Guild of heroes on a computer

Price: Free
Developer: Bit.Games
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Heroes Guild is an entertaining application intended for use on mobile platforms, oriented to multiplayer use. A huge feature of the project is that it includes the «role-playing» genre, «RPG» and «strategies». The developers of the company Bit.Games, who solved the launch of the project, were able to release a quality product in 2017. Lovers of extraordinary fantasy worlds can get unreal pleasure, plunging into the magic atmosphere where many locations are collected. In order to have fun with buddies, you can download the guild of heroes to the computer, and then go to a fascinating long journey, exploring the game universe.


Guild of Heroes on a computer

In such a fantasy-RPG, a huge space that is filled with dwarves, elves, trolls, wizards, and a lot of other extraordinary creatures, opens. Everything is made in the classical presentation of this genre, so users will be delighted. The project is similar to RPG, made in those times when the genre just started his hard way. Many say that this product is similar to the Neverwinter Nights lineup, because the same isometric projections are used here, practically not found today.

The position of the skills is classically performed, so everything can be found at the bottom of the work space. Static parameters are characterized by simplicity, and the abilities inherent in characters and the number of classes can disappoint demanding players somewhat. In order to plunge into an extraordinary fairy tale, the application is best suited, because the creators have invested the whole soul here. There are extraordinary features that are not found among direct competitors of the strategy. Self choose the hero class, as well as equipment right during the running fight.

Think what kind of requirements should be considered to play the toy? Then, on mobile platforms, the android operating system is not less than the fourth version, and Ayos is not less than the ninth version. Deciding to install the application on the computer, you need to have seven windows and higher, as well as a free space on a hard disk of at least 2 GB. Inside the game there are built-in purchases for real money, as well as an advertisement integrated. There is an age limit of 12+, as well as a complete translation into Russian and English.

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gameplay and features of the PC

downloaded the game Guild of Heroes to the computer, you can enjoy a real fairy tale. Become for her by a real savior, deciding all the problems that have arisen. Become part of the huge community to save this universe. Ensure the characters onions, swords, magic staff, then go to meet adventure, exploring unusual expanses.

At the start, you will have to make a choice of the appearance of the hero. Attach it to one of the three classes, then decide on the gender, becoming an excellent lunch or a magnificent magician. And you can learn all the stereotypes, becoming a charming girl-soldier who removes the life of everyone who will be on the way. Here it will be possible to get acquainted with the main information about the abilities inherent in a certain class. From this will depend on what a character can put on behalf of, becoming much stronger. Two types of skills are found: combat and magical. First, equipment will be given for the passage of tasks, as well as fall out of the chests purchased for real money. By collected everything you need, you can use the workshop to make equipment.

In the game Guild Heroes for Windows, you will find training. In the process of it, you will first find yourself on a wheat field, where a wise wizard will help fight out of unclean. Then go to search for a magician with dark yals to destroy it. After the battle is completed, beautiful clothes will disappear, and you will be prompted to choose a name. If you were able to win, get a chest filled with coins and precious stones. Using the initial capital, go towards the adventure, knowing all the secrets of this world. The more you could kill others, the more opportunity to get good equipment and weapons. If you try to try well, and also to have good luck on your side, you can score a complete set of clothes, without even reaching the fifth level. After you perform the task of clearing the field from the remaining demons, you can go to the city. There are many NPSs that give interesting tasks, but you can interact while only one. As the character level increases, opportunities will grow.

The plot of Guild of Heroes for PC does not have a clear sequence, and the world is made up of several locations. After learning you are waiting for many amazing battles, where you can try your hand in all directions. Mastery here is expressed by rank glasses providing a chance to take part in global tournaments. The battles are characterized by dynamic, require a good reaction, as well as the skills quickly think.

Passage takes a large part of the time.

Campaign is divided into several checkpoints marked on the map. Each mark is a complete stage where it will be necessary to combat opponents, performing the mission. After getting victory over one detachment, do not hurry to rejoice, because it will be another one, just move on.

During the journey, you can visit the cities filled with NPS to fulfill their instructions. Clothing of heroes varies in quality, which is indicated by flowers. Total can be found gray, green, blue, purple and orange shades. If you want, you can equip the thing ore to make it more sought-after. Passage of the plot has integrated tests, arena and much more, having a similar style.

In the project under consideration, two types of tasks are found: arising as the plot or found in the dungeons. If you go through the tasks on closed locations, you can get additional rank glasses. Earning the required number of stars, you can open new territories. In order to find yourself in the dungeon, you need to find a special key, passing the mission.

can be combed independently or in automatic mode, but be careful with it. The automatic battle is better to use when passing already familiar levels where your email is not needed. In new places it is best to use the manual mode to allow less errors. This allows you to change the class on time, applying the maximum damage to the enemy.

Please note that, participating in PVP fights, you will fight one on one with a real player. This allows you to make a toy more interesting and saturated.

Developers tried to make management simple and understandable, and the navigation system is simply amazing. They made an amazing thing that hit all users, resolving the character class during the fight.

Management in the game

The developers tried to make control simply and clear, and the navigation system was simply amazing. They made an amazing thing that hit all users, resolving the character class during the fight.

Management in the game

Control the game is quite simple here. Even a novice player will cope with this. You can use the keyboard or virtual joystick to move your character. Simply click the left mouse button in the game window where the hero should be, and it will immediately begin to execute your command. To switch this action on the keyboard buttons, you need to go to the emulator settings section. Here you must assign convenient buttons for each action in the game and save the changes.

how to install the heroes guild on the computer

To execute this procedure, you need to create a separate platform based on the Android operating system on your PC hard drive. This is possible thanks to the simple Play Market emulator for Windows. You can download installer for this software for free from this portal, after which simply perform a simple step-by-step procedure.

Method 1

After unpacking the emulator files on your computer, install and run the program. The procedure itself looks like this:

  1. Open the emulator from the desktop.
  2. Next, you need to pass authorization or create a completely new Google account.
  3. In the main emulator menu, follow the Google Play directory. Just enter the name of the necessary toys.
  4. From the results found, select a suitable project and activate it.
  5. On the official game application page, run the installation by clicking the appropriate boot button on the right.
  6. Installing a mobile application occurs without your participation.

  7. After the process is completed, just run the application by clicking on the label in the main tab of the emulator.

  8. Now you can enjoy the gameplay.

guild of heroes on a computer
heroes guild to computer
guild of heroes on a computer

Use this method to install and other mobile projects, if necessary. If you have problems downloading data through Google Play, try to set in another way.

method 2

Before starting the Mobile Software Installation, find and download the archive from this portal. Direct link is at the bottom of the review. Called archive just like a game. In it, you will find a project installer in the «.apk» format, it should be unpacked on the hard disk. Now activate the emulator and follow these steps:

  1. In the main menu, pay attention to the shortcut panel. Here you are interested in the mobile software download function through the file installer.
  2. During installation, you will need to pave the path to the installer of the PC hard disk. You will have the opportunity to do this, just click on the «Overview» button. Select the desired file with the mouse and click OK, check whether the installation begins.

  3. now it remains only to wait for the end of the procedure, after which you can proceed to the gameplay.

  4. If you are all done correctly, there will be no problems with the functionality of the project. Otherwise, you will have to repeat the entire process after re-creating a virtual machine.


Heroes Guild will be clear absolutely to everyone, because the developers tried to make it the most simple as possible. There is a great functionality where nothing is supernatural. Just arm yourself with the necessary equipment, then go to the duel. You can download the guild of heroes on a computer from our site by clicking on a special link below.

download guild of heroes on a computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: Bit.Games
The guild of heroes will be clear absolutely everyone, because the developers tried to make it as simple as possible. There is a great functionality where nothing is supernatural. Just arm yourself with the necessary equipment, then go to the duel. You can download the guild of heroes on a computer from our site by clicking on a special link below.

download guild of heroes on a computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: Bit.Games
Russian: is