EPIC SEVEN to computer

Price: Free
Developer: Smilegate Megaport
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Epic Seven is an excellent project that managed to quickly gain the desired popularity. It is designed for multiplayer use, so it will be interesting to immerse yourself in an unusual atmosphere with other users. You are waiting for you to explore a steep plot, supported by RPG elements. It is necessary to take part in the Seventh World War, where to fight is already having mutants with various skills and skills. If you want to look at the epic battles, it is worth downloading Epic Seven to a computer.

You will be a direct member of the military conflict, so to begin with, it will be necessary to form your own detachment. You will spend a lot of fights with bots, training in front of real players. Do not forget to enjoy the opportunity to explore the additional storyline, go through several dozen amazing tasks, as well as much more. Smilegate Megaport, which is the Korean specialists, decided to introduce high-quality two-dimensional graphics and excellent anime rice.

You will take part not only in ordinary fights, but also to carefully delve into the development of history. If you do not want to play alone, it is necessary to join the clan, enjoy PVP battles passing in real time. You will play 1 on 1 or in group battles, which will bring a lot of pleasure.

If you like role-playing toys, anime style and classic, then this product will become a real find for you. You have a chance to transfer it to the computer, retaining accumulated progress. Just use the data transfer emulator.


Epic Seven to computer

The gameplay is filled with a variety of amazing dialogs and tasks. Developers constantly carry out different events, increase the stability of work. They perfectly tried to create a project, so it would be very interesting to get acquainted with an unusual history. If you are interested in what is happening, we recommend downloading the game Epic Seven on the computer.

The gameplay is implemented using a static chamber. She will change direction by choosing the best viewing angle. You do not have to do it yourself, which is quite convenient. Not always users like such a decision, but most have nothing against. Such a change of chambers allows you to use the skills much more efficiently.

In one of the detachments, only 3 participants will be placed. You will try various combinations, try to get the maximum result. You have to take into our Office Sapport, Tank and other unusual vehicles. It is necessary for the passage of the most difficult areas.

You will enjoy in different ways to open new soldiers. Just lay out real money if you want to get them a lot and immediately. Some of them are easy to get a few minutes after the start of passage. You will learn the plot, get acquainted with them, and also constantly earn currency.

Join Other Players, join a popular clan, study all the available opportunities. The more battles, the greater the awards will be able to get.

video review

gameplay and features of the PC

Join other players, join a popular clan, study all available opportunities. The more battles, the greater the awards will be able to get.

video review

gameplay and features of the PC

The creators paid a lot of time during the formation of the project. You have to explore a lot of functionality that allows you to better feel the atmosphere of what is happening. Now there are about three hundred characters in the collection, which allows you to maximize the atmosphere that happens. New users are often confused in what is happening, but it quickly passes.

If you carefully look at the soldier in the epic Seven for PC, he has his own history and skills. We’ll have to carefully analyze everything, trying to squeeze the maximum benefit from it. You will take place not only the usual campaign, but also additional tasks. With their help, it is easy to get a lot of additional resources required for further pumping.

Please note that the graphics are made beautiful and fascinating. It is specifically made two-dimensional, so it has many beautiful graphic effects, stunning epic battles, as well as the ability to use combined strikes. Each soldier has in its arsenal up to 4 skills to help use additional bonuses in a duel. As soon as it activates, the whole detachment will be ready.

If you want to make the gameplay more fascinating and interesting, then pay attention to the interaction with the heroes. You will constantly analyze whether the characters are friendly or damaged.

If different interaction methods prevail in the detachment, the situation will constantly change in the detachment. Depending on the tactics selected, the passions will grow or decrease. Pay attention to the light, because it says a lot:

  • blue. Neutral relations. No one will receive bonuses, but will not cause time. In this case, fines will be avoided;
  • green. Excellent combination showing good relationships. You will get a lot of bonuses and advantages with such aura;
  • purple. Color showing hostile atmosphere. Among the players there is a strong dislike, which will bring a lot of penalties.

If we consider the collection of heroes in general, then everyone will easily improve. You will use various weapons and equipment, trying to get to new skills. Try to pay a lot of time for pumping, if you do not want to become weaker than everyone.

Let’s talk about the main features of Epic Seven for Windows:

  • incredible two-dimensional graphics;
  • Many available fighters;
  • more than a hundred exciting quests and tasks;
  • Diverse Equipment and Armament;
  • Ability to carry out additional battles passing in real time;
  • several dozen exclusive abilities.

Developers decided not to add donatay functions, so you will receive all the equipment and weapons for free. It was pleased with the players configured against Donata. Just go through all the suggested tasks, get awards, then you will be happy. An advertisement is completely absent in the appendix that led users simply into ecstasy. You will not distract anything, and you will take a decision on buying yourself.

Despite the fact that the toy has a small translation into Russian, it is not always understood. It will be necessary to use the translator to deal with what is happening.

Management in the game

All actions will carry out the mouse, because when transferring toys to the computer, the emulator will automatically display this way of interaction. If you do not like it, just look into the parameters, and then change everything in your preferences.

How to install Epic Seven on a computer

To play on the computer, you first need to create a virtual platform suitable for the project. This will help you on the PC Play Market. You can get it completely free, the installer is available directly on the main page of our site. Just follow the instructions attached to the article below to complete the installation of mobile software on the PC.

Method 1

To play on your computer, you first need to create a virtual platform suitable for the project. This will help you on the PC Play Market. You can get it completely free, the installer is available directly on the main page of our site. Just follow the instructions attached to the article below to complete the installation of mobile software on the PC.

Method 1

This option is the easiest, because in addition to the program to complete the installation, you do not need anything else. Start with installation and initial software testing. When you are ready, do the following:

  1. Run the emulator.
  2. Next, you need to pass authorization. Use your account or register a new one. The main thing is to enter your personal account. Then go back to the source tab and update it.
  3. you will see a window that resembles the smartphone menu. Find a search field in it. Enter the name of the game as a query and press ENTER. You will fall on the Google Play website from which you download the source code of the project.
  4. Click the «Download» button to download the application. Installation occurs in the background. Then the emulator creates a shortcut for quick access to the gameplay.
  5. ready, the application is ready to use. If you have any problems with downloading and retrieving data from Google Play during installation, try an alternate option. description below.

epic seven to computer
epic seven to computer
epic seven on a computer

method 2

This method is useful for users who have encountered a problem when downloading the application from Google Play. The reasons for such an error can be a lot, in any case, it is better to go to an alternative. In this case, the procedure is as follows:

  1. On this page of our resource you will find a link to the archive called «Epic Seven». Inside there is a file with the extension «.apk», which is necessary for installation.
  2. Load the directory and remove it into a separate directory. When you finish, run the emulator. In the program itself, all you need to do is check it for failures.
  3. Now find the toolbar in the main menu of the program. It requires the «Open» function, select it. It remains only to find and unzip the game installer.

  4. Use the Overview button, it will simplify navigation on files and folders on your PC hard drive. Find the directory to which you learned the contents of the archive, select the mouse loader there, click OK.

  5. System will notify you when the program will complete the installation of the application. Start the same as in the previous version, do not forget to check whether the emulator is enabled before starting the next session.


Epic Seven is an excellent application that allows you to feel all the subtleties and features of the battles among mutants. At your disposal there are several hundred characters with their skills and abilities. All functions are available for free, so you do not need to think that you miss something. If you want to plunge into an incredible atmosphere, we advise you to download Epic Seven to a computer.

Download Epic Seven on the computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: Smilegate Megaport
Russian: is