Hunter Assassin on a computer

Price: Free
Developer: Ruby Game Studio
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Hunter Assassin is a very interesting game application that is made in the action genre. The developers of this project came the Studio Ruby Game Studio. This studio has already managed to establish itself as a successful creator of exciting games. The most famous toys of this developer were GYM Flip, Pixel Shot 3D and so on. As part of this game, users have to try on the role of a silent killer who needs to be sneaked by all security posts and punish all rivals who will try to prevent him. The toy is made in a simple 2 d graphic, But despite this, it has a very entertaining gameplay, which will delight the number of gaming capabilities of any fan of the genre of action. From the main advantages of the application, it is possible to highlight its simplicity of the interface and ease of control. Thanks to this, any users will be able to quickly delve into subtlety and games and proceed to its passage on their device. download Hunter Assassin on a computer You can absolutely free from this resource. In this review, you will learn about all the nuances of the management and the gameplay as a whole, as well as on all methods of installing mobile games on PC.

This action recently appeared on the expanses of Google Play. For such a short time, the application gathered a large army of fans worldwide. To date, the number of project installations has already exceeded ten million. Average game rating has reached 4.2 points, which is very high, given the competitiveness of the action genre. All these merits received the game thanks to the excellent work of developers from Ruby Game Studio. They managed to implement a very exciting and even tightening gameplay, wrapped it into the most simple 2 d graphics that will function perfectly even on the weakest computers.


Hunter Assassin to computer

This application is definitely worth paying attention to all fans of the genre action. The game has a simple design, but despite this she is very exciting. Your attention will be presented with a huge variety of levels, which vary in difficulty. Try to perform each stage to the maximum to get high awards and disclose new opportunities. The gameplay presented here is very simple and therefore you can quickly understand all its features. This game will become an excellent option for fascinating pastime. Here it is necessary to maximize the logic and reaction speed to effectively hide from opponents and neatly move along location. Try to use all the features of the card to stay unnoticed and overcome all guards.

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gameplay and features of the PC

As part of the passage, many entertaining levels that have different degrees of complexity are expected, as well as the main objectives and conditions. So, turning on the level, players need to move on location from the starting place at the appointed point. The whole problem is to be available throughout the card Heap of enemies armed to the teeth. All opponents will continuously move on the location, so you cannot stand in place and wait here. In addition, each of the guards have a flashlight and if the players fall under his light, then instantly destroyed by guard. This means that the stage will have to rebuild. It is worth noting that the guards cannot completely destroy you from one single shot. The hero will have its own health supply, and having received one bullet, he will have the opportunity to hide for a while and continue his way. When you can resume all opponents and get to the goal alive, you will get a reward represented in the form of crystalline and other intra-card currency.

All finances earned in the game, you can spend on the purchase of new fighters. The more expensive is the hero, the stronger his skill set will be. Try to pass the levels to the maximum to get a lot of awards and quickly open access to all project characters.

Since the toy belongs to the genre of action, the entire action will take place with the top view. It is this review that will allow players as accurately to consider all the features of the location and location of enemies. For the first time being on any of the cards, you will see a kind of labyrinth in front of them, which must be overcome completely to obtain remuneration. As the stages overcome these labyrinths will only become more complicated, so get ready for everything.

It is worth noting that your hero will also move with a flashlight. And if the enemies will see his light, then you will have to be disadvantaged. Therefore, during the game, you need to control this item and remove it while approaching the security.

In addition to the full pass, the level distance you still need to kill all the protection. This is not done as difficult, but it is necessary to wait a good moment so as not to attract the extra attention of the opponent. The opponent should be attacked only from the back, so wait until the enemy turns away from you back. When you successfully spend your attack, you need to very quickly carry my legs from this place, as other guards will run here.

From the main features of the Hunter Assassin project for Windows, you can allocate:

  • Large selection of killers that you can unlock for in-game crystals. Each new fighter will have a higher cost than the previous one, but at the same time its strength will also exceed all past heroes.
  • good visual design, which is made using simple 2 d graphics. There is also a suitable sound background that fully immerses the events occurring on the screen.
  • implemented very simple control and an available interface. The project navigation will be performed very simply using a mouse.
    A large number of stages of passage that differ in terms of complexity, as well as conditions and main tasks.
  • entertaining gameplay, which is replenished with many new chips with each update released by the development of the game.
  • toy is free and therefore it is available for everyone.

Management in the game

In the application Hunter Assassin for PC implemented a very simple management system. So, being at the level, you need to move on the location and exterminate the guards. To approach a certain place, you just need to bring the mouse pointer on the screen and then press the left button. Immediately highlight the trajectory of movement, and if it suits you, then boldly press the LKM repeatedly and the fighter will go to this specified place. For the guards attacks, there is no special button here, so the attack is also made by pressing the left mouse button for a particular purpose. To navigate the game menu and its items, you also need only a mouse or touchpad. The players will have a great opportunity to complete standard control. You can change all the options in the settings of the play-emulator program. The main thing, do not forget after all the change, save the process to become active at the new level.

How to install Hunter Assassin on the computer

This action is a mobile application, so to start it on the computer, you will need help with an additional program. To download the game Hunter Assassin on a computer Use a utility called Play Market on a PC. This program is in absolutely free and free access on this resource.

Method 1

  1. After downloading the emulator installer, run it. It is worth noting that this process is no different from installing any similar software, so you will handle it in a few minutes.

  2. as soon as the installation procedure is completed, you need to start the emulator, after clicking on its icon on the desktop.

  3. The next step will be the login to the program. To log in to PLAY MARKET, you can use your Google mail. Simply enter the login and password from the account in the emulator interface and you can pass authorization.
  4. Then you will be available all the possibilities of this software. To search for the desired toy you need to enter its name in the upper search field. Namely, enter the name of the Action «Hunter Assassin» and click on the search icon.
  5. a window appears, which hosts a list of alternative applications. & NBSP; Your task is to find among them the desired toy and reveal it in a new window.

  6. On the project page, you can familiarize yourself with all the necessary information and click on the installation button, which is located immediately under the game icon.
  7. As soon as the installation is over, the Open button will appear in the same window. Press it with the left mouse button to start the mobile game on your computer with the W indows.

hunter assassin to computer
Hunter Assassin to computer
Hunter Assassin to computer

method 2

  1. In the second method of installing mobile action, an emulator is also required. Upon this first step to the installation there will be a download of the archive from this site. This archive is also completely free and it contains only the desired files for installation.

  2. After unpacking all the contents on your computer, you need to install the Play Market program installed. If you have done this action earlier, you can skip this step.
  3. Run the emulator by clicking on its desktop icon. Then by simple movement drag from the file of the game file to the emulator window. The file you need will have a feature name «Hunter Assassin», as well as format. APK .

  4. will immediately be offline installation, upon completion of which you can run the game by clicking on its icon in the main tab of the program.


Immediately an offline installation will occur, upon completion of which you can run the game by clicking on its icon in the main tab of the program.


All fans of entertaining action are necessary to pay attention to this game application. Here, within the framework of the process, users will try to try the role of a real killer and destroy the guards who are found on its path. The appendix presents a plurality of passages that differ in complexity and basic conditions. As a rule, all the main levels of level are reduced to overcoming the labyrinth and the extermination of all opponents on the way. For every successful murder you will receive in the award of in-game crystals. Thanks to this currency, players will be able to acquire new heroes. It is worth noting that each new character will have a greater value, but also stronger skills than current fighters. From the main features of the project, you can highlight a good visual design, made in 2 D , suitable Its Sound support and a clear interface in which anyone will figure out. Download Hunter Assassin on a computer You can from this site absolutely free about

Download Hunter Assassin on computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: Ruby Game Studio
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