Sonic Forces on a computer

Price: Free
Developer: Sega
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

The world of Sonic is unique and in its own way is amazing. No one thought that someday this blue hedgehog wins hearts and souls of millions of fans around the world. Now you can only state the fact, love it everywhere. If you are a representative of this bulk fan base, you can immediately download Sonic Forces on your computer. Those who are not familiar with projects, where the main character is a speed blue hedgehog, we dedicate this review.

Sonic Forces is a long-awaited part that continues the well-known series of adventure character. The game is directly related to Sonic, and other sidewake characters that appeared more than 10 years ago. The project will have to do with those who bought standard gray ranners, those who want something new and bright. Sonic Forces dilute the usual routine, and adds new emotions and paints. Indeed, in standard games of the ranner genre there is no diversity. You compete with soulless bots, running in advance harvested tracks. With Sonic Forces, the situation was diametrically opposed. The publisher has implemented a full-fledged multiplayer, which is already surprising. More no bots, only live real opponents. There are no restrictions on servers or regions in the application. Therefore, a chance to fight with a guy from Brazil or a girl from Canada is extremely high.

The absence of restrictions and local zones is explained by a simple idea. In the ranners there is no time to conduct sincere conversations, you need to constantly run and keep the microcontrol for your character. There are many fan projects for Sonic, some of which represents something adequate. Most of such third-party applications cause only blood from the eyes and nervous disorder. This is not about Sonic Forces, because the development of SEGA studio was attracted to the development.

In Sega, they worked on the main character in the early 2000s, when a full-fledged cartoon appeared on the TV screens. It can be said that the Forses project returns us to the «good good» times. Just then the character loved to millions of children and adults around the world. Player is not limited to choosing characters. You can play for Sonic, but if you don’t like it very much, choose someone else.

The project did not depart from the canonical mechanics of the entire series. Here you have to run a lot, collecting coins and bonuses at levels. Do not forget to buy things and upgrade your team. If there is no such thing in single projects, then the moment of competition becomes a key factor in the multiplayer. And if you forget about modernization, then you will have to lose frequently.

Mechanics of the game interface calibrated quite well. In most cases, you come across equal ones and pumping opponents. For convenience, the system of the level of accounts and heroes has been added. These are 2 different scales, and each pumping separately.

Conditionally free game.

It is worth noting that in the first days of the release of the game, its developers understood that it would have a stunning success. And they did not lose. At the moment, the number of downloads toys exceeded ten million. And if you add the number of installations with the App Store, this number will be impressive. The project assessment is still maintained at about 4.5 points.


sonic forces on a computer

Sonic Forces on a computer

If you have never met with Sonic before, we will explain. This is a big blue hedgehog, claiming if not on the first space speed, then exactly to the competition with racing car. There are many games, cartoons, comics and other mandatory attributes on this character. The game relies on the narrative of the cartoon. In the presented universe there are other characters, with authentic appearance. Not all of them are kind, from some blows hell, not otherwise. But each hero has its own superpower.

In Sonic Forses for PC Heroes equalized. Choose anyone, you will fall into approximately equal conditions, and you can adequately show yourself. This is a ranner, so here is important:

  • Have a reaction
  • react to any obstacle.
  • ride from traps.

everything else secondary. The second «key» to victory are bonuses and rings. In the game there are several types of their kinds, and not all bonuses need to collect. Some rings can open the portal to another area. And other elements simply speed up your character, giving a short-term advantage. After the end of the round it is worth spending the collected coins on the modernization of the character. No one does not oblige this, but your next opponent did it. There is no need to rest in modernization.

Download the game Sonic Forses on the computer is worthwhile who are tired of gloomy AAA projects. This is a kind and colorful world where there is no place of cruelty and horrors. You just need to run and collect various bonuses. Compete with other players, improve your statistics and pump the character by any available means.

The advantage of the project is that there are no restrictions when downloading and installing. A stunning 3D engine works even in cramped conditions, providing high image quality, with a slight resource consumption. But without flaws, it also did not cost. There is a whole collection of heroes, to open it without entering real money will be difficult. And the game with a limited number of characters is rapidly bored.

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gameplay and features of the PC

At the start you are thrown onto the training level. Here you have to explore the main management, and explore the possibilities of game mechanics. Repeat with amplifiers, in real battles they will definitely need. You will take the exam in a single race, where the opponent is controlled by the AI ​​system.

The player’s training is rewarded with chests. Of these, you produce resources. Chests have a classification. Some are given after the fight, while others get a severe victory in the tournament rasions. Do not forget about the tasks, they give you extra chests, heroes, crystals and other useful things.

Standard run lasts about 2 minutes. Collect more rings, the effect of acceleration does not disappear even when a collision with a trap. Each card is divided into 4 tracks. On one of them you are on others — the opponent. Rings do not hang on all tracks, so you immediately choose the correct position.

In Sonic Forces for Windows, there is no such concept as «energy» or «Recharge». This «suffer» casual games for smartphones, artificially slowing down the process and forcing the player to pour money. There is nothing like that in this project. This is one of the advantages.

Some characters were allowed to block the adversary amplifiers. If you do not want to be behind, meticulously examine all the possibilities of accessible heroes. Among the additional features of the game should be noted:

  • Possibility of producing mines and other moderators.

  • A unique set of skills for each character (some can attack).
  • Wide range of boosters.
  • A large number of additional platforms on the route.

You can even face your opponent. For each victory, the player gives a certain amount of rating. This improves the position in the standings.

Management in the game

You can even face your opponent. For each victory, the player gives a certain amount of rating. This improves the position in the standings.

Management in the game

As in any such early projects, classical gameplay management is implemented here. If the user passes the game on the smartphone, then he will need only one finger to perform all in-game actions. You just have to touch your finger on the screen buttons and the heroes will perform your goals. But if you have installed this mobile gaming application on a PC or laptop, you can evaluate truly comfortable game management. By installing the project through the emulator, you will be asked by default control the process of computer mouse (or touchpad) and keyboard. This type of game control is much more convenient than the smartphone and similar sensory gadgets. You can move the hero of the keyboard arrows, and other interactions can be left mouse button. In addition, if desired, each user can pick up individual settings for control. You can reconfigure the main keys in the options for emulation.

How to install Sonic Forces on a computer

To start a mobile game on a PC or laptop, you need to install an emulator that recognizes the APK files (from the Android system). Just download the Play Market program to the computer, install it in accordance with the instructions and download the game through the Google Play built into it. Players attract enhanced emulator performance compared to any modern smartphone. The program interface is simple. The utility has many settings for a more comfortable game with PC. The emulator works with your Google Account. Synchronizes the work from the phone and PC, gives access to Google Play.

Method 1

  1. Install the program on the link in this article and run the installer.
  2. Open the program.
  3. Next, enter data for authorization in the system — Login and password from Google account to access Play Market.
  4. You will then see the program startup window — enter the name of the game in the search string.

Sonic Forces on a computer
Sonic Forces on a computer

method 2

  1. Download the archive of documents and files from this portal. Link at the bottom of the page. The archive contains everything you need to download a mobile application to a device with a Windows operating system, namely an emulator, a game file, adapted only for Android mobile platform, and detailed installation instructions.

  2. Unzip all files and place them in a separate folder on your device.
  3. From folder Run the emulator installer.
  4. Run the fully installed software from the desktop. Move the game file in .apk format from the archive to the program window for emulation.
  5. When the program automatically sets all the necessary game components, a project label will appear on the start page, where you can run it.


Download Sonic Forces on a computer is right now if you have long sought yourself a suitable ranner. Fascinating tracks, stunning visualization and a whole set of additional features — will not be bored even adult.

Download Sonic Forces on the computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: Sega
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