PUZZLE FUZZLE on a computer

Price: Free
Developer: Lion Studios
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Puzzle Fuzzle is a fascinating project in a puzzle genre from developers from the Lion Studios studio. In this exciting game-riddle you will have to turn your own fantasy on the head. You are waiting for hundreds of interesting steps, where you need to form different objects using only a kit from individual and unrelated elements among themselves, and besides logic and imagination. We look at what the creators prepared for you, it may seem, at first glance, that this is a bottle of water, a growing drop and a lifebuoy. Come up with how to reunite all such unusual details and cut out this cupcakes from them, for this purpose, turn all available objects by 360 degrees. Not every time you need completely all components from the set of parts, you should not stick over the unnecessary, as in the opposite case, the task is not counted to you. To what extent is perfectly functioning your intention and fantasy you can find out right today. To this end, you only need to download Puzzle Fuzzle on a computer.


puzzle fuzzle on computer

Puzzle Fuszl for PC is one of the best anti-stress projects, thanks to a cute gameplay and tender voice accompaniment. Get an abundance of aesthetic pleasure folding simple illustrations from elements that, as it may seem at all, are not united by type, type and other connections. Take the parts you need from whole objects, unscrew the cover with the bottle or disconnect the bag from the air balloon in order to arrange them on the game area and invent the luminous light bulb. In the event that you can’t make the necessary object, then use the prompts and definitely, otherwise you can inform yourself.

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gameplay and features of the PC

Puzzle Fuzzle is an extremely easy toy that is also available in the order of offline connection, that is, to pass the gameplay you will not need to connect the Internet. Only in this case you can not consider promotional videos and receive free tips, however, the annoying advertisements will disappear. In the aggregate, the entire gameplay is quite simple. The first stages of passing here are pretty simple and can be easily rapidly and not straining. The tasks that will become harder will be in demand more time, however, you can strain your own imagination and imagination. It is very pleased that the creators of the application prepared more than 2 hundred tasks produced using a very cool two-dimensional graphics.

The game move was created with the sole purpose — to calm the nerves extremely and put the user so that he forgot about his own difficulties and managed to rest. Therefore, the content of the plot is, as well as the regulation itself, the process is extremely uncomplicated and made in the usual instinctively clear style. Subsequently, the launch of the toy, you go to the main directory of the project with functional sections. There will also be shown all your created creations, at the initial launch, of course, there will be nothing, since you have not yet created anything. All images are divided into categories, 3 drawings come into one similar line, which you need to make up. By themselves, the tasks are read as one round, the players had a great opportunity to minimize hundreds of such tasks and make up the same puzzle, besides, their difficulty will increase with time. At first, you will draw up the most simple figures of any one or pair of objects, but as you move through the gameplay, you have to create a whole landscape, composition and much more. So get ready, that it will be easy here only at the beginning.

To switch to the next drawing category, players need to complete all 3 illustrations from the previous section. Subsequently, the start of the level you go to the cute gaming window, at the bottom of which the stove is located with spare parts that you can take. At the top there is a name of the project being created, which is obliged to go out, pushing out from him you are obliged to collect all the details together. In the very center there is a main window where you can move the components in the event that you are suitable for your judgment, in addition, you can twist them. In order to make a little easy to facilitate the process of passing the creators of the project added the progress scale, which is under the name of the work. If you move the correct figurine, then the scale will be a little bit like, in addition, it increases, in case you twist the item, and it is located in the desired position.

Key features of the PUZZLE FUZZLE project for Windows can be attributed:

  • Beautiful graphics and funny sound content.
  • many levels.
  • free distribution.
  • simple control.
  • understandable interface.
  • Ability to play offline mode.
  • The presence of a system of prompts. Which will help to overcome particularly difficult stages.

  • Suitable for all ages.

  • perfectly relieves stress and fatigue, and at the same time you trains thinking and imagination.
  • Regularity of updating game content developers.

Management in the game

Control in this game is quite simple, as it refers to the puzzle genre. So, you need to pick up the position of the elements and collect a single illustration of them. For all these manipulations, only a computer mouse or a touchpad can be useful to you if the gameplay passes on a laptop. So, for taking the detail you need to simply bring the cursor to it and press the left key of the mouse, and then drag down to the main field. To rotate the component, you also need a mouse pointer.

How to install PUZZLE FUZZLE on a computer

Download the game Puzzle Fuszl on a computer can be two simple ways:

Method 1

  1. Download from this resource, specially designed software containing the name Play Market on the PC and install it on your personal computer. This program will give an opportunity to absolutely to all owners of PC and other devices with Windows OS use and disclose games from the playmark. The software will emulate the mobile area on the desktop and so you can play Android projects on a computer.
  2. Expand the utility from the desktop and over the authorization operation. To this end, it is preferable to use your own Google record to which the phone is tied. So, you can synchronize the gameplay at once on two devices.

  3. Update in the source window of the emulator, enter the name «Puzzle Fuzzle» puzzle name and click on the magnifying glass.
  4. Open the utility from the desktop and minimize the authorization operation. To this end, it is preferable to use your own Google record to which the phone is tied. So, you can synchronize the gameplay at once on two devices.

  5. Update in the source window of the emulator, enter the name «Puzzle Fuzzle» puzzle name and click on the magnifying glass.
  6. You will seem a pair of similar gameplay games or name and you need to choose a more interesting addition and disclose it in a new tab.
  7. on the project page it is necessary to activate the installation key. When it is completed, the «Open» key will appear in the window. Subsequently, its activation you can proceed to passing the gameplay.

puzzle fuzzle on computer
puzzle fuzzle on a computer
puzzle fuzzle on computer

method 2

  1. Download the compressed kit with files from this page and unpack them on your own personal computer.
  2. Then run the player player Market and make it absolute installation.
  3. Next, open this emulating software from the desktop and move to its window from the archive folder document with the name Puzzle Fuzzle puzzle in the .apk format.
  4. will arise the automatic installation course and at its end you can open the project by simply clicking on its label on the main page of the emulator.


PUZZLE FUZZLE is a very excellent anti-stress application, with extremely easy control and a fascinating plot. Look at what extent your intention and fantasy are ready to cope with the solution of the problem of this puzzle. Here you are not trimmed with a timer time, the number of attempts and other things, try to cost the steps as many times as you need. In addition, the difficulty of passing is enough to increase over time, therefore, from the very beginning of the passage, it will not work on difficult levels consisting of numerous job items.

Here, players will not need to accumulate no coins or energy, in addition, there is no need to perform tasks for stars or evaluation. If you managed to finish the level, then in any case you are reading success and the crown is awarded. The creators of the application prepared hundreds of interesting tasks, you had an excellent opportunity to go through all of them. At the levels you will be waiting for a wide variety of objects for folding, be it ice cream or fruit fruits, cutlery, vehicles, buildings and even airplane. Be careful, since the creators of the game threw a lot of spare parts into your collection and a lot of unnecessary items, which completely do not belong to the images. Sift all the junk and take only those components that come in an illustration. Download Puzzle Fuzzle on a computer from our website, here the game is located in the disclosed access, therefore you will not need to pay for anything or pass the registration process.

Download Puzzle Fuzzle on a computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: Lion Studios
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