REAL BOXING 2 on a computer

Price: Free
Developer: Vivid Games S.A.
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Real Boxing 2 is an original interesting project made in the genre of a sports simulator. The application under consideration plunges you into the unreal atmosphere of boxing fights held every second. At your disposal, there are many characters, a variety of diverse techniques and combinations of shocks, as well as a real atmosphere of ring combat. You have to feel the entire atmosphere of boxing from the inside, trying to pump your skills as much as possible. If you are able to achieve an ideal result, you will be able to defeat all the players leaving you on the battlefield. We recommend downloading Real Boxing 2 on a computer if the fanage is from this sport. Thanks to the installation on a computer, you will be able to see the smallest details, as well as get more positive emotions.


Real Boxing 2 on a computer

The game process does not have some thoughtful carefully verified plot. It is simply not. Sport simulators rarely offer a full-fledged history of the life of the main character. As soon as the first time run the application, start creating your ward. Carefully go to his appearance, because then you will not be able to fix something. As soon as you complete this long and difficult process, it is worth going to train, because without it will not be able to conquer the championship title. It is worth participating in all tournaments to achieve success.

As soon as the fighter is ready, you will have to try well to learn about all its features. You will have to be near throughout his sports career, trying to pump his skills to the maximum. Do not forget to conduct training, buy new tracksuits, equipment, as well as much more. You have the opportunity to create a hero in your image and likeness, so do not miss this opportunity.

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gameplay and features of the PC

Before entering Real Boksing 2 for PC to ring, you will have to go a little training. It is just necessary for everyone, so it is not recommended to skip it. With it, you will be able to study the main mechanics of interaction, as well as learn a couple of interesting combinations of shocks. Due to this, in the first round, we will be able to provide decent resistance to the enemy. Another advantage of the training I want to call a generous award. It will come in handy for buying new equipment or new sports equipment.

In Real Boxing 2 for Windows, the currency is simply necessary if you want to buy clothes. Equipment is bought in different ways, so you have to independently decide what to do in one way or another. Developers decided to add many interesting opportunities to make the maximum approach to real conditions. You have the opportunity to use even cute masks to give individuality to your hero.

If we talk about the latest updates, the creators have added even more wonderful costumes. Now you can easily feel like a clown, a zombie, a robot, as well as other interesting characters. Due to each along, certain characteristics increase. Follow this carefully if you do not want to get unnecessary gain.

The creators decided to add several game modes to study the gameplay became more interesting and more exciting. Consider more each of them:

  • If we talk about the latest updates, the creators added even more wonderful costumes. Now you can easily feel like a clown, a zombie, a robot, as well as other interesting characters. Due to each along, certain characteristics increase. Follow this carefully if you do not want to get unnecessary gain.

    The creators decided to add several game modes to study the gameplay became more interesting and more exciting. Consider more each of them:

    • Fast scratch. The name speaks for itself, so here you will spend fast fights on different cards. All locations are chosen by chance, so it is simply impossible to predict the place of action. Users are selected random, so it is worth being ready for everything;
    • Career. Something similar to a full-fledged story where you will try to take the championship title. We have to go up from the lowest to achieve incredible success. Fights differ in different levels of difficulty, so you have to carefully train to achieve success;
    • arcade. Interesting regime where you deal with machine guns. They look like those in the distant 2000s, which makes it nostalgic. You have to study many corridors, eliminating everyone who meets on your way. If you can easily perform the goals, get very generous awards;
    • multiplayer mode. Take part in a duel with real players to show your skills. Be prepared that fighting real opponents is much harder than with bots.

    Do not forget to take part in weekly tournaments if you want rare awards. If you do not be able to win, you still get some gold and boosters. Do not forget to carry out workouts to be in good shape. Just more often use the location of the gym, where many useful shells are placed.

    The most frequent problem of users call obsessive advertising. It is constantly shown on the screen, closing a part of the workspace. Get rid of it easy — just turn off the Internet. If you want to use multiplayer mode, you will have to accept.

    Let’s talk a little about the features of the project:

    • Weekly tournaments bringing generous awards;
    • Ability to constantly pump the character;
    • Many interesting tasks and fights;
    • Colorful beautiful locations;
    • Interesting beat combinations;
    • Ability to challenge other players;
    • Use the gym to pump the skills before going to the multiplayer mode;
    • Many unique super techniques capable of putting in knockout of any opponent;
    • Unique bosses that appear for a certain time. If you can defeat it, get incredible treasures;
    • Huge character creation editor that allows you to create a hero like you;
    • Many items available for interaction;
    • Independently think about the personal battle style to overcome each enemy;
    • Many fascinating mini-games, where it will work out to make good things;
    • Pleasant musical accompaniment;
    • high-quality modern graphics capable of immersing you in an incredible dynamic atmosphere of boxing.

    Management in the game

    If you decide to download the game Real Boksing 2 on the computer, then it will be one of the best solutions in your life. Users who replaced the smartphone with a computer, note that it became much easier and more exciting to play. If I used to poke your fingers to the screen, to get to the enemy, now you have to do everything using a computer mouse or touchpad. Is such a way inconvenient? Then configure control from the keyboard. Just go to the WASD section of the emulator to set commands for each individual key. Thanks to this, get many advantages over opponents.

    How to install Real Boxing 2 on the computer

    Method 1

    How to install Real Boxing 2 on the computer

    Method 1

    To start, users need to be downloaded from our portal program to emulate a mobile environment. Play Market software is available free of charge. After downloading, you need to install the program to your device, and then run from the desktop. When the emulator is running and running, pay for several minutes to familiarize yourself with its user interface and how it works. When you finish, do the following:

    1. To download a mobile toy on a PC, you need to first log in in the system. Use your details or register a new account, shape immediately.
    2. Return to the emulator menu.
    3. you will see a window that resembles the smartphone menu. Find search service. As a query, enter the original name of the game and click OK.
    4. From the options found, select the desired game and open it in the new tab.
    5. Click the Set button, the rest of the emulator will perform itself. The program will also automatically create a shortcut in the main menu of the virtual disk.

    real boxing 2 to computer
    Real Boxing 2 to computer
    real boxing 2 to computer

    If the installation failed, try another way.

    method 2

    First, download the archive with the name of the application to the PC physical disk from this page. Unzip the directory on the device at any convenient place in which you can easily find content later. When will be ready, proceed to the installation:

    1. make sure everything is ready for the procedure. Make sure the archive contains the «.apk» file and the emulator itself works correctly.
    2. In the main menu of the emulator there is a quick access panel. Find the mobile application installation feature on it and activate it.
    3. you will find yourself in a new window, find the «Overview» button here. With it, you will fall in the «Explorer» menu, through it you will need to find a directory, which was previously unpacked by the archive of our site.

    4. Select the .apk file from the provided list of files and folders. Confirm your actions, then wait for the unpacking procedure and subsequent installation. That’s all, you can go to the launch of the gameplay.


    The project in question is an excellent simulator capable of bringing everyone who is not indifferent to boxing. The developers tried to do everything possible to immerse you in this atmosphere. If you want to learn more about the concept presented, we recommend downloading Real Boxing 2 on your computer.

    Download Real Boxing 2 on the computer

    Price: Free
    Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
    Developer: Vivid Games S.A.
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