Dungeon cramps on a computer

Price: Free
Developer: Towards Mars Ltd
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Dungeon crampers are an entertaining application developed in the LDLE genre, a clicker oriented to multiplayer use. Developers decided to make the plot simple and understandable so that all users manage to quickly deal with what was happening. Players will have to take on the role of an adventure officer who can cope with different adversity, found on the way to mysterious artifacts. The study will be long and dangerous, but will have to overcome many difficulties to one. On your road there are constantly different dangerous creatures wishing to get rid of you. The developers of the company Towards Mars Ltd put all the skills and skills so that in the end the incredible project, which can lead to the delight of anyone who loves unusual cliques. If you wish to study in detail the presented concept, we advise you to download dungeon cramps to the computer.

The presented clicker provides a lot of awards for performing tasks. The gameplay is free enough, so you have to try to try to pump a detachment. It is impossible to miss anything supernatural, because the creators have implemented more than 2,000 levels. If you are not indifferent to cliquers, you will be surprised to what is happening. All actions occur in real time, which allows you to interact with new people.

In addition to the fascinating and entertaining plot, you will enjoy fantastic mechanics and graphics. The toy is made using three-dimensional models, which allows you to feel all the realism of what is happening. The main character will not directly participate in the battle, so you will simply observe the death of the wards. You do not have to think about the reserve of health points or about other trifles, because the screen is real action. The creators introduced many functions capable of presenting incredible sensations.

Dungeon Crusher for PC does not have age limitations, so it will be informative to all. Everyone will be able to find what will like. Try to take part in different thematic events if you want to get a lot of useful awards. Invite friends, reunite in groups, trying to help allies in difficult situations. Try to use additional features if you want to spend time.


Dungeon cramps on a computer

Developers thought out every action to the smallest detail, so it will be fascinating to spend time here. They added many chapters, stages, a variety of creatures that can harm you well. Try to focus all the forces on the pumping of the detachment, producing resources and building utility facilities.

To begin with, you will have to go on a distant journey, exploring a variety of dungeons. Try to take part in the thematic events, create clans, seeking to get generous awards. The users liked the gameplay so much that they constantly leave the toy laudatory reviews.

video review

gameplay and features of the PC

video review

gameplay and features of the PC

The formed process is characterized by dynamism and fascination, so it will be quite interesting to observe the process. When you explore the levels, you will have to constantly fight with different monsters. If you decide to turn the toy, the damage will still pass. Users like the fact that you will be able to get a lot of awards that can well pump characteristics of characters. Do not forget to improve the equipment, hire a soldier, as well as much more.

All actions are conducted from 1 person. Due to this, it will be possible to consider what is happening in more detail. The creators specifically added an intuitive interface, a simple and convenient way of control, which allows you to enjoy all the charms of the game. If you carefully look at the menu, you will see a few interesting tabs:

  • heroes. In this section you will see all the characters available for use. Do not forget to improve them, trying to make the most powerful way;
  • kraft. An interesting section that allows you to upgrade the hired heroes. You will explore different levels, learn to use extraordinary items, as well as much more. Try to save the game currency, exploring the dungeon. Collect the essence to create a weapon or equipment. It is quite difficult, but it is worth trying;
  • items. All things that will find during the study of the territory will be stored here;
  • pvp. With this section, open the ability to use multiplayer mode. Try challenge to other users, trying to become the most powerful.

Toy has other sections that can show other sides of the gameplay. First you will have long to understand them, but gradually learn to navigate them instantly.

If we consider the plot as a whole, the fights look very unusual and simple. At first it seems that the toy will not be impressed by anything, but then it becomes more and more interesting. At some point, a strong enemy appears in front of you, capable of applying an unusually strong damage. If you can get rid of the boss, then get a generous award, as well as a lot of experience. Sometimes there are interesting bonuses capable of pumping armor, enjoy entertaining and potions, as well as restore health glasses.

In the game, windows crafts for Windows added a lot of features, which led players delight. Let’s talk more about key moments:

  • high-quality beautiful graphics;
  • constantly changing locations;
  • Many unusual opponents and bosses;
  • Diverse Awards and Bonuses;
  • Many different equipment and weapons available for use;
  • understandable and convenient pumping system;
  • All fights are carried out in real time.

The product has many amazing features that allow you to get extraordinary bonuses. Look at special advertising to get it.

Management in the game

As soon as you decide to download the game Dungeon Crusher on your computer, make sure it has a convenient control. All actions are performed using a computer mouse or touchpad. If you want to get more advanced control, configure it through the WASD section. Just assign a separate command for each key, configuring what is happening to your requirements.

How to install dungeon cramps on the computer

To play the application under consideration on your computer, you will need a Play Market program on a PC. This is an emulator of a virtual device that helps you create and configure a virtual mobile platform for a specific application. You can download the program for free from our resource. Before installing the emulator, check the compliance of your computer with the requirements of the program:

  • AMD Athlon GE300 processor 3.2 GHz or better.
  • at least 2 GB of the video card.

  • A high level of PC performance depends on the amount of RAM. You need at least 4 GB.
  • make sure that you have up to 7 GB of free space. This is an important requirement for installing an emulator.
  • you need a stable internet connection to maximize the project features.

Method 1

At least 2 GB of the video card.

  • A high level of PC performance depends on the amount of RAM. You need at least 4 GB.
  • make sure that you have up to 7 GB of free space. This is an important requirement for installing an emulator.
  • you need a stable internet connection to maximize the project features.
  • Method 1

    Load and unzip the emulator installer. When the program is ready for launch, check its performance and read the interface. Then follow these steps:

    1. after starting the software, you must log in in the online store. If you do not have a valid account from Google, register a new one, the form is right in the emulator.

    2. In the Main Software Menu, use the search service to access the Google Play tab. Enter the project name, and then press the meadow. After you are redirected to the game tab.

    3. Find the «Set» button allocated green. After its activation, automatic installation will begin. The emulator will inform you that the installation process is completed, and you can proceed to testing the game.

    Dungeon cramps on a computer
    Dungeon cramps on a computer
    Dungeon cramps on a computer

    In some cases, download the components of the game in this way it is impossible. Then it is worth trying another option described below.

    method 2

    In this case, you must first download the archive with the name of the game from our resource. Inside you will find the source project components, including the .apk file. When you unpack it into a separate directory, do the following:

    1. Launch the pre-installed flash of the play marquer.
    2. Locate the toolbar in it. Here we are interested in the «Open» function. Take advantage of her. You will find a dialogue with the «conductor». Now click the Overview button.
    3. Use it to pave the path to the game installer in the .apk format. Select the desired file in the window, click OK to start the operation. The emulator will notify you about the completion of the installation process, after which will create a shortcut.

    Do not delete the emulator upon completion of all manipulations. The program is needed in order to maintain the functionality of the platform with a unpacked application.


    Dungeon crampers are an excellent project that can bring users delight. If you want to distract from problems, to get acquainted with the features of the clicker, it is worth downloading dungeons for a computer.

    download dungeon cramps on the computer

    Price: Free
    Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    Developer: Towards Mars Ltd
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