Matchington Mansion to Computer

Price: Free
Developer: Firecraft Studios
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

This game is ideal for all lovers of puzzles. Now there are a lot of similar proposals in the game store. You should download Matchington Mansion to a computer. This game is one of the most interesting representatives of the «three in a row» genre. Here is a stunning plot, a huge number of entertaining levels and beautiful graphics. Pass different levels and feel yourself as an interior designer. The main task of the game is the repair and stylization of the old abandoned estate of unprecedented size. You will change the rooms, huge living rooms, kitchens, and even gardens, so you can show and florist skills.

This game is designed only for mobile platforms, but on this site you can download additional software on your computer. It is able to emulate the Android Wednesday and enjoy all its capabilities on the PC. The program contains a built-in catalog of games from Google Misew, which can now be used on the desktop. Also, the emulator will allow the user to select the most convenient settings for managing the gameplay.


Matchington Mansion to computer

Developers from Firecraft Studious Studio have created a new and very beautiful project. The game refers to the puzzles «three in a row». Here is very beautiful and bright graphics and quite simple gameplay, with which even children will understand. Many fascinating levels and an interesting storyline will delight users of all age categories.

By running the game, the user will start acquaintance with the story history. You come to a huge old mansion, inherited. Here you are familiar with the main heroine, which will tell you about all the subtleties of the gameplay and, in general, will help you with advice throughout the game. The very beauty of the estate came into decline and you have to bring order here and buy new interior items. You can only make purchases on the stars earned in the levels. Each asterisk is some kind of one definite purchase, as the game is passing for more than spars.

The very first location that you need to put in order will be a large living room. Earnings need the number of stars, you need to choose new carpet furniture and even wall painting. As soon as you replace the old picture in the living room, from there will jump out a beautiful white cat.

Download the game Matchington Mansion on your computer and get a lot of pleasure from fascinating levels of three in a row and beauty gameplay. In this game, you can try on the role of a real interior designer, because you will choose colors, forms and types of furniture, jewelry, carpets, and so on.

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gameplay and features of the PC

At each level, the player will have to decorate and select new furniture for different rooms of the Great Manor. To promote the plot, you will meet with new characters and animals. So, you can choose a cat’s helper and he will suggest you successful design solutions for design.

At each level, the player will have to decorate and select new furniture for different rooms of a large estate. To promote the plot, you will meet with new characters and animals. So, you can choose a cat’s helper and he will suggest you successful design solutions for design.

For the game to go a little quickly, various boosters are provided here. It may be stars that are earned at the level by combining from five elements and more. A lot of similar applications are presented on the expanses of the playing market, which make a bias on the development of designer skills. But in Matchington Mansion for Windows, players will be able to fully uncover their creative talent than in other games. After each level traveled, a player becomes available to some kind of new dadetal of the interior, which is necessary to make aesthetically correctly placed in this room. If you soon get tired, what you picked up for design, or you will understand that it does not fit into the overall style of the room, you can accumulate more game currency and change this subject.

As already mentioned, there will be many secondary characters in the game. In addition to your pet, various characters will come to you. They will tell interesting stories about this mysterious place. They tell you about the hidden places of the estate. If you find all such secret places, the bonus level will be available. Its passage is to find all sorts of old and valuable interior items in the attic. These items will be an excellent conclusion of the design of all already equipped rooms.

Management in the game

Control is pretty simple here, because this is a puzzle game. Here you will not need to run or shoot, so all manipulations will perform with one computer mouse. So, to move in places items on the game field and collect the rows from them, you can press the left mouse button. Change the interior in the house also by pressing this button.

For those who want to remake this control scheme, such an opportunity is provided. In the emulator you need to find the WASD and borrow Your favorite buttons for all game action. Be sure to save these changes, otherwise they will not be active and you will again have to manage using standard installations.

How to install Matchington Mansion on & NBSP; computer

To download Matchington Mansion for a PC, which was originally designed only for a mobile platform, you need to install the Play Market emulator on the computer. This program gives users of computers the ability to use mobile games on the big screen and control using a mouse and keyboard. Some mobile devices do not pull games with excellent graphics or, in general, quickly discharge, not allowing to fully enjoy the gameplay.

So, the process of installing the game looks like this:

Method 1

  1. From this resource, download the emulator installer.
  2. Run the installer and wait for the download.
  3. Open the program and log in to the system using Google Account.
  4. in the search bar VBE name Matchtington Mansion and click on the magnifying glass icon.
  5. among the fallen options, select the desired and open.

  6. Click the Set button and accept all agreements.

  7. Open the game in the «My Applications» section.

matchington mansion to computer
matchington mansion to computer
Matchington Mansion to Computer
Matchington Mansion to Computer

method 2

Matchington Mansion to Computer

method 2

If for some reason the download of the game stopped or her, in general, did not go out through the search, that is, another method. Download the archive from this site and unpack it on the PC. Run the emulator if it is not yet installed on your device, instill. Go to the section with installed applications and activate the second button at the bottom of which will be depicted plus. This button is responsible for installing the APK files. The conductor will open, you need to specify the path to the file unpacked from the archive. The installation process will start automatically.


This puzzle with design elements is very pleased with many users. Developers really worked well on creating this project. Here excellent graphics, simple gameplay and exciting plot. Players can try on the role of a gardener and designer, because they have to decorate the house and equip a huge garden. Puzzles from the series «Three in a row» are pretty simple. But gradually they will become more difficult, which only warms the interests of users.

Download Matchington Mansion on your computer and go through hundreds of fascinating levels. Earn stars and coins to acquire new furniture and interior items. You will have to stylize many different rooms, living rooms, kitchens and so on. Arrange the place of rest in the garden and put new beautiful fountains. Get acquainted with the lot of entertaining characters who will tell interesting stories about the estate, and even make a favorite pet.

Download Matchington Mansion on a computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: Firecraft Studios
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