Doodle Jump to Computer

Price: Free
Developer: Lima Sky LLC
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Doodle Jump is a great project in the Arcade genre from developers from the Lima Sky LLC Studio. Players have to participate in exciting adventures together with a funny character Dudlick. This game is considered one of the brightest representatives of the arcade genre. Already three months after the release of the project, the number of people establishing it has reached a mark of 5 million. Until now, every day more than 28 thousand users download Doodle Jump to a computer. After all, it is possible to estimate the gameplay to the fullest extent in a large resolution and using the mouse and keys.


doodle jump to computer

Dudle Jump for PC — very old and cool arcade. I also learned about this toy when all the gaming applications went to Java. After the project is released, 10 years have passed, during this time the developers have added many pleasant functions and features in the gameplay, improved graphics and other indicators. Now the appendix features exciting levels, various skins for the hero and even the fight against bosses.

The main character in the game is a funny creature Dudlik. Outwardly, it is very similar to an alien creature, which was drawn by an ineptly children’s hand. Dudlick is waiting for a long and fascinating journey through the game world, where various dangers and obstacles will come across on the way. The main goal of the players is considered to overcome as much distance as possible, bypassing the mass of obstacles.

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gameplay and features of the PC

At the initial pores, the gameplay looked very uncomplicated. Dudlik jumps on various platforms, gives feedback to other enemy creatures, collects bonuses and earns points. But not everything is so simple in this project, if you shock a little deeper, you will open a huge world with adventures, where the main factor for victory is the fast response. One incorrect action or negligence and the character will fall, having failing the result of the level. At first, the hero will easily overcome the stoves, as they stand still, but at higher stages of passing these platforms will begin to move, thereby creating a lot of problems. On plates that behave restlessly behave, you should not stop and wait for a good time to jump, as they fall apart from the weight of the hero.

Driving your Dudlick is very simple, you will need to just click on the hero in time and it will take jumps. Thanks to such a light management, the project will be able to enjoy users of all ages, most importantly, have a good reaction, and the rest in this game is very simple. Also using the same controls, you can fight back from the approaching enemies or jump over them.

Passing each round of the game, you earn the glasses to be displayed in your rating. The cooler and cute you jump on the stoves, the more you earn points. You can always control the number of points scored, as on top of the game window, there will be a scale with their number.

To diversify the gameplay, the project creators decided to add various boosters, thanks to which it is easier to circumvent obstacles, jump over the platform and much more.

During your level, your dudlik will collect glasses and bonuses. The developers added a huge line with objects that facilitate passage. Here are some of them:

  • springs and trampolines. Such a booster is most often found at the level. It helps strengthen the height jump.
  • To diversify the gameplay, the creators of the project decided to add various boosters, thanks to which it is easier to circumvent obstacles, jump over the platform and much more.

    During your level, your dudlik will collect glasses and bonuses. The developers added a huge line with objects that facilitate passage. Here are some of them:

    • springs and trampolines. Such a booster is most often found at the level. It helps strengthen the height jump.

    • Jumping boots. This booster can only be used five times behind the round and it just as the first adds height to the hero jump.
    • cap-propeller. The headdress for Dudlik, which lifts it into the air and exterminates with its blades of all approaching aliens.
    • jet quadper. Booster, which is a little stronger propeller. It allows the character much higher to climb over the field and move several times faster, and also kills all enemies on the way.
    • shield. It gives 100% protection against all the attacks of enemies, but it does not protect against trap and black holes. Used booster for ten seconds.
    • rocket. Booster, allowing you to fly at high speed, but you can only find it in two modes.

    In addition to overcoming distances and obstacles, various enemy monsters will be found on the path of your hero:

    • Main monsters. It is possible to dig up at these creatures in almost any location, but most of them are concentrated on the football level. Monsters are fixed, moving and gigantic. They can be destroyed by any shot or jumping dudlik on top of them.

    • UFO. Aliens flying in their plate, they can kidnap the character from the field. You can destroy such an enemy only acknowledgment.
    • black hole. This obstacle is not removed by the hero’s weapon, it only needs to go around. The location occurs infrequently, but you can stumble in all gaming modes.
    • guns. We are located only in two locations. They are able to frozen or push the character from the stove.
    • ice cubes. It is found only in New Year’s levels and locations. In the cubes hide a booster spring or rocket. They are pretty easy to smash the dudlick shit or jump from above.
    • Capps. Are found only in ninja mode. They destroy the enemy to death, it is impossible to compete. Try to just bypass them otherwise fail.

    This project looks very advantageous against the background of similar similar arcades, due to its diversity of thematic locations and levels. Players will be able to spend time in the world underwater, in the tropical jungle, fly into space on the uncharted planets or go to the Halloween part. And not only location looks relative to the theme, but the Dudlik himself is changed into a suitable suit.

    Also a particularly pleasant detail is considered to add boosters and bonuses to the gameplay. Without these elements, Arcade would not become such an exciting and memorable. Players very pleases to fly on the rocket and overcome huge distances with a bunch of traps without harm to life.

    Key features doodle Jump for Windows:

    • Availability of festive and thematic locations.

    • Huge amount of boosters facilitating the process.
    • Fascinating gameplay, allowing you to show your dexterity and quick reaction.

    • is like all age categories of gamers.
    • simple and very affordable interface, allowing even the most young player to quickly and easily understand the whole essence.
    • Easy control. You can move the hero on the mouse or arrow of the keyboard.
    • variety of game locations. You will meet the world of space, jungle, water and much more.

    • A huge number of enemy creatures and obstacles making the gameplay very exciting.
    • more than a hundred interesting levels.
    • Regular updates.
    • full Russification.
    • Very beautiful and detailed graphics.
    • Pleasant music background.
    • Presence of skins for Dudlick.

    Management in the game

    Very beautiful and detailed graphics.

  • Pleasant music background.
  • Presence of skins for Dudlick.

Management in the game

downloaded and installing the game Dudle Jump to the computer, you can enjoy the easiest way to control. Perform all actions on the PC with the mouse is much nicer and easier than on a small smartphone. In the game, a very important factor is a fast reaction and it is on the desktop that you can fully show it and win the mission. While the mobile sensor may simply do not perceive your press and Dudlik at this moment fall into the abyss.

All users will be able to go to the advanced settings of the emulating program and change the quality of the picture, its extension, correct the parameters and the volume of the sound, and most importantly, reconfigure control or adjust the speed and sensitivity of the mouse.

How to install Doodle Jump on & NBSP; computer

Download Doodle Jump project on a computer is very simple. You will need a good Internet and special emulating software. On this resource, you can download a very productive Play Market emulator to a computer that will open in front of you many features, and most importantly, it will make it possible to run mobile projects on the desktop.

Method 1

  1. Download the emulator and run it installer.
  2. After quick installation, you will need to open the software from the desktop and log in in it. Here you will help your Google account.

  3. After you find yourself on the main page of the program, find the name of the project in the «Application Center» tab and lend a project name.
  4. Next, simply click on installing the game and wait for the end.

doodle jump to computer
doodle jump on a computer
doodle jump to computer
doodle jump on a computer

method 2

Sometimes the download cannot be downloaded through the search, so we offer another option, with which you can certainly play a mobile project on the desktop. Download the archive from this page and remove all the files from it to your device. Next, run the emulator and drag the format file. APK To the main window of the program. After full download, open the project in the «My Applications» section.


Drop Dudle Dzhamp Despite his long period of staying in Google Misa still occupies the most leading places in various tops, and especially among the applications of their arcade genre. The game is capable of pulling gamers very much from the very first seconds, because all the best of the genre is collected in it. You will participate in the adventures with a cute alien character, traveling for beautiful and very colorful worlds, in which everything is very detailed. On the way you will meet various obstacles and monsters, which Dudlik can exterminate from their built-in weapons. The developers constantly add a lot of new things in the gameplay, which will never allow players and fans to get bored. In the process of level you will collect pleasant bonuses that will allow even the most difficult missions to pass. Download Doodle Jump to your computer and appreciate all the positive sides of this project.

Download Doodle Jump on the computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: Lima Sky LLC
Russian: is

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