting gameplay, in which you are offered the role of the manager of this musical pop group. So if you worship the work of young guys from South Korea and love business toys, then definitely download BTS World on your computer and appreciate all the gameplay features of this project.

App events will postpon you in 2012, when, considered, Boys-Bend just started his flourishing in the music industry. You, as a group manager, you need to influence the career of the guys in every possible way, to make very important solutions, support the friendly of the participants and keep them with all the ways to glory. You have to go through a very difficult path in the world of show business, where you need to make a whole group from one member, and even unwind them to the level of world stars. You are waiting for the lot of exciting quests and tasks, as well as mini-games that will be directed to the career path of artists. You should immediately tune in to the complexity of the project, because the gameplay will not seem like an eternal fairy tale with your favorite performers, you have to show hardness and keep your wards in the ultrasound, if necessary.


bts world to computer

In the plot of the BTS WORD application for PC, you get the opportunity to take part in the lottery for a ticket draw at the concert of the popular pop group BTS. After that, the gameplay begins. You come to the virtual concert of the group and discover only one guy from the composition on the scene. Through text communication, you can communicate with it. Visually, such communication is strongly reminded by comic dialogues. Players in their bag find a contract of the company, which is spelled out that you have become a group manager. Further on the plot you get acquainted with other boys and in the process of passing should attract them to the group to collect all the elements of the puzzle to one whole and come to success.

After you still combined the guys in one makeup, you will be up with a very difficult task of choosing the name of Boys-Benda. You need to join the dialogue with the participants and discuss this question. There will be many disputes, but you need to bring it all to one excellent name, well, you already guessed to what, of course, BTS. In the game you can see the interview with the real group manager. It will be clear from his words that work with such a large group of performers is not always simple and pleasant, so get ready for you to try hard.

The project enjoys great popularity among users of a virtual game store and apps Platform. At the moment, the project has downloaded over one million users worldwide. Comments are sistering with positive reviews, and the average project rating has reached four and a half points, which indicates the fascination of the gameplay and the high quality of development as a whole.

video review

gameplay and features of the PC

Video review

gameplay and features of the PC

Thanks to the developers, the BTS Group fans will be an amazing opportunity not to communicate with their idols, but also to take them under their wing and promotion in the music industry. The gameplay will allow you to correspond with the group participants and discuss working issues and much more. In the plot, you just received a ticket for a concert, but all this turned around what you sign with the first participant of Boys-Benda Contract for cooperation and their affairs. You have to make the maximum amount of effort to find new participants, to establish a coherent job in the group and a positive attitude towards each other, as well as to spin the guys in every way to bring them to glory.

The entire gameplay can be compared with the visual novel, which is very exciting and pleasant to view. You will not have the opportunity to choose actions, since the developers have already prescribed all turns of the plot, which you just have to watch and sometimes participate. Fans and do not crave to impose such a major role, they will have a fairly gorgeous opportunity to communicate with the guys from the group in managers at any time.

Users are offered a variety of plot quests, which will depend on the path of the fame of future South Korean stars. Also in the interruptions between the main tasks, players can participate in mini-games. You will be issued special cards of participants with which you can perform an additional task. Each card has its own points and sometimes they may not be enough to fulfill the mission. Then you can pump them and perform additional tasks, from which the plot will also depend on.

The main features of the BTS World project for Windows can be attributed:

  • Huge variety of interface languages.
  • intuitive interface in which any user will figure out.

  • Simple Management System.

  • Original gameplay, which offers you to become a Popular Boys-Bend Manager.
  • the ability to communicate with their idols in the form of correspondence. And you will write messages, and your heroes will be answered by video and audio tools.
  • In the form of a bonus to the game you will get a popular song from the new album performers.
  • beautiful graphics.
  • suitable for any floor and age.

  • A large number of different video and audio content with the participants of the South Korean Boyce Bend.
  • free distribution.
  • a wide variety of quests, tasks and mini-games. Levels can meet where you will count the popularity of a separate participant of the pop group. It is very exciting.

Management in the game

Control here is elementary. For all actions, you can use a computer mouse and keyboard. Use the mouse to select items or actions, and the keys to write text messages to the group participants.

How to install BTS World on a computer

Download the game BTS WORD on the computer can be two simple ways:

Method 1

  1. Download from this resource a specialized program that has the name Play Market for Windows, and put it on your device.
  2. Next, open the software from the desktop and follow the authorization procedure, by introducing your data from Google Account.
  3. then you will open the starting tab of the program where the search line is located at the top of the screen, which will allow you to find any mobile game or directory application Virtual store Play Market.
  4. Enter the name of the casual game «BTS WORLD» in the search and click on the magnifying glass icon.
  5. among similar options found in the directory, select the desired project and open it.
  6. On the Application page, run the installation by clicking on the corresponding button on the screen on the right screen.
  7. After completing the boot process, the Open button will appear by clicking on which you activate the launch of the gameplay.

Among the similar options found in the directory, select the desired project and open it.

  • On the Application page, run the installation by clicking on the corresponding button on the screen on the right screen.
  • After completing the boot process, the Open button will appear by clicking on which you activate the launch of the gameplay.
  • bts world to computer
    bts world to computer
    bts world to computer

    method 2

    1. download the archive with files and emulator files from this page. Unzip them into an allocated folder on the device and put the playing emulator.
    2. After that, start the software from the desktop and open the «My Applications» section.
    3. Here you need to activate the option of loading the APK. This button is on the bottom panel of the program window. After calling this feature, the conductor will open, where you want to specify the path to the file from the archive having the name «BTS World» and format. apk.
    4. will be automatically installed, upon completion of the project label will appear in the «My Applications» section, where you can run the gameplay.


    BTS World is a fascinating casual toy, which takes place in visual novel mode about the success of the popular South Korean BTS Group. Players are invited to participate in the development of a group of guys and lead them to Olympus Glory. At the beginning of the passage, you sign a contract with one performer and begin to engage in promotion. Further, you have to gain other participants in Boys-Bend, to lead a business or cute conversation with them, control their actions and fruitfulness of work and much more. The project has implemented very simple management and an understandable interface, so any user will figure out with all the intricacies of the gameplay. In a bonus to the installation, you will be offered world hit of a group of new album. In addition to him, in the game you are waiting for many videos and audio material with the participation of guys from the group. If you are a fan of this boyis-bend, then do not miss the opportunity to touch the star and download BTS WORLD to the computer. Also, the gameplay will greatly please fans of games with a business bias.

    Download BTS World on the computer

    Price: Free
    Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    Developer: Netmarble
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