Plants VS. Zombies Heroes on a computer

Price: Free
Developer: Electronic Arts
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Plants VS. Zombies Heroes is a stunning and incredible application, which is based on a game of cards, where you have to immerse yourself in the eternal confrontation of plants and the living dead. The main feature of this game is that here it will be possible to try yourself on both sides of the conflict. Already long ago, the global market began to conquer card games, so there are a great set on the expanses of the playmark. Previously, I had to buy special sets, and now it is enough just to download the application to the device used. This allows you to quickly solve the problem if suddenly at the party it became too boring, just looking into the app. Cut exciting competitions, take different achievements, get any title to become one of the significant heroes in the game. Many fans will honor users of only a certain title, so you need to try. To date, about 5 kinds of KKA, using strong love. Some time ago, the popularity of Hearthstone extinguished all the creators who have decided to create their own toys, where there is a similar concept. It was a few, but Electronic Arts, which issued «plants against zombies», thanks to titanic work, were able to resist on the ridge of popularity. Here you can plunge into the eternal conflict, taking any of the parties you like using special cards. If you are a lover of such a concept, then make an emphasis on this amazing project. Download Plants VS. Zombies Heroes on a computer can be absolutely free from our site by using references located below.

The product entered the world market for about four years ago, producing a furor among the players. We note that at that moment the demand for toys of this type was extremely high, but gradually goes to the decline. Do not forget that the toy is suitable for all ages, as well as its popularity, practically does not fall at all. By introducing cards to the strategy, the developers were able to make the process more unusual and fascinating. All ELECTRONIC ARTS projects have many competitors able to give even more, but the company wins due to an extraordinary game process that has no competitors in Play Markete. All this allows you to maintain statistics at the proper level, so as not to fly from the top lines of the tournament table. Now the toy has downloaded more than ten million people, of which five hundred thousand left positive comments.

If you compare all feedback, the application has a good rating equal to 4.2 points, which indicates the quality of the product released. By downloading the project to the device, you can get a lot of positive emotions.


Plants VS. Zombies Heroes on a computer

The storyline here is presented conditionally, which can some of the shower. To reveal it, you need to watch different inserts made in the style of comics with animations. Inside, you can find three game modes, where two are a plot campaign, where in each can use the multiplayer mode, for competition with other players. The creators have invested a lot of strength and skills so that there is no possibility to bother, so the gameplay is distinguished by enviable diversity. You have a chance to play for a dozen species of characters with original features. Card sets available to add to decks lead to delight with diversity, even if it seems that everyone saw. It should be noted that there are no unnecessary conventions when creating your own deck, as is done from many competitors. Here you can see that the graphics are made in a traditional style for the company, therefore bring a note of nostalgia at long-time. By downloading the game Plants against Zombie Heroes on a computer, you can get an unreal pleasure from overcoming the conflict.

video review

gameplay and features of the PC

Gameplay Plants VS. Zombies Heroes for Windows is to go through two more interesting dynamic plot points where you can fight in real time. During the campaign, it will have to get acquainted with the plans of Dr. Zombossa, and forever green will try to stop him with all their might. At each level, the battle will be carried out, where you need to win over the enemy. First, there will be an acquaintance with the main mechanics of the application, as well as with the nuances found on the battlefield. After completion of the training, you will have to independently work out the resulting skills and build new tactics, leading a detachment to victory.

The play plane consists of 5 strips, where you can put a soldier, but they have their own features. Some characters may have bonuses if placed on such places. The fight passes along the steps, where first each means the move, and then the characters begin the fight. Soldiers make mutual strikes, after which they will lose health glasses. Heroes not have health come from the line. If every soldier does a blow, and the enemy will not be in the cell, then the attack is carried out straight to the character. Taking the cards, you will use special boosters. First, they will receive them for passing the campaign, and then you will spend currency on them. By purchasing boosters, use real money, but this is done at your discretion. Remember that the cards are divided by rarity, so one of them will often fall out, and others in extreme cases. Therefore, there will often be a lot of copies of one card in the deck. This somewhat makes it difficult, but you can figure it out. Also for currency or real money you can buy extraordinary heroes. Each party has its ten types of heroes possessing unique features.

Multiplayer in plants against zombies Heroes for PCs are based on the same, on which in any similar application. Players fight for the rating, and then get useful prizes.

In the last update, optimization was improved, and various brackets or departures were excluded. It did not work as stated, so many criticism collected on the creators. This is determined by the fact that they broke everything worked relatively well.


  • The application under consideration involves the use of twenty species of characters endowed with unique features endowed with their own style.
  • you can bring fun at any party if it became boring.
  • You can scout a cool deck, develop tactics, as well as conduct experiments with combinations.

  • spend dynamic epic battles in real time, interacting with users scattered around the world.

  • go to an extraordinary journey, performing a variety of tasks, getting generous awards for this.

Management in the game

Go to an extraordinary journey by performing a variety of tasks, getting generous awards for this.

Management in the game

The main point of control here is to move the cards on the playing field. To do this, the user you just need to click on the card and drag it to the desired cell. If you play on a smartphone, then only finger will be required to perform such in-game manipulations. And installing the playing application on a PC or a laptop, you can use a computer mouse, a touchpad and keyboard. In addition, you can select individual control settings for yourself. This is done in the options of the emulation program.

how to install Plants VS. Zombies Heroes on the computer

To implement such actions, the user does not need any paid software or special knowledge. Just download the PLAY MARKET virtual device emulator on the computer & nbsp; from this portal. This is a free program for creating a virtual mobile platform on physical media. All you need to do is install it and then follow the main step-by-step instructions written below to complete the process correctly.

Method 1

  1. Download the emulator from the site, set and run from the desktop.
  2. As soon as you open the emulator on your computer, the Main menu window will appear.
  3. you will use Google Play to download the game. In the store you need to pass authorization or create a new account. Make sure your data is reliable, otherwise authorization fails.

  4. in the emulator interface you need a search string. Use it to search for the necessary game.
  5. after you find the project, open it from the official page. Use here the Install button. Wait for an answer from the system that the process is completed, and then try to open the game.

  6. To start a game session, use the shortcut that appears in the virtual device menu.

plants vs. zombies Heroes on a computer
 plants vs. zombies Heroes on a computer
plants vs. zombies Heroes on a computer

If you have problems downloading the game described above, then try to establish it with an alternative option.

method 2

Download the archive with the project installer from our site, it is called the same as the game. Remove the file in the resolution «.apk» into a separate directory, remember the path to it. Now proceed to the installation:

  1. Start again you need from running an emulator.
  2. Pay attention to the quick access panel. Here you need the function of installing mobile files. Use it.
  3. In the window that appears, find the file project extracted from the archive. To do this, use the «Overview» to access the «Explorer» menu. In it, find the folder with the extracted data from the archive. Select the game and click OK. Make sure the installation has begun.

  4. After completing, you can run a project on a PC using a label for this, as in the previous case.


If you have long thought about playing a card toy, you should pay attention to the project in question. Here everything pleases wellness and diversity that all players love. Thanks to the uncomplicated bright plot, daily tasks, as well as the latest combat system, can be fully enjoyed to enjoy comfortable pastime. Download Plants VS. Zombies Heroes on a computer from our site, using references located below.

Download Plants VS. Zombies Heroes on the computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: Electronic Arts
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