Urban City Stories on a computer

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Price: Free
Developer: PlaytodDlers
OS: Windows 7, 8, 10

Urban City Stories is a wonderful simulator of a new generation, which is a useful application not only for children of different ages, but also for teenagers. Thanks to the orientation on small players, management here is simply completed and it is interesting that it helps to know the main guidelines literally in a few seconds. From the first moments, notice that more than three dozen heroes are available for improvement over multiple parameters. Here you can completely change the appearance of the hero, build a strong family relationship, as well as move to a more picturesque time. Arrange the characters for an interesting job, walk shopping, attend the amusement parks, as well as much more, which will be able to make your family harmonious and happy. Get involved in a personal, small town, where everyone will know each other, will reign harmony and peace, and everyone will help others. By downloading Urban City Stories on a computer, you can pleasantly surprise from the number of opportunities invented by the developers. There is a full version of the application, where the number of functions for each hero increases by about twice. If you want to get fascinating and rare attractions, it is worth paying attention to the project in question. In order to get a toy, you need to go through the link below the page. So you can increase productivity, improve the quality of graphics to enjoy a comfortable time.


urban city stories on computer

By downloading the application, you can become a full owner of a small town, where everything will be arranged according to your rules. Live on your own invented rule, enjoying the process. Thanks to the application, you can immerse yourself in an extraordinary atmospheric universe, where your actions are completely limited. If you think that small town can not be interesting, then mistaken, because your possessions will please more than any metropolis. Do whatever you want, become a minister of law or teacher. All in your hands! The developers have invested the whole soul into the project, spent a lot of strength, so this toy can teach a lot. It is worth paying your attention to it.

Inside, you can find many tasks and tasks, which or not, solve only you. Discover all locations and heroes to enjoy a full-fledged picture. Thanks to regular updates, it will not be possible to smoke. If you decide to download the project in question on your device, you will never regret the decision. Join Rather to our game community.

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gameplay and features of the PC

Download the game Urban City Storage to the computer to create a completely new extraordinary world, where everything will be with your requirements. Carefully think over the day mode, fill life with interesting events to make life really rich and fascinating. Visit beautiful and picturesque places, learn all the secrets and riddles of the world, and also meet with many neighbors.

Download the Urban City Storage game to the computer to create a completely new extraordinary world, where everything will be with your requirements. Carefully think over the day mode, fill life with interesting events to make life really rich and fascinating. Visit beautiful and picturesque places, learn all the secrets and riddles of the world, and also meet with many neighbors.

In Urban City Storage For PC, even children will not just fascinate time, creating new laws, but will be able to get a lot of useful information. Take up the thirty kinds of heroes, set up the appearance of the characters, pick up extraordinary attributes for them to give individuality to the features. Try to play in free mode to dispose of a variety of buildings and structures, enjoying an extraordinary gameplay.

Start manage the characters, send them to work, make harmonious extraordinary leisure to enjoy a multitude of moments when interacting with neighbors. In all corners of the territory there are residents, and it does not matter. This is a fashionable cafe or subway, they are everywhere. Take the organization to leisure a whole metropolis, give a choice of classes for everyone to wonder what happened.

Take control the best urban store, go there to check how cool items can choose the local stylists. Do not forget that friends and relatives are simply burning with the desire to learn about your new acquisition. Invite them to yourself to play together to play in the original simulator of the new generation, because you can get more usefulness. Get to energetic, nozzard, dynamic city to create a huge positive family.

If we talk about the outside of Urban City Stories for Windows, it is characterized by a cartoon style, has uncomplicated high-quality pictures, and also has a multi-colored saturated carefully thought out interface. The gameplay provides unlimited freedom of action, the ability to choose one of the thirty species of characters that can be customized to your requirements, and you can also enjoy an extraordinary urban atmosphere that has a significant role for you.

The project in question has a multitude of advantages capable of presenting a lot of positive emotions to people of any age. Consider some of them:

  • fascinating, carefully thought out the stories by developers.
  • Simple and understandable management, so that even children could figure out in a short time.

  • every day give a reward for the fact that the entrance to the game was performed.
  • Multicolored colorful rich interface.
  • developers constantly release updates and additions to make the game more fun.
  • The app is perfectly optimized, which allows you to play even on weak devices.
  • in free mode there are no requirements and purposes, independently install them for the inhabitants.
  • everywhere there are characters. On which location you would not have, you can always meet a friend. It does not depend on the nightclub or to the library.
  • thirty kinds of heroes, completely reconfigurable. You can choose a fully image: a hue of the skin, hair cover, a variety of accessories, combining them with a variety of ways, making a character unique.

  • Creators introduced an updated chamber to be able to save, and then share the best memorized moments of gaming life occurring during the passage of the plot.

Management in the game

Thanks to the emulator, users will be able to control the gameplay with the mouse and keyboard. Just index the pointer to on-screen actions and click on them with the left button for performing. If desired, the main controllers can be reconfigured in the emulator options.

how to install urban city stories on the computer

To evaluate all the advantages of the game, we recommend to play it on your computer. Large HD screens allow you to consider in detail even the most minor details of the game, the events that occur on them becomes more interesting, and much more convenient to respond to the change in the change. To set the project, the user needs a special program that creates a virtual environment on the Android-based virtual environment. This is necessary due to the fact that the game is an Android application, which means that it is not compatible with Windows. For this reason, you need an emulator that creates Android environment on a PC and allows you to install games.

programs that perform the emulation functions today are a lot. One of the most common is the Play Market emulator for windows. Its main advantage is that it supports most of the content on Google Play. Thanks to this, players and developers love him. The first use it to install mobile games on a PC, and the second test your software on computers intended for smartphones, and tablets on computers.

The benefits of the utility is the simplicity of installation and a convenient interface. The program is so simple that it will be lit by not only an adult, but also a child. The application can be used both in the window and in full screen mode. Another advantage is that the program performs most of the functions of the Android operating system. So it can automatically customize the settings for the installed game, as well as maintain the ability to create and save screenshots. Developers are seriously related to user opinions and regularly release new updates, correct errors and add new additions to improve software.

Method 1

  1. the first thing you need to do is download the emulator from this site. Installing the program will take some time, after which it starts automatically.

  2. The user will see the Android virtual device desktop. There are many icons on it, including Play Market. You need to find it and click on it to enter the store.
  3. to authorize you will need to specify your credentials in Google Play. If the player is not previously registered in the system, do it.
  4. you can find the game in the appropriate search string. You need to enter a name, then click the button that starts the search, and wait until the results appear almost immediately.
  5. After that, you must click «Set», read the user agreement and click «Accept».

urban city stories on a computer
urban city stories on a computer
urban city stories on a computer

method 2

There is another way for those who could not find the game through the search by the internal directory of the program.

  1. At the bottom of this review there will be a link to download the archive with the APK game file. Unzip all archive content on your device and run the previously installed emulator.

  2. Go to «My Applications» section and activate the button responsible for importing APK files on the bottom panel.

  3. In Explorer, select the game file and wait for the automatic installation.
  4. In the same section, you can run a fully loaded game.


Urban City Stories is an extraordinary development of a well-known company, where with the help of a colorful fascinating training plot, you can know the mass of knowledge useful in life. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary holiday atmosphere and fun to understand how this town is arranged. Every day cool events are held here, where you can directly take part. Find all secret mysterious locations filled with fascinating original things that can give you bright emotions. If you decide to use a free regime, you can personally visit the supermarket, clothing store and shoes, metro, bank, nightclub, and much more. More than thirty heroes are waiting for you right now to begin to indulge in fun. You can download Urban City Stories on a computer for free from our site, simply use the links below. Pleasant Game!

download urban city stories on the computer

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Developer: PlaytodDlers
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